Are you creating YouTube videos? If you are then I've got something really exciting to share with you.

It's no secret that online short-form video is taking over, you’ve got places like TikTok, Instagram REELS, Facebook REELS, and YouTube Shorts. But I'll tell you where I believe a real opportunity exists and that's with YouTube shorts.

There is a really cool new feature that YouTube just gave us on their iPhone app where you can create YouTube shorts from your existing YouTube videos.

If you've made a whole bunch of videos and you're not sure what to do with them well guess what YouTube just gave you the ability to take actual long-form videos and chop them up really easily and make YouTube shorts out of them.

You could do this with old videos and the really cool thing is that YouTube will provide a link back to the original video which can really cause your older videos to get more views as well.

Once you are in the app and on the video you want to use, you’re going to click the create button right here.


Next… this little window will pop up and you're going to choose to “Edit into a Short

If you look in the top right here you see the little number 15. you can switch between 15 and 60 very easily I like to go with the 60 as that gives you a little bit more leeway just in case you're a little bit over 15 seconds. 

Next, choose your clip now by dragging the sliders to the appropriate place in the video.

Then once you have chosen your desired segment hit next.

Next, add your text as shown below…

Now you can go ahead and put in your caption and I recommend adding one to two or three uh hashtags in there if you can fit them and that's it.

You are now ready to publish your YouTube short.

So you can start going through all your old videos and really repurposing them into shorts.


Just in case you don’t know, when you upload a video you actually have the ability to be the first to comment and you can put a link in that comment and then pin that comment to the top on every single YouTube short.

Why do this?

When you put that link to your website there you could also use that as a call to action to let people know to check your comments.

It creates an actual link that people can click and then go over to your website. This can drive more opt-ins and help you build your email list which is really what we are after right?

So what do you think about YouTube shorts and this new feature? Let me know in the comment section below. I always love your feedback.

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      Thank you so much, Mark! Ive always wondered how to do this! Great article!!

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        Absolutely, glad you enjoyed it.

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