Napoleon Hill is among one of the greats in the personal development industry.

The profound impact he has had on millions of achievers over the years can not be overstated.

Think and Grow Rich is probably his best-known work as its always mentioned by industry leaders and personal development trainers.

If you are looking to become one of the best leaders that you can be, then you must develop the essential discipline of personal initiative.

I did a Facebook LIVE where I shared some of my favorite traits that I know will help you be even better in your business.

What is the habit of personal initiative?

Most people are looking for some magic pill, some outside force to bring them the success they want, yet few are really willing to do what it takes to make it happen.

Even the best systems in the world will not work if you don’t have the personal initiative to focus, work hard and put some personal initiative into the process.

Your personal initiative is the fuel that makes the impossible possible.

It's what gives you the drive and the passion to go beyond where you are now, and take you to where you want to be.

I came across this video from Napoleon Hill (The author of Think and Grow Rich) on YouTube that clearly defines why this habit is of utmost importance.

About the middle of the video he lists “The 16 Traits Of Personal Initiative”, and I have listed them for you below:

Note* Please take special note to number 6, this in my opinion is the primary key to success!

The Sixteen Traits Of Personal Initiative

  1. Have a definite major purpose in life and a plan for its attainment
  2. Form a mastermind alliance with those whose help is essential in helping you achieve your major purpose
  3. Have the necessary persistence and a will to win that will carry you along when the going gets tough
  4. Make decisions promptly when you have the necessary facts on which to base them, and changes them slowly if at all
  5. Follow the habit of doing more than your paid for, and do it in a pleasing positive mental attitude
  6. Accept full responsibility for everything you undertake and never pass the buck when things go wrong or don’t go your way
  7. Take friendly criticism without resentment when needed because you know you will profit from it
  8. Know the basic motives that inspire all human endeavors and never request anything by someone without giving them an adequate motive for doing so.
  9. Never express an opinion about something unless you have thought it through and are prepared to state how you came to your opinion
  10. Follow the habit of listening much, and talking only when you something to say that will benefit yourself and others
  11. Have a well-developed sense of observation regarding the small details, and know your craft from the smallest detail to the greatest.
  12. Never tell anyone to do anything without suggesting why it should be done and  how it may be done best
  13. Follows the habit of putting your full attention on one thing at a time
  14. Develop a mental attitude that is positive at all times when in communication with other people
  15. If you get asked a question-answer with a direct answer, even if you don’t know the correct answer
  16. Never put off today what could have been done last week, because the habit for procrastination is on the top of the list for reasons for failure

You will be a leader in your niche when you put these traits of personal initiative to work in your life and your business.

This list is straight from the following video, I thought this video was so good that I had to put it here so you could watch it.

Take it to heart, it is full of GOLD NUGGETS.

Feel free to share this if you get value.

You rock,

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    29 replies to "Napoleon Hill’s Sixteen Essential Traits Of Personal Initiative"

    • Nicky

      Ohh, these were some really good reminders Mark and some fantastic nuggets in the video. Success is made up of some small successful actions and success is in all of us and it’s down to us to use our initiative. Loved this.

      • Mark Harbert

        Napoleon Hill is awesome, and without question I see those traits in you Nicky, you are awesome!


    • Michael Berry

      Thanks for all the information Mark. Your post Sixteen Traits Of Personal Initiative For The Home Business Owner was great! I love a post that has real value. I would love for you to join my prosperyourmind tribe, if I haven’t already. There will be some great information to assist you in your personal development. Take care, Michael

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks Michael!


    • Val Heisey

      Great post Mark, definitely made me think about my business and how to take it to the next level. Thanks!

    • Terry Petrovick

      I have read those points before in Think and Grow Rich but it has been a while thanks for the great reminder Mark. You deliver great content man! Thanks!

    • Giuseppe Saieva

      Lots of great points here Mark that we often lose sight off in the busy lives we all have. It always good to have a reminder of how we should focus ourselves. Great post. Thanks for sharing!

    • Wow, Mark! What an awesome list of character traits we all need to develop to be the best we can be. I have copied and pasted your list into a notepad…should be great inspiration when I need a kick in the booty! Great post!

    • Something interesting about Hill was that he was never really that wealthy.

      “After a lifetime of work, Hill was left with nothing.”
      –From success magazine

      Still a profound thinker!

    • Sandy Moore

      Hi Mark

      I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post, and especially like point #6 about passing the buck… !

      A comprehensive list to refer back to… well written.


    • Wendy Elwell

      I am so glad you talked about personal initiative. It is just not talked about that much. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lee White

      Really Preston? I didn’t get that impression from the live audio recordings that I’ve listened to over & over from Hill. Interesting???

    • Lee White

      Great post Mark!
      Some great points from the man himself, Napoleon Hill.
      Makes me want to go & grab Think & Grow Rich! Think I’ll go for an audio though instead, as I have to pop out in the car!

    • Susan Redmon

      Mark, I thoroughly enjoyed your post … Sixteen Traits Of Personal Initiative … and the Napoleon Hill video. My favorite from the above list is #13 – Follows the habit of putting your full attention on one thing at a time. Annually re-reading Think and Grow Rich helps me stay focused. ~Susan

    • Alan

      Mark, a great reminder about what one needs to do in order to be a success in life. The video had some fantastic content that I had not heard in a while. A very nice reminder.

      Keep moving forward.


    • Duke Romkey

      Thanks for the reminder Mark. The one that initially helped me the most before was #16 about procrastination.

    • David Sharp

      Great Mark, Napoleon Hill was an outstanding man and I read his stuff as much as possible.


    • Lilach Bullock

      Mark great post. I think I need to bookmark this to constantly remind myself of these great tips, particularly as I’m guilty of number 16 – I’m procrastination queen!

    • Suzanne Levac

      Hi Mark,

      I love Napoleon Hill’s work, he is one of the greatest business mentor ever. In my opinion all of the 16 points are very valuable and I shall try to apply them all consistently.

      Thanks for sharing,


    • Viola Tam

      Hi, Mark,

      Awesome post! Nepoleon Hill is one of the greatest mentor of all time. Thank you for sharing the video clip as well. There are indeed GOLD NUGGETS in there!

      I think No.1. is the most important point. With a passion-driven goal, people can overcome challenges along the way, develop new habits, focus their energy, etc. I believe it is the solid foundation that explains why some people end up successful and some don’t.

      If we are not moving forward in life, maybe the direction that we are going are not quite right.

      Viola Tam

    • Marcin

      Great share Mark, loads of quality tips. I need to go back and reread the book!

    • Rob@Funtober

      Thanks for making the list of traits. I’ve read parts of Think and Grow Rich but it was nice to see the list in such a succinct fashion. And I agree – number six is definitely a key one! I also like number fourteen – keep a positive attitude.

    • Linda

      These are great tips Mark. I was thinking of reading commonly shared tips yet you I have learned here some traits that I have forgotten. Traits are something that is not that easy to change and acquire. However, if we truly want to improve our selves and move forward, we should work hard to change for the better.

    • Mark that was a great post…. True and the cool thing is, it is everything that you practice already, so as I read it I know why you are a leader!

    • Chris Routzohn

      ok Mark will this work with my company?

    • Andre Catnott

      Thanks for sharing Mark

    • Faith Barnard

      Mark, this is fabulous! I have been a student of personal development for years however have never read Think and Grow Rich. No more. I'm getting a copy and reading it. Thank you for this great post.

    • Lots of value here, thanks Mark Harbert

    • Keith Everett

      Excellent post Mark, I love the The Sixteen Traits Of Personal Initiative. I wonder if Napoleon Hill could have known just how many people would be influenced by it..

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