YouTube and I have a love hate relationship…

As of right now…. I LOVE YOUTUBE!

Why? Because I got my channel back after it being shut down for 1.5 years. My main YouTube channel was shut down for no apparent reason. Literally one day I logged in and Pooooof. Gone.

The reason I got was one of my videos was flagged for some reason where I was showing the back office of an old affiliate program I used to promote.

I know the owners of the program too and we are great friends so I know there was no fishy stuff on their part.

Anyway, so I got it back and I am pumped to start rocking YouTube.

Here Is How I Got My Channel Back

Being that it had been so long, I figured what was it going to hurt to appeal it and see about getting it back and thats what I did.

Here is the very easy steps I took to get my channel back and re-instated.

Step One: I logged into my Google account where the account had been shut down

Step Two: I went to this page and filled out the information. Click here. Now just to be clear make sure you fill in the form and give a reason for your appeal. I simply put this in my reason box.

My channel was shut down for no apparent reason. I would love to get my channel back as I had lots of subscribers and people that enjoyed my videos. Please review my channel and lift the suspension.

Step Three: Wait until they get back with you. (For me it was about 1 hour when they got back with me. Yes it was that fast).

Now, when they replied back to me, this was the original reply…

Hi there,

Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Please visit for more information.


The YouTube Team

Here was my response back right away when I got the email….

What did I do wrong? How am I breaking guidelines?

Makes no sense.

About 5 minutes later I got this response….

Hi there,

We have re-reviewed the circumstances of your suspension and have concluded it is appropriate to reinstate your account. This means your account is once again active and operational.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit this link to reset it:


The YouTube Team

BOOOOOOM. That was it. That easy.

So did you have a channel shut down? Follow these simple steps and you might be able to get yours turned back on as well.

Obviously I can't guarantee this will work for you as every case is different, but in my case it did the trick.

I also created a quick video for you about the process.

If you want to learn how to utilize YouTube to generate leads and you are new to it, you can check out my “Video Traffic Formula” course which is the perfect course for the beginner on YouTube. You can check that out by clicking here.

Let the YouTube training begin,


Mark Harbert

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    17 replies to "How I Got My YouTube Channel Back In 3 Simple Steps"

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    • Mike Hobbs

      Thats awesome! I just appealed mine… So will see what happens…

    • Mark Harbert

      Yeah man, thats awesome. You never know. 🙂

    • Ron Henley

      Thanks for this Mark. Haven't had my channel shut down but I live by the fact that it can be at any moment for what ever reason YT sees fit. With 200+ videos, 11,500 subscribers and over 2,500,000 views, there is a lot to lose so I am currently making a complete back up channel complete with tags and description on a note file for each video. Also saving each video on an SD card for extra back up. If they ever drop the hammer on me, I will be ready =)

    • Jaye Carden

      Was yours shut down when all the spam flagging went down? Lots of people got shutdown that day. I know I had my Twitter account suspended or shutdown for no reason and wrote to them asking why it was shutdown, and they quickly put it back up like Youtube did. I think they don't have time to review it until you say something, then they look at it.

    • Robert Dorsey

      Hi Mark; Great to see you got it back. I had 2 accounts suspended back when people were flagging videos for us in the Network marketing industry. I had my first account which I used an email to log in long before Google ever got connected with YouTube. Then my main account after Google connected Gmail with YouTube. so I had 2 account with about 150 videos on each account, and every video on both were flagged.

      I got mine back after about a year as well. I had an appeal in early but then out of the blue one day I got an email saying that I had access to both accounts again. However, every video is "age restricted". Age restricted, are you kidding me…

      So now my 3rd account is just sitting there as I am posting on my main account again if I us Google Hangouts or such.

      My main videos and videos I share or embed I use another service now. Never again will I use YouTube for any vids that I need security on.

      Thanks Mark Harbert

    • Steven C. Krivda

      awesone bro, congrats

    • Karen Andrews

      Glad you got it back Mark! Sad that haters can have that much control. They themselves should be banned.

    • Henry Cooper Sr.

      Thanks Mark, I shared this post, great job.

    • Rodney Johnson

      Hi Mark

      Are you working for Youtube?

      Cause I just got my long lost channel back using your metod.

      The strange thing is the process followed the exact steps you described.

      I am happy. Thanks for the advice buddy.


    • John Brooking

      Interesting the first request was declined! Maybe they have discovered autoresponders are making thier job a lot easier? Lol

    • Cheryl Meyer Sameit

      Epic post and video Mark! Thanks for showing us step by step how easy it is to get your YouTube channel reinstated. Appreciate you!

    • Felicia White

      This is so helpful Mark! Many have experienced this, including us. We've had ours shut down 3 times and now for the final time. We went through this process and got ours back, then someone flagged another video for the 3rd time so that was final unfortunately. They really should have someone who reviews each case. As in our case, there was no reason whatsoever for it to happen. Nothing spammy or offensive at all. Such sillyness. Thankfully we have another channel that is doing well and we're certain will keep growing. Again, really appreciate you sharing such value to help others. You're a true servant leader. Much continued success to you. 🙂

    • Seb Brantigan

      hey Mark just saw this again, thank you for sharing! not yet had a channel shut down but have had individual videos removed with no explanation of how it violates the terms of service. frustrating because there is no obvious reason. would it be worth trying this link to reinstate individual videos?

    • Declan Murphy

      Im having the same exact issue, the emails are not processed if you reply to it. Someone help me get my channel back!!

    • Rudra Singh

      When YouTube replied – Hi there,

      Thank you for your account suspension appeal. We have decided to keep your account suspended based on our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

      Then how to do i response back when i got this email ?.

    • Deantrae Blockett

      I apologize for whatever I did wrong on YouTube may I please get my YouTube channel back please

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