In yesterday's blog post we looked at the #1 way to close people into your business with ease, and today we are going to talk about the #1 LEVERAGED WAY to close people in your business.

“Leveraged” simply means a way to get more done with the same amount of effort or even less effort in some cases.

Getting on the phone and talking to prospects is a great way to close prospects and without a doubt is the best way to close prospects especially when you are just starting out. There is nothing like a personal touch and a phone call.

But what about being able to recruit on a mass scale?

How would you like to be able to bring in 50+ people into your business in one night? IT'S POSSIBLE!

I have done it before using webinars and you can too. Thats right webinars.

Check out this webinar fun fact:

“The conversion rate for webinars (20% – 40%) is much higher than many other lead generation tactics. According to”

Simply put, webinars are the equivalent of a hotel meeting or home party in the internet world. Imagine putting on a hotel meeting and you get 100+ people in the room and you do a presentation and 25% of the room signs up?

You would have 25 new people in your business in one night, and that is the kind of leverage I am talking about by using webinars.

In the online world, there is simply nothing more powerful than using live webinars to promote a product or opportunity.

The reason webinars work so good is because people set aside time to attend live events. It is one of the only times where you actually get a captive audience where the distractions are at a minimum.

In today's world, we are bombarded with ad after ad after ad, from emails to banners begging for our attention.

Basically our society is full of people with a major attention problem. That is no joke either.

Peoples attention spans are about as big as a pea and that might even be too big.

So being able to get them to set aside a time to actually get in front of a captive presentation is so good and the results will speak for themselves.

So how do you get started with webinars? Watch this video.

Did you dig that?

So, how do you get started?

My good friends over at Webinars On Air have a holiday special where you can use their platform free for 30 days. Just go here and enter in the coupon code AUTO30 and get a free 30 days on the house.

This is the perfect way for you to get started using webinars combined with the power of Google hangouts.

Also, my good buddy Steve Jaffe is starting a webinar training intensive in the first week of January that you might want to check out, you can do that here. Steve has made over $10,000 in one hour before using webinars.

This is by far my favorite strategy when converting my leads. Its highly leveraged and it builds quality relationships with your leads.

I will end with this….

Have you noticed that the majority people (Top earners) that make the most money in your company or program are the ones doing the presentations in front of the crowds?

Why is that?

Leverage. Become good at presenting and using webinars, you will be on your way also to creating massive leverage in your business.






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    • Brian Fanale

      Steve Jaffe, check it out man! VERY VERY cool post from my boy Mark Harbert… thx for the love buddy, appreciate you! And I agree that webinars hands down is the #1 leveraged way to close prospects, period! James Fanale, check it out… <<< 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Yeah buddy. Love it!!

    • Sandie Nielson

      This was great Mark thank you always over deliver

    • Jessica Daniels


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