There is a plague that affects more home business owners than any other niche in my opinion and it's one that can be easily cured if people take this blog post to heart.

This downfall is called “Unmanaged Expectations”!

One of the biggest downfalls of most home businesses is when people have an idea or fantasy of how they want something to be that is way outside of reality.

I believe from an expectation point of view the biggest gripe people have about a home business is that they don't get results fast enough.

Why is that?

The big reason I see is that they treat their business like a lottery ticket.

That's right. A LOTTERY TICKET!

What are people hoping for with a lottery ticket?

Basically, it's to go buy a ticket, do nothing, and the money will come. That's the expectation with a lottery ticket and that's the way many unsuccessful people treat their business.

Many people don't succeed in their business because they are looking for a quick fix to their problems.

They say they want a business but the truth is, they don't want to do the things that successful people do to succeed in their business.

What they really want is a quick fix to their lack of funds to satisfy the immediate need to pay the bills.

You might be suffering from this mentality if you have said the following when getting involved in some program…

“This is my last amount of money, I am broke and I am hoping to make some money fast…”

or maybe this…

“Is this going to work for me because I have tried so many other programs and none of them worked?”

or maybe this…

“What do I have to do to make $2000 in the next 2 weeks?”

These three are just a few examples of a mindset that is toxic to your business. That's right TOXIC!

Can you get into profit fast in your business? Sure you can, but it's going to take some hustle on your part. Keep this in mind as you start your online business, no money is made unless a sale is made.

Let me say that again just so it sinks in…


There is no magic pill to getting sales. Talking to people that you know that might have an interest in what you are offering is the quickest and fastest way to make a few bucks.

However, that won't sustain you long term. In order to make an income like the top earners, it will take commitment, it will take drive, and it will take consistency to make it grow over the long term.

The key to all of this is managing your expectations so that you can put in the proper work and action to make it happen.

If you can learn this valuable skill of self-temperance and discipline to what is needed in order to achieve what you want, you will have a much better chance of succeeding in your business.

Go out there and rock it, you can do it!

You rock,

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    4 replies to "The BIGGEST Plague Affecting Home Business Owners"

    • Bethan

      You never fail to deliver the nuggets Mark, my take away from this is Disapline, to have more self Disapline in all asbect of life . X

    • Jaye

      I’ve heard many times “I’ve tried other programs and they never worked”. When I hear that, it gives me the impression that the person will not hang around long, and usually I’m right. Very good points made Mark, great post!

    • Judy Fruendt

      Great post and so true.
      They need some personal
      Development work. What you speak about .
      You bring about .

    • Richard A Lane

      Mark,r co

      My market is folks who have expensive (monthly) costs and have Hi-Deductibles on Major Health Plans…………I have an Indemnity Plan (Medical) coupled with supplemental that saves consumers ton of money and provides superior health coverage.

      Will you new product with Messenger target ‘that’ market………….?

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