The key to creating success in any network marketing business is learning how to generate MLM leads regularly and consistently.

Without this, your business will fail and you will be done before you even get started.

After you start your Network Marketing career and start on the path to building your business, learning how to generate mlm leads will be one of the first challenges that you’ll have to face as a new business owner.

The best way to get your first few leads, is to listen to what your upline leaders will teach you. After you have done this, you can focus on how to generate MLM leads using the internet or some quality offline strategies.

Typically your upline will have you to start off with a list of names from people in your immediate circle of influence including your family, friends, and co-workers.

I know it may seem a little “Old School” to pursue your family and friends as maybe you have heard online, but your goal is to expose your opportunity to as many people as you can when you start.

Some may think this doesn't work, but I couldn't disagree more, as I have seen it work, and I have seen people build 6 figure empires on this strategy alone.

So before you start generating mlm leads your own way, make sure you give the methods that have worked for 50+ years a try, you just might be surprised with your results.

Most people want to avoid their “warm market”, and just learn how to generate mlm leads using the Internet!

Learning how to generate mlm leads using the internet is a great skill, but can take some time to learn. Get started fast by connecting with your relatives and friends and introduce them to your business first.How To Generate MLM Leads

It is completely normal to share what we know first with the people closest to us.  You just never know who’s looking for an opportunity and will say yes. Heck, you might even be surprised by who will say yes!

Once you’ve made a list with all of your family and friends, you want to qualify each of them.

The ones that are qualified leads are the people who are interested in what you have to share, are seeking to learn more, and are interested in moving on to the next step.

They may be beginners in the industry or existing networkers looking for other opportunities. Either way, an interested person is a qualified lead.

In order to get them to the close, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Clearly define how your business will benefit them personally
  • Get clear on what they really desire and be sensitive to their needs and wants.
  • Answer their questions and address their concerns. Instead of just saying “Help me in building my business”, tell them “Join me and I will teach you how to build your business so that you can realize your dreams in life.”
  • Don’t ever talk bad about other MLM companies. Only focus on the good side of your business and give clear information to its advantages and benefits.

Ok, so now that you’ve qualified your prospects, you want to add more prospects into the pipeline.

This is not that difficult to do, just simply begin asking your family and friends, even the ones that were not interested if they know of anyone that may be interested, and keep doing the following to generate interest for more prospects:

  • Communicate your message by creating a simple presentation or product demo. Make sure that your message is focused and it provides information that they need and want to make a decision. (The best way to do this is by asking them questions)
  • Avoid jumping straight into your presentation. Start some conversation and warm up to them to break the ice first.
  • I urge you do not, in any way, bug them, try to convince them, or pull a guilt trip on your prospects into doing something that they don’t want to do, this will only harm your business in the long run.
  • Communicate to them how the business benefited you and changed your life in a positive way.
  • Make sure you follow-up to get a decision. If they are interested in joining you, proceed to sign them up. If not, don’t push it. You don’t want to strain your relationship in any way as they may change their mind down the road.

You have to be willing to develop the skills to become a great network marketer and master presenter.  Focusing on how to generate mlm leads is a great skill to develop but you must start with the basics.

If you follow the guidelines above you will be well on your way to becoming one of the best prospectors who have followed this exact formula for success.


    20 replies to "How To Generate MLM Leads With No Internet Marketing Required"

    • Nicky

      I agree with you Mark – the whole online prospecting is going full circle and the offline strategies should not be ignored, just taught properly right from the beginning and the world would see a lot more successful and professional network marketers! Great post

      • Mark Harbert


        You and I area good example of using the internet to connect and then we took it offline to talk business. That’s the power of the internet in network marketing, but it will always be based in the fundamentals of taking it offline as soon as possible. So grateful to have met you my friend. 🙂


    • Kim Mullette

      Great post Mark, warm market is sometimes difficult especially for newbies, but you have given some great tips here, thanks for sharing, will be passing them on to my team..

      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. The basics are the basics. I often say, we can’t throw out 50+ years of network marketing history that works and go all for the internet, we still need to share what we have with those closest to us. You never know what diamonds are sitting right in your backyard. Good to see you my friend. 🙂


    • Alecia

      There are so many ways. So many ways to duplicate too…

      • Mark Harbert

        Yes there is, keep it simple that’s what I say! 🙂


    • Suha Sagban

      Mark, very true. I am a firm believer of offline marketing and online long-term strategies but thinking getting rich quick using the internet is a little far fetched. (missed ya Mark).

      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks for stopping by my buddy. Been a crazy last month. Tied up in consulting work and other projects. Been great though. We need to connect soon my Spanish speaking friend….lol.

        You are awesome!

    • Ruth

      Great post Mark. It’s about having the right balance between offline and online marketing strategies.

      • Mark Harbert

        Exactly, you are right on Ruth!


    • Neil Bednar

      Way to lay it out Mark, The old school methods still work and are the easiest way to help the new person get started. Learning the principals of relationship development, presentation,and closing, on their way to mlm lead generation. Taking it offline and using these basic skills again is key

      • Mark Harbert

        Neil, you are so right my friend. relationship development is key to success in network marketing. These are the basis building blocks for success. By the way, I will be calling you soon my friend. 🙂 I look forward to chatting with you.


    • Hi Mark,

      This is an interesting topic. A lot of people are engrossed with making money online that they usually forget to network offline. While the internet is a great tool for mlm, connecting with them personally is still important.

    • Godwin Okoduwa

      Wow, awesome stuff on Offline marketing. Thanks. I must add that you have an intimidating blog

      • Mark Harbert

        Godwin, I hope I don’t intimidate you too much man. It’s meant to help you……lol


    • Charles Holmes


      Great post here. Building a MLM business offline is a great way to get started. While everyone wants a piece of the internet action, it takes time to learn the ropes and get leads.

      Most top network marketers use BOTH strategies. And if they do it, so should we.

      Great information and nice blog too!


      • Mark Harbert

        I agree totally my friend. Embrace what has been successful before adding more to the mix.


    • Migs

      I would probably say that this is an interesting topic.Yes, I believe that a lot of people are engrossed with making money online that they usually forget to network offline. While the internet is a great tool for mlm, connecting with them personally is still important. I am still learning new MLM strategies on how to gain success.

      • Mark Harbert

        Just keep moving forward Migs, thats the key, you will get it. Thanks for stopping by my friend.


    • Nadine Stevens

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for sharing your knowledge on lead generation. Whether we are in any kind of business, one of the best traits we can demonstrate is consistency. Consistency means being marked by harmony, regularity and steady continuity. I believe human beings are naturally attracted to balance and consistency. So we can really use this trait to be successful in lead generation.

      All the best to you,


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