So you want some MLM recruiting secrets? To be successful at recruiting in mlm, you must have a mix of technique and mindset. In this post I will give you 3 network marketing recruiting tips on how to recruit in MLM the way you always wanted too in your business.

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Maintain Your Power

This is simple to understand, but many need to build up their confidence in order to really be effective at recruiting. Simply put, maintaining your power is basically making sure you control the flow of the conversation with your prospects. It doesn't matter if you're looking to bring them into your business, sell them a service, or even get them to buy a product the process is the same.

One of the best things you can do for your business is building up your posture. Posture is paramount of importance will all MLM recruiters out here. Posture is best explained as a confidence you have and the control of your emotional state. To many people are looking for magic MLM recruiting secrets that will do the work for them, but your posture has everything to do with wether you sponsor someone or not.

If your prospect gets the hint that you are not confident, they will not be either. If your prospects even sense that you are weak, they will pick up on it, and it can affect the outcome. You build up your confidence by belief in what you are doing, and in your product or service.

Its simple, maintain your power, and you will have mastered one of the best MLM recruiting secrets to getting success.

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MLM Recruiting Secrets – Having An Abundance Mentality

This is HUGE!!! If you even come off as slightly needy to your prospects, your effectiveness drops significantly. You see, if your prospect senses that you need him in your business, all the mlm recruiting secrets in the world wont do anything for you because they will feel repelled to work with you. I have often said…

“The second you stop caring if someone joins you or not, is the second prospects come running with credit card in hand ready to buy!”

This is true because for whatever reason, humans are wired to want what we can have. If we see something that is desirable to us, yet its out of reach, we tend to want it even worse. Have you ever noticed that? Why is it, that every single guy out there wants the hot sexy model on TV? lol. Because they can't have them right?

The same is true in your business, the more you distance yourself from the outcome, and don't get excited one way or the other wether they join you or not, you will find everybody wants to work with you.

Adopt this mindset, and watch what I am talking about. you will see. 🙂

MLM Recruiting Secrets – Learn To Handle Objections

One of the best ways to handle objections is to answer it with a question. If someone says to you… “I don't have the money” you can respond with… “Why do you think that is?” and when they answer you back, you can simply say “Well, you will always have no money unless you change what you're doing now” you simply put it back on them, and get them to answer you question.

Objections at times are a good thing, if you learn to handle them properly, they will result in better results for you in your business.

MLM Recruiting Secrets

A MLM Recruiting Secrets Bonus

Here is a bonus secret for you. Get Leads. About 3 years ago, I stumbled upon a little MLM recruiting system called My Lead System Pro. This system taught me what I needed to build a massive list of targeted prospects that wanted to buy what I had. Not only that, but I also started to learn of a concept called “Lead Abundance” and it transformed me.

You see all the other MLM recruiting secrets on this page and video can all work better when you have an abundance of people to talk too about your business. So learning to bring high quality prospects to your offers and business is essential to your success.

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    • Margaret

      Please I just join Melaleuca and I need help in recruiting people on my team.

      • Mark Harbert

        Margaret, its simple, you need to learn some lead generation strategies. You can do that by going here and getting set up with your trial.

        Mark Harbert

    • Tyronne Ratcliff

      Solid content Mark. When you believe that you have value to offer your prospects you won’t come off as being needy. You have what they need, always remember that. Have a good one!

      • Mark Harbert

        No doubt Tyronne, that is the key my friend. Thanks for stopping by buddy.


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