When people enter the home based business space, they are confronted with the reality that they are the boss in their business. This is a monumental shift in thinking from being an employee and many times, actually more often than not, people can't make that shift.

This is where the process of shifting responsibility starts for most people. You see, the #1 killer of home based businesses in my opinion, is the inability of people to take full and total responsibility for the failures.

Everybody loves to take responsibility for their successes, but when it comes to their failures, thats another story.

When you fail, it doesn't mean you're a bad person. Heck it doesn't even mean that you are not cut out for this business, all it means is that you probably need to learn some new skills first before you can get to that next level.

Sadly, most are not willing to do that. For those of you that are willing to take responsibility and then to realize the power of taking full responsibility, this audio podcast is for you.

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