If you have been around online for any length of time then you have probably heard of attraction marketing.

In short attraction marketing is the art of positioning yourself in front of your perfect prospect where they chase you down rather than you chasing them.

Sounds great right?

The big question many in the home business industry always ask is…

“Is attraction marketing duplicatable?”

The short answer….. NO, it's not.

With that being said does that mean one shouldn't practice it?

Does that mean people should stay away from it?

Is it the death of the home business organization if someone decides to use this form of marketing to build their business?

The short answer….. NO of course not.

Why attraction marketing then?

Because if you look around the industry and you look at the most successful people you will see that the ones that achieve great things it's almost always the leaders.

Now I know there is probably a small percentage that brought in one person or maybe two and went on to create an amazing business but the majority of people that make it big are leaders.

Leaders are attractive in nature.

The only way a person becomes attractive (in a business sense of course) is to have something of value that other people want.

What do people want? They want a leader that will show them the way.

Attraction marketing is not duplicatable because you can't duplicate leadership.

Systems duplicate, leadership does not.

Leadership is something that comes from within you. It comes from within each individual when they decide to grow.

    • You can't systematize leadership.
    • You can't systematize personal growth.
    • You can't systematize passion.
    • You can't systematize tenacity.
    • You can't systematize vision.
    • You can't systematize the inner desire to succeed.

These are all traits of leadership that are attractive to people that are seeking a better way and a leader to follow.

Do you want to have these traits too? Then become a leader and commit to personal growth.

When you have something people want that meets a need in the marketplace, people will seek you out.

When they see you as the leader they want to follow, they are attracted to that, and will follow you.

To talk a little more about this topic I created a video for you.

You rock,

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    5 replies to "Is Attraction Marketing Duplicatable? The Answer Might Shock You!"

    • Hey mark reading your thoughts on attraction Marketing. and systems. Heres my thought. it may be to eastern it the conception. to me attraction Marketing is a oxymoron in it label One Marketing in its self is to attract. Form what alot of the leaders refer to attraction marketing is from a indivdualize concept, First you have to know yourself and be comfortable in you to attract those who resenate with you. Duplication is a complex. thought form traditonal diffinition it means to replicate. But in dealing with indivdual true dulpication really never works. True duplication is to help bring out the leadership skills with in the indivdual, Not through a copy cat systmatic structure. systems are to only a foundation builder if you truly are nothing but a follower most get caught up in the comfort zone od theat system and to develope true leaders ship All these concepts must be meld together to truly builder leadership. This has always been the issue with in this Profession is some things get dumb down to build a team instead of helping build the indivdual. So my thought on this is the duplication should be atotal copy cat but a self discover of oneself and eachs indivdual uniqic Talents.

    • Corey Kleinman

      All about them leaders!

    • Scott Lindstrom

      Results my vary… You either Lead, Follow or get outta the way… you must have not only the position appearence from the ouside but yes it has to come from the inside…I agree its about preception… and it's a internal battle within yourself that we all have to have wage… I believe that the ones that don't quit make the finish line…

    • Kim Willis

      Great post Mark. Leadership is the key for sure. And I hate to say it, but some people are natural born leaders – it's in their genes. The rest of us have to work at it, day by day, inch by inch. It starts with intentions. If we have the intention to become a better leader, chances are we will become that person. Thanks again Mark – love your stuff.


    • Jaye Carden

      Very good point Mark. I’ve never recruited or sponsored anyone (maybe one) that does all the things I will do to get leads, talk to people, make phone calls, write content, make videos, paid advertising, etc. But, I have had duplication through some people who have their own way of doing things. They stay away from the internet in some cases, and just do it the old way. Had a guy do extremely well this way under me.
      Really glad you made this post, as leadership is unique, or it wouldn’t be leadership.

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