One of the coolest things about what I do is that I get to meet incredibly talented and genuine individuals who care about other peoples success.

Hint: When you see someone is successful in a particular area of business find out what they are doing so you can emulate what they do.

Recently I was introduced to a couple that live in Brisbane, Australia and hearing of the success they have had in their business was mind boggling to me.

Whats even cooler about Masa Cemazar and Miquel Montero is they call themselves the “Pyjama Bossess”.

Whats even cooler, is Miquel was in his Pyjamas during this interview….ha ha.

Not only have these guys been featured in industry magazines, they have also built organizations all over the world and taught others to do the same.

As my manner is, I reached out to them to ask for an UNCENSORED interview to dig into the their minds and see what it is that this powerhouse couple has done to have so much success.

I think what you will see as I talked to them, they are very sharp, articulate, and quite frankly, you just want to hang out with them as they are so cool…

Also, if you find value in this video interview feel free to share.

    4 replies to "Pyjama Bosses Masa Cemazar & Miguel Montero UNCENSORED Interview"

    • Andre Catnott

      Most definitely got some value out of this.

    • Steven C. Krivda

      That was really cool!
      Thanks Masa and Miquel!
      And of course Mark Harbert

    • Business Online

      That was Awesome Mark, Masa and Miquel. Are you the Sydney based clients of Mark's here in Oz? I am also a MLSP member and live in Sydney. We may be able to catch up some time.
      Thanks again

    • Marcel Spitz

      Thank you for sharing pyama bosses and Mark Harbert!

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