The journey of success has been one of great learning and triumph for me personally. It has also been a journey of disappointments and growth.

However through it all, there is one solid and core reason I have succeeded and I am about to share it with you.

I ask you to take the next few minutes and carefully read everything in this post as well as the video with it so you that really grasp my message here and appreciate the heart in which I share it.

What I am about to share with you in this blog post is from my personal journey and the real source or “secret” of my success.

Up until this blog post I have never shared in an open and outright way about why I have been able to succeed in my business even when the odds were against me.

This is my story and what I know without a shadow of a doubt has caused me to succeed more than any other training course, tool, or marketing trick out there.

We all have a journey of discovery in life, business and relationships. Every relationship is either building us up, or taking away in one form or fashion.

I believe that relationships are the core of any successful business. I have built many relationships that have resulted in 10's of thousands of dollars in commissions and revenue for my business as well as for my students.

All of this stems from relationships and friendships.

For me, there is one relationship that has been probably the most rewarding, most profitable, and most satisfying above all else.

It has been my personal unwavering and intimate relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Now before you close this post and think I am about to get religious on you, I implore to please keep reading, as I am not a religious person, but a Christ centered person and there is a difference as you will see.

I want to share with you one of the true keys to real wealth and where it comes from.

As a Christian my ultimate personal development book is The Bible. I believe it, I do my best to always practice the principles about life it gives me.

Here is a section of verses that truly sums up where true long lasting wealth comes from.

In the Old Testament God was supplying all the wealth of the children of Israel and he wanted to caution them to remember where it came from.

[feature_box style=”26″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

Deuteronomy 8 Amplified Bible (AMP)

17 And beware lest you say in your [mind and] heart, My power and the might of my hand have gotten me this wealth.

18 But you shall [earnestly] remember the Lord your God, for it is He Who gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.

To read the entire bible passage and context (Which I recommend) click here.


One of my main goals is to always thank God for what he has given me. For the last 20+ years of my life I have had a relationship with God in lean times, and abundant times. God has never left my side. NEVER.

Even through some of the most difficult and challenging times, he has always loved me, and taken care of me.

Even when I was flat broke with only $7 in my bank account God always put food on the table for my family. He always supplied so we could pay the bills in lean times.

Even when it looked dire, he was always there. Holding my family and I in the palms of his hands.

There was one time in particular where I saw miraculous things happen in how God took care of my family and I.

Back in 2010 I was living in Concepcion, Chile. You might remember that one of the biggest earthquakes in recent history happened on February 27th, 2010 50 miles off the coast of Concepcion, Chile.

It was an 8.8 earthquake that rocked where we were living like nothing I have ever experienced before.

You can see the date that it happened on CNN's website by clicking here.

The picture below can give you an idea of where we were located during the earthquake and where the epicenter was.

Myself and my family had just move there 2 months prior. When the earthquake happened we didn't know what we would do as we didn't have much in terms of emergency supplies.

After the earthquake watching what God did to take care of us was amazing. We ended up staying with my wifes brother Miguel and his family for almost 3 weeks after.

There were no grocery stores open for almost a month, looting was going on everywhere, and we had a limited supply of food, but God kept pouring it on everywhere we went.

I remember one day about a week or so after the earthquake myself, my brother in law Miguel and his daughter Marianna went out to see if we could find supplies and some food like eggs, and produce.

As we were out and about, food was scarce. But as we were driving, we came across a guy selling eggs on the side of the road and he didn't have much left but it was the exact amount we needed to for 10 people. (God supplied what we needed….check).

Next we needed produce and vegetables as we had very little. We drove further and came across a large produce truck that was stopping to sell the last of what they had to whoever needed it.

We got all kinds of produce including a large 50 kilo bag of potatoes, some peppers, some apples and oranges, peaches, beans, rice, and a whole bunch of other much needed supplies. We had serious abundance to last quite awhile.

Again, God supplied.

Here is where I saw God's hand of blessing so big on my life and yet it was something seemingly so insignificant.

I saw that he really cared about me and the things that he wanted to do to bless me and here it is….

Right as we were leaving the produce truck, I silently said in my heart a prayer to God and this is in a nutshell what I said…

“God, thank you for meeting our needs today. I have one more request, its not really a need, a request I guess. But what I would not do for some soda. A Coke, a Sprite, you name it. I would love it. In the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen”

I said that prayer, and basically forgot about it as we headed home with all the supplies.

When we got back about 20-25 minutes later we saw the car of my niece's fiance outside and really thought nothing of it. We started unloading, walked inside and went out to the back patio and guess what was out there?

About 5 crates of soda. Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Diet coke, and some other flavors.

My nieces fiance's family owned a convenience store and they woke up the day and wanted to bring some to us to bless us they said.

