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Ah yes, the thought of sitting under a tiki hut on the beach sipping up a margarita enjoying the sun and waves while multiple streams of income fill our bank account.

Can you see it?

Many can, but there is a problem that it can cause if you are not careful.

Multiple streams of income is a very powerful concept that many wealthy people use to diversify and grow their wealth and assets.

I mean, if Warren Buffet thinks its a good thing, I would listen right?

In our industry multiple streams of income can be just as powerful and a great way to monetize your audience.

With that being said, here is a few things to consider before implementing this in your business so as to make sure it doesn't become a distraction.

Competing Offers

Its super important to understand this difference because this is where a lot of people get tripped up.

Competing offers are essentially offers that are similar in concept and function.

For instance, lets say you are in a home business and you are promoting two different opportunities.

One opportunity in the health and wellness niche, and the other in a travel based niche. While they may seem to be non competing money streams, they actually are, here is why.

They both are business opportunities and have similar based comp plans that take building a team to become profitable.

While the product is different, they way they make money is not, therefore they are competing opportunities.

Non Competing Offers

Here is an example of a non competing offer. Lets say you promote a health and wellness opportunity and you want to promote a tool that assist someone in building their business, like a lead generation system or tool.

Maybe a tool like an autoresponder. An autoresponder is something that allows people to build a list for their business.

This is something that enhances a primary offer, not competes with it.

For example, I recently promoted a piece of software that was a great enhancement to some training that I recently did for my students.

It was a great tool that added value to the training and my students loved it. It didn't compete at all, therefore it didn't distract from the main offer. I promoted it and made several thousands of dollars in commissions.

Make sense?

Learning to make these distinctions are very important and when you do you can then make decisions very fast wether they are good or not.

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The Potential Distraction

So where this has the potential to get very distracting for people is when they try to promote to many things and they haven't even perfected one yet.

The only time you should be open to bring on another income stream is when you have at least one already producing money. Thats its.

To many people jump from one thing to the next and yet never succeed in the one thing they started just last month.

Stay put, keep working until you figure it out, and then expand, thats the real way to build multiple streams of income.

You rock,

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Mark Harbert

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    4 replies to "The Potential Distractions of Multiple Streams of Income"

    • Timothy W. Bethune

      Makes a lot of sence when you spread to thin you go for broke and end up loseing out on all the fun parts of networking with others. It isnt just about the money it is also about the friendship

    • Philip Bodkin

      OMG Mark, I have been talking about this for years. "Multiple Deals" Your income streams should be complimentary or completely different. I hate being pitched on multiple business opportunities by the same person. The very idea of someone coming to me with the greatest opportunity of all time and that I MUST get it, but if I don't like it, here's this other one… I mean please…

      This and company hopping… Drives me crazy.

    • Carla Moore

      Awesome article Mark, I totally agree. YES! I have multiple streams of income, but it's good to know how you defined it, it fit the description. I have one primary MLM business and all the others are….traffic platform, affiliate training courses, branding software course/affiliate program and list building system.

    • Seb Brantigan

      Well said Mark, it really is important and relying on just one stream is not a good business decision…you just never know what’s around the corner. Keep crushing it with this content!

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