Momentis is a network marketing company and there is more than likely two reasons you are here investigating the ins and outs of Momentis. You are either a consumer looking to get information, or you're an existing distributor looking for information on how to build your Momentis business. Either way, you will find this article to be informative, and eye-opening at the same time.

Momentis – The Company

Momentis is the innovative marketing arm of Just Energy which is a very successful billion dollar publicly held company. Just Energy built its international business on innovation and market leadership. At this time the company is in the lead with a network marketing opportunity in the North American energy marketplace. Momentis

Just Energy educates consumers about the benefits they can get from energy deregulation and informs them of the various energy solutions which are readily available to consumers. In the meantime they have the opportunity to earn commissions by enrolling customers with Just Energy.

Just Energy supplies natural gas and/or electricity in deregulated territories. Momentis is headquartered in both Toronto, Ontario and Dallas, Texas to be able to support its independent representative as well as its current and future initiatives in Canada and the U.S.

Momentis – The Products

Among its products you’ll find CLEAR 4G which is a state-of-the-art 4G WiMAX connectivity through CLEAR which is a leading wireless Internet service provider. CLEAR was created for the Internet and provides you with lots of wireless 4G bandwidth anywhere you happen to be. You can download movies, upload videos or stream games.

DIRECTV is a satellite TV service provider which offers more than 285 all-digital channels, superior picture and sound quality, HD Access and DVR Service. All with the latest technology such as 3D viewing capabilities and mobile apps.

All of the packages offered are reasonably priced. The commercial energy products which Momentis represents across North America are supplied through Just Energy who has been providing long-term energy supply options to about 1.4 million residential and commercial customers. The electricity products which Momentis represents across North America are supplied through the same company.

Just Energy helps their customers go green by letting them choose to offset some of the negative environmental effects of everyday energy use by participating on their green energy program for electricity. By being a customer with Just Energy for Natural Gas you’ll find that your rate with a Price Protection program will remain stable even if the market prices fluctuate.


Momentis – The Business Opportunity

The moment you join Momentis you become a part of a team of like-minded entrepreneurs which are supported by a company with a solid infrastructure. You get training that equips you with the knowledge so that you can start to earn income right away.

There are personal web sites which will give you the online presence that you need in order to market your business. There is a power-packed resource center that has highly functional reporting and marketing tools. There will be local, regional and international conferences and events. You be able to make regular conference call which will help you stay motivated and inspired between trainings in your Momentis business.

So keep in mind that by becoming a member of Momentis you will have the opportunity to earn more income as you do more work. You will be able to build and grow your business and achieve new leadership levels and your compensation will grow more lucrative. Don’t forget that you can give yourself a raise at any time and there are no limits to your financial success.

Some might actually think of a possible Momentis scam, but this company is a legitimate home based business with many tax saving benefits. Therefore it is far from being a scam and you can rest easy and put your skepticism aside.

Momentis – How To Successfully Market This Business

Momentis ReviewFinding a good opportunity and a good company like Momentis is always exciting. The product is great, the market is obviously ripe for this product, and the opportunity is fantastic. However, just joining the company will not make you successful.

There are many aspects to being a successful business owner that actually makes money. The essential and most important part of the process is mastering the ability to get leads on a consistent basis and learn the marketing skills necessary to bring them in consistently.

Most don't realize how hard it can be for the average home business owner like those in Momentis to generate leads with out a simple platform to make it happen.

The main avenue that is taught in network marketing companies is for people to talk with their friends and family. While this is a fantastic place to start in your business, you do not want that to be your only source of quality leads.

You will never run the numbers enough to be able to make a difference with your warm market alone. The key is finding people who want what you have, and then marketing specifically to them. There is a way you can do this and bring in 15-20 targeted leads every single day online.

The key is learning the strategies to do it and make it happen. So where do you start? What can you do to learn those strategies?

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    9 replies to "Momentis – Good Company Or Just Hype?"

    • Great review of Momentis! You’re absolutely right Mark….network marketing in general is fantastic and really any company can work, if you treat is like a real business and do the work, all while having the right mindset. Generating leads is definitely a key component to your success. Thanks for sharing! We are so happy for your success and wish you many more years of continued success!

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks so much Brian and Felicia, you guys are too cool. Thanks for the kind words.


    • Tanisha Ajokatcher

      someone i know just joined this company and they love it

    • Litmus psradcliffe

      MLM is certainly what many treat as almost a cursing word, however worked and managed correctly it is also a very effective method of mass delivery and growth.
      The most important part of Momentis for my business is the product and service offerings, they are what people need rather than what people desire or wish for. This makes its longevity very appealing, something that is critical when developing multiple revenue streams of income. Power is something that people are used to budgeting for and is virtually recession proof.

      I get to genuinely help people, either by lowering their expenses or by assisting them in developing their own business.
      If you want to make a real difference, Momentis could very well be your ticket!

    • C. J. Cota

      Hey Mark, Thank you for your time and your astute observations! I have been a salesman for over 50 years and I am glad that your take on Momentis coincides with mine. My wife and I are new to Momentis after have been in several other multi-levels – mainly because of invitations from friends. With limited success; this we can confidently invite other people to. However, you are not in a foreign county per se, you are in your place of choice; something that most people cannot chose! Good for you. My place of choice is So Cal. and Baja CA, Mexico. Have a great life – and thanks again. I look forward to talking with you soon (:>})- Chuck

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks Chuck, and yes I agree, I am living in my place of choice, it is a great thing when you actually have a choice as to where you want to live, and live life on your terms, its the greatest freedom anyone can ask for in life. Thanks for stopping by my friend!

        Mark Harbert

    • Rebecca

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for the info. I am in the UK and have just signed up to Momentis during the Pre Launch period and have been nervous it may be a scam, or not profitable in any way. I need to make money from home so this would be perfect, but I feel a little like a rabbit in headlights! I clicked through to your link but I can’t play it on my iPad. If you could send me any tips on how to generate leads online, I would be so grateful.

      Thanks for the interesting read,


    • If anyone wants to join with a top producer and learn how to market like a rockstar, just hit me up on facebook?

    • Dolcelin Crooks

      It's awesome to be a part of

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