In this blog post I’m beyond excited to share a journey that’s been life-changing for me over the last 2 months.

This post/episode is a bit different from our usual marketing talk. It’s all about health, something I realized I couldn’t conquer on my own.

So, let me introduce you to my health coach from South Africa, Nick Howarth.

Nick been guiding me on a health journey that is really transforming my life.

I recently sat down with Nick to interview him about what he does and specifically what he has done to help me. Watch this interview and I know you will love it.

When I recorded this with Nick, I was down 24 pounds. As of now, July 3rd, 2024, I am down 37 pounds in just about 6 weeks as you can see from the image below…

Be sure to watch the interview below as we talk more about what I am doing and how you can start down this journey to if you wish.

If you want to get more information about Nick's program Check Out Nicks Website Here. Make sure you let him know I sent you.

The Turning Point

Like many of you, I’ve been an entrepreneur for years, deeply immersed in the world of online marketing. And let’s be real, it’s easy to let health take a backseat.

We get tunnel vision, focusing on building the business, increasing revenue, and next thing you know, lunch is a quick grab of whatever’s nearby.

This vicious cycle caught up with me. Then one day, I saw my friend Leah Rae Getts on Facebook, sharing her incredible weight loss journey.

I reached out, curious about her secret, and she connected me with Nick. That’s where my transformation began.

Cutting Through the Noise

In today’s world, we’re drowning in information. You can find advice on every diet and health trend imaginable online, but what truly works?

For me, understanding how the body works, especially regarding insulin, has been a game-changer. When I started understanding that, every thing changed.

There’s a lot of noise out there, but having a knowledgeable coach like Nick makes all the difference.

The Sugar Revelation

One of the biggest revelations for me was understanding sugar's impact on the body. I have always known sugar isn't great for you, however as we talk about in the interview our bodies only need about half a teaspoon of glucose (sugar) at any given time.

Yet, the average diet, especially with sugary drinks, floods our system with far more than it can handle. This leads to insulin resistance and a host of other health problems. Learning to read labels and recognize hidden sugars was eye-opening.

Transitioning Fuel Sources

The toughest part of this journey was shifting my body from burning sugar to burning fat. Initially, it felt like my body was rebelling.

But this phase is crucial. Once your body starts burning fat for fuel, you experience more sustainable energy levels and better overall health. It’s a transformative shift.

Rethinking Keto

Nick’s program incorporates ketogenic principles but isn’t your typical “keto diet.” It’s a balanced health plan that avoids excessive protein and focuses on overall well-being.

Too much protein can actually turn into sugar in your body, something I had no idea about. Nick’s approach is all about moderation and understanding how different foods impact our health.

Real Results and Accountability

In just one month of working with Nick, I’ve lost 24 pounds without feeling deprived or starving. After just 6 weeks, I am down 37 pounds.

The daily accountability messages from Nick have been a game-changer. Knowing someone is keeping track of my progress and cheering me on has made all the difference. Accountability is crucial, whether it’s in health or business.

The Bigger Picture

This journey has taught me that health is integral to success in every area of life. Being mentally sharp and physically well is crucial for being the best version of yourself, whether in business or personal life. You can’t perform at your peak if your health is suffering.

Connect with Nick

If you’re ready to transform your health, I highly recommend connecting with Nick. Visit Best Body Health Coach to learn more about his program. The initial assessment and consultation are free, and you’ll get a personalized plan to start your journey toward better health.

A big thank you to Nick for sharing your wisdom and helping me and many others lead healthier lives. I can’t wait to update everyone when I reach my 100-pound goal! It's coming!

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You rock,

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