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    • Joel Burrell

      Hot Video, way to LEAD the way. You ARE the coolest dude in the Southern Hemisphere!!!

    • Suha Sagban

      hehe awesome intro…hey u have the spanish accent…what a beautiful place. Fix the problem by fixing YOU!!! Hehehe. I told ya, I have so much admiration for the latin american culture. It begins with belief…..

    • Joe Sandy

      Mark, great video. That is so cool that you are down in Chile. It just goes to show what people can do with unlimited belief systems. Your comments are dead on about the economy. It doesn’t matter who’s in office or what group is screwing with which system. It’s all between our ears. Start with fixing your personal economy by helping others fix theirs. This is what will complete the transformation. thanks for sharing.

    • Terry Petrovick

      Great post and message Mark. We must take control and we must build our own personal economy VERY strong.

      Thanks for sharing.


    • Ryan Biddulph

      Spot on Mark! Each person fixes the economy. The gov or economy does not set your salary. You do. Take responsibility and do your part to drive the economy by adopting the entrepreneur mindset. Beautiful video!! I want to go to Chile soon. Now I am in Bali, and shooting vids with my Flipcamp too 😉 Enjoy it Mark, thanks for sharing!


    • Nicky

      Loved it Mark – it is a beautiful country and you’re so right, our contribution as entrepreneurs is so powerful for our economy right now, we can really lift people with this.
      Your energy and passion shine through Mark and hey don’t they make some awesome wine out there !! 🙂

    • Penny Turko

      Hey Mark! Great video! I believe what you say is true! Our Global Economy is in a state of disrepair! As, Network Marketers we CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!

    • Preston Schumacher

      Everyone needs to see this. True words of wisdom my friend. It is scary to see the majority of people depending on their governments. I am proud to be an entrepreneur and I will continue to do my best to empower myself and others, not the governments that do little to encourage individual growth.

    • Val Heisey

      Couldn’t agree more. Chile must be an awesome place and according to Herman Cain, the health care system is awesome too! Definitely need to start spreading the good news that personal economic health means global economic health. Thanks for the great vid, Mark.

    • Dean Rose

      Right on Mark! You hit the nail on the head. We control our own economy, go out there and create our own economy one sale at a time!

      Great message!


    • Pat McKeon

      Hey Mark,
      great to see you on Video and in Chile…:)
      I loved your passion in this video and feel that
      you are right on point!! We all know the Economy Sucks and will NOT
      get better anytime soon!! We as business creators have a great
      opportunity to not only Change the Quality of our Lives but
      the Lives of Thousands of Others….and yes, Living and Working from the Farms and the Beaches of Latin America just can’t be beat!!

      thanks Mark!!

    • James Umber

      Wow! What a great video! I loved it so much I passed it on to my friends. I even wrote an article of my own around it. You rock!

      • Mark Harbert


        I loved your post buddy, thanks for the compliment on the video, its so true how we just need to focus on building our business and we are fixing the economy one sale at a time.

        You rock my friend,
        Mark Harbert

    • Angela Ruff

      You nailed it, Mark! BTW, I love Chile! Concepción is a beautiful place~I was there years ago & fell in love with the country & people.

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