One of the things I love about the home based business industry is working with people and helping them achieve something great.

However, over the years as I have worked with people I have seen some underlying common themes that keep people from succeeding and attaining the goals that they so badly say they want in their business.

One of those underlying themes is their complete inability to make a fast decision.

Thats right.

A simple decision is what holds so many people back. If I could tell you how many times I have heard people say….

“I am so happy I found this, I am going to sign up tomorrow after I get home from work”


“This looks great, its just what I was looking for, I will sign up when I get back from vacation”


“I really like what I see, it looks really good and I am so excited but I need to research it more”

Do you see the ever so slight excuse as to why they wont sign up now?

What is wrong with RIGHT NOW!

Its so subtle, yet it seems so noble of a reason as to why they can't commit this very moment.

The truth is, I have seen people make these excuses so many times in my career that when people say them, I immediately see that this person isn't as committed as they think they are in their business.

Its one thing to say your committed, but its a whole other deal to actually do it.

One of the most powerful traits of entrepreneurs is the ability to make fast decisions. Entrepreneurs assess where they are, and can see when something is a good move, and then THEY MOVE!

I am not implying that you shouldn't do your due diligence and check something out, but when you see its good, YOU SHOULD MOVE AND COMMIT!

The truth is, in our society many people have commitment issues. They are so afraid to commit. They are so afraid that they will make a bad decision and get it wrong.

Fear of failure or fear of making mistakes is one of the most debilitating dream stealers of all time.

Don't ever be afraid of making bad decisions or to make mistakes as long as you learn from them.

Do you know what one of the best ways to learn is? Making bad decisions that don't give us the desired result we want!

Its true, making mistakes is one of the best ways to learn and grow.

You learn more by looking back and seeing where you could have done it better. I love what Warren Buffet says on this….


So many people are so focused on putting up the windshield but they don't realize that the rear view mirror is full of wisdom.

Mistakes are awesome IF (The keyword being IF…) you learn from them.

Each day I partake in some type of personal development activities and today I was reading a cool article I found on the Huffington post that I think is great and lays out some of the cool things we can learn form our mistakes.

Here they are as listed in this article.

  1. Mistakes teach us to clarify what we really want and how we want to live.
  2. Mistakes teach us to accept ourselves and that we can be flawed and be loved.
  3. Mistakes teach us to accept our fallibility and face our fear.
  4. Mistakes teach us about ourselves and how to tell our truth.
  5. Mistakes teach us, through analysis and feedback, about what works, and what doesn't.
  6. Mistakes teach us to take responsibility.
  7. Mistakes teach us about integrity.
  8. Mistakes teach us to engage in our lives — to live fully.
  9. Mistakes allow us to inspire others.

I especially love 5, 6, and 7 in this list. When you find you made a mistake, you can go back and see where you missed it, and learn from it.

When you do this regularly, you begin to develop a wisdom that most will never attain, because they are so afraid to commit.

When you make a mistake it teaches you to take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming others.

When you make a mistake it teaches you about having integrity.

So back to making that decision. Are you ready to get started? THEN GET STARTED!

Quit worrying about the things you can't control and GO FOR IT!

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    2 replies to "Will You Just Make A Decision Already?"

    • Lavorn Hodges

      Mark.. that was fantastic. All true. But can I add…. it does take a special type of person to act now. The same day I called the phone number to an ad … the guy successfully signed me up.
      But prior to that DAY. ..I had waived it for two years. It was truck driver school and I didn’t have any money so I didn’t try to sign up. So one day I decided to call anyway and the guy signed me up and got me financial ad. When I hung up the phone Mark…I even knew when to report to class in 30 days. Long story short. ..I’ve been a successful truck driver for 15 years. You are absolutely right about Enough with the NOT Ready Yet stuff. Just take the chance.

    • Love this post. In fact I created a video on this very topic. It is essential to our success to be willing to commit and make quick decisions. Loved this morning’s inspiration call. Got many gems. You inspired me to do another video on this all important topic!

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