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>>>GET 10-50 FREE LEADS A DAY STARTING TOMORROW BY CLICKING HERE<<< – MLM Prospecting Tip: It's so important to master the skill of phone prospecting. If your nervous on the phone, this little tip may just be what you need to overcome that fear.

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    13 replies to "MLM Prospecting Tip: Getting Rid of that Nervous Feeling on the Phone"

    • Robert Liudvinaitis

      Great Video simple steps you Must Follow.. Great vid.

      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks buddy!


    • Frank J Marino

      Mark you definitely hit this right on! All mindset man. Nice!

      • Mark Harbert

        The bluesman,

        Always a pleasure my friend to have you come by my blog. 🙂


    • Galen Morgigno

      Who gets nervous on the phone? Really? Phone skills are a developed skill but once you get it down its a breeze.

      Great value Mark!!!

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks Galen! It’s amazing how many people I actually see and talk to that don’t get on the phone because of fear. And you are right, its an acquired skill that just gets better with practice. Thanks for stopping by my friend. 🙂


    • Alecia

      Yes, just going through the process. Some people have a hard time meeting new people. This helps that process as well. Thanks for your tips.

      • Mark Harbert


        You are welcome, always great to have you stop by. You rock my friend.


    • Rob

      Thanks for the tips Mark – great advice here! Personally, playing the Rocky Theme helps get me pumped up for talking on the phone, haha 🙂

      • Mark Harbert


        I love Rocky, favorite movie of all time, getting on the phone is easy with Rocky! 🙂


    • Nicky

      That’s a nice little tip Mark, it starts building the trust straight away and we all know that people do business with people they know, like and trust.

      • Mark Harbert


        You got that one right, it’s all about building trust on the phone, its makes all the difference.


    • Brian

      Awesome video Mark! Great stuff

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