Ever had a prospect who wanted to buy a product or join an opportunity, but they just didn't have the money right then to do it? Or maybe you want to invest money into your business, run ads, buy tools, get training, hire a coach….but you just don’t have the dough.

If so then just like your prospects that want to join you, you’ll probably find yourself searching for ways to make money fast!

But first, there’s a question you must ask yourself!…

Are You Just Using Not Having Money As an Excuse?

You see, there are tons of people who say they want to start their business…say they want to change their lives…but when comes time to pull the trigger they’ll look for any excuse they can find.

Usually, the “no money” excuse is convenient and easy, and that’s the one either people will use on you, or maybe YOU will use on yourself. Because let’s face it…that excuse frees you up. It gets you off the hook.

The Truth About Not Having Money!

The truth is that when you really take stock and look around you, there’s more money available to you right now than you think there is.

Sure it might not be in your pocket, or in your bank account right this second, but there are some ways that you can quickly get it there.

It just may take a little effort on your part, and perhaps even stepping out of your comfort zone, and making the time (or should I say stop wasting the time) to make money fast.

And the great part is, if you ever find yourself in a real jam…like a late bill, or you just want to get out of debt…you can use these same ways to do just that!

So in this post, I’m going to show you…

4 Ways to Make Money Fast If You Don’t Have Any Now!

Fast Money Maker #1: Clean House!

No, I’m not telling you that you should clean houses for extra money…although that is a legitimate way to make some extra money.

I’m telling you to clean YOUR house, your garage, or your basement.

Meaning…looking around you. There are probably a ton of things that you have been meaning to get rid of, or don’t ever use anymore…that people would pay cash for right now!

Take those old records on your outdated record stand for instance. You can list those on The Facebook Marketplace, and there’s someone out there who still likes Wham! Or they just collect records and would love to pay you some cashola for your old Wham records. (If you say you don’t like Wham you’re just lying!)

But you can do it with just about anything. How about the mountain bike in the garage that you promised yourself you’d use to get in shape? Not getting you in shape? Sell it, and take that money to invest in yourself, and get into financial shape for you and your family’s future.

BONUS: Craigslist Has a FREE Section!

If you do a little due diligence, you can find something that others will pay for in Craigslist’s FREE section. Go grab the item from the current holder, clean it up and make it look presentable, sell that sucker, and get some cashola for your efforts!

People often don’t realize what they have, or just don’t feel like doing the work of selling it. But you NEED money, and so you WILL do the work. It’s a win/win for everyone!

Fast Money Maker #2: Give Someone a Lyft!

If you have a car, and a smartphone (you know the one you’re reading this on now) you have everything that you need to start earning enough extra cash to start and fund your business.

With Uber and Lyft, you can work your own hours and get money whenever you need it. You can work as much or little as you like or need.

Plus, you can probably have some interesting conversations with people as you drive them around. It’s really never been easier to earn extra cash when you think about that.

Fast Money Maker #3: Deliver Pizzas or Food!

Yes, I get it. You don’t want your friends or neighbors to see you delivering pizzas. But guess what? What they don’t know is that YOU are going to take invest those tips that you earn from them and others you deliver to, and turn it into your own six-figure business!

Their opinion doesn’t matter, because they don’t know YOUR dreams and what you’ve got in store for YOUR future.

You could make some great money delivering pizzas on a weekend. People order up, especially now, during football season. And they’ll pay you to bring them that pizza.

Hint: Find a place that sells great food as well, and the orders get bigger and more expensive. Which means so do your tips! Same trip, more money. Boom!

Fast Money Maker #4: Become an Online Freelancer!

There’s a good chance that if you’re here reading this blog, then you might know a little bit about online marketing. And while you might not think you know enough to get paid for it, you probably know MUCH more than you think you do.

  • Can you set up a blog?
  • Can you write articles or blog posts?
  • Can you manage someone’s Instagram page?
  • Do you create killer pictures on Photoshop?
  • Heck… can you just create a cool picture or flyer on Canva?

Guaranteed there are people who need or want your help!  People who will PAY YOU to do that for them. A lot of people are short on time but have extra money in their pockets to spend on tasks that they don’t want to do..

That’s where you come in and do it for them. Then you get paid, and they’re happy, and best yet…will probably use your services again if you do a good job and do it on time! Which means more money.

How Do You Find the People Who Will Pay You?

First thing’s first.

Simply make a list of everything that you know how to do. You can start with the things I listed above as a memory jogger. Make a list of every little thing that you know how to do online that someone may not know how to do, or may find tedious.

Go through online marketing groups on Facebook, and see who’s asking for help and what help they’re asking for.

Then once you have your list, you can simply go back into those same groups and make a post about how you can help people. Tell them about your service and wait for the responses. You may have to try a few groups and be careful not to break the rules, but you’ll very likely get more bites than you might be expecting.

Find Gigs on Upwork.com

Upwork.com is the premier place to find freelance gigs.

In fact, if you want to brainstorm a little more to get some ideas of what you can do for extra cash, you can mosey on over there and get some great ideas!

It’ll be a little longer to get started (which is why I recommended Facebook first) but if you plan on keeping up with the freelancing gigs, Upwork will be a great place to have people find you!

So Now You Know Four New Ways to Make Money Fast!

Now what? Well first of all…we just eliminated all excuses that might have been holding you back from moving forward on your dream of starting your own home business.

We’ve found new money that you can use for ad spend, tools, or training that you want!

Plus, now when you get the “No Money” excuse from YOUR prospects, you can share this with them and they’ll actually get value from your rebuttal from their objection. BOOM!  

Heck, share this post if you want! 🙂

Now go make some money!

You rock,

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    • Georgina Felix

      Yes lyft & uber can make you extra cash but it does take about a week or so to get started. Great post

    • Sam Buckley

      Great tips Mark!

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