Did you know there is a power so strong that you can overcome any obstacle that comes in front of you and tries to keep you from attaining your goal?

It's true…. and it called….


Recently on the MLSP wake up call, I shared on this exact topic and why you must learn to persist if you're going to reach your the levels of success you desire.

The are four clear steps you can take right now to move forward and achieve all that you want to achieve.

The 4 Steps to Developing Persistence

  • Step 1: Have a definite goal fueled by a burning desire to achieve it.
  • Step 2: Have a definite plan and continually work at it.
  • Step 3: Close your mind against all negativity. Do not think about or be discouraged by the negative comments that may come from family, friends and acquaintances.
  • Step 4: Form a friendship with one or more people who will encourage you to follow through with your plan and achieve your goals.

Something to think about:

Are you caught in the cycle of dispair in your business?

Top earners don't chase their friends and family, they have adopted a philosophy of becoming the hunted, rather than the hunter.

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    2 replies to "The Power of Persistence and It’s Affect on Your Business"

    • Steve Jaffe

      Super powerful Wake Up call Mark! I listened to the recording in the MLSP backoffice the other day, and just saw your FB link to this blog post about it. Really good stuff.

      I appreciate you bud, all the work and heart you put into your trainings, everything you do for the MLSP community.

    • Elmer Sabisch

      Hey Mark, that was a great call. I missed it last week and haven't been able to get in and hear it. Then bling, here you have it. Thanks.

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