I put my hands on my mouth and about broke out in tears as it proved to me how God wants to take care of me down to the littlest minute detail.

It for me was one of the biggest shows of God's love for me as his son and how he really does want to give me the desires of our heart when I ask according to his will.

I was reminded of this very verse at that very second.

[feature_box style=”26″ only_advanced=”There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style” alignment=”center”]

Psalm 37:4Amplified Bible (AMP)

Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart.


Every since then I have tried to always know, that God is my source of supply and my abundance. I do my best to steward what he gives me as well.

Why do I tell you all this?

Because, I have not succeeded in my business all because of me. No. Its because God has been revealing himself through me.

Not because I am anything special, but because I chose to make one decision in my life. To accept his son Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, believe God raised him from the dead, and put him first in all I do.

From that basis, God has prospered me.

God has proven to me over and over again that when I choose to keep him first above everything, he will provide, and he will provide in great abundance and that is not always financial but in many ways.

I am not perfect, God doesn't ask me to be. All he asks is that I keep him first above everything. My success, my money, my pride, my family. Him first, ALWAYS!

I have not always outwardly proclaimed my love for God in a business setting as I have always been concerned about offending people. Today that ends.

My love for him is too big and to overflowing in my life not to share it with you.

I have made testimonial videos for people that have played a role in my success. Why not the one who has played the biggest role?

Thats what this post is all about. Giving my biggest and most heart felt testimonial ever in the history of my business.

Throughout my life God has always been there to pick me up and put me on a pedestal as any loving Father would do for his child and I love him for that.

I used to go about doing things my way and I would often say “No matter what I do, God loves me and thats all that matters.”

Except I was dead wrong in a big way.

You see, its not about wether God loves me, thats a given. He does love me and has proven himself to me over and over again. He gave his son as the ultimate sacrifice as his show of love for me even when I didn't deserve it.

I have since started asking myself the question I needed to ask all along and that is “How much do I love him in return?” God has always been right there waiting for me to love him in return and every time I do and stay wrapped in his goodness…

He pours on the abundance….

He pours on the success….

He pours on the blessings….

He pours on the love for me all the time.

This is the true source of my success. Its not me or my ability. Its him.

This is where my wealth has come from. He is the only reason I am hear today proclaiming to you his goodness. To me wealth is more than just financial. It is spiritual, its all categories.

But because I have sought him first, he has poured out the financial blessings anyway.

Please take a few minutes to watch my video testimonial for the one true God and father of the Lord Jesus Christ my savior.

From this point forward, you will hear me talk about God in my blog posts, in my videos, in everything I do.

Not to shove anything down your throat but because he is the reason I have succeeded and I have to give credit where it is due, and the light of my life is the one true God of the universe.

I love you, I urge you to consider a relationship with him as well. True wealth comes from God and God alone. I want you to experience that wealth also.

Your life will never be the same. He will bless you in ways you never could have imagined if you will only put your trust in him.

You are the best and there is more to come,

Mark Harbert



    36 replies to "The Real Reason For My Success Online"

    • Amelia Johnson

      So happy to see this from you Mark…I always knew that we honored the same Father above 🙂 May you continue to be blessed along with your family.

    • David Rowell

      Passionate and from the heart Mark. I met you at last year's LTD event and you were one of the most kind giving people I met at the entire event. Thanks for sharing so honestly.

    • Nicky Price

      Mark, I've known you since then and have seen your journey and you are truly one of the nicest people in marketing today. Whether you believe in God, a greater being in the Ether around us, or Quantum Physics – I truly believe that there is something there that attacts and rewards us for what we give out from our heart and our gratitude for it – and that is why you have been "looked after".

    • Rennee Smith

      God bless you Mark…thanks for sharing your testimony. I needed to hear this.

    • Man, this is so awesome, Mark! I 100% Approve this message! I tell people all the time that if it wasn't for the Grace of God, I have no idea where I'd be right now! God Bless you brotha! 🙂

    • George Clark

      I appreciate you being bold. No question I would not have been so successful in MLM if not for Jesus changing my life. But the great thing about inviting Jesus Christ in our lives to be our boss, gives a joy that is not dependent on circumstances. Earths riches don't compare to heaven.

    • Regina Kovamees

      So happy to see this video. It spoke to me and I know it speaks to others as well. Our Father works in all of our lives whether we see it or not. I am glad to see this.

    • Arcelia Richardson

      Thank you

    • Darlene Turgeon

      There are NO Accidents- and NO coincidences..God has gone before us and when I started watching your trainings,I knew there was a very God feariing-God loving person that was teaching me what I wanted to learn. Your boldness and Ron Gelok's as well, have reminded me and encouraged me to be the REAL deal and Not worry about offending others- Thank you Mark! May God's favor continue to chase you down and pour out blessings there is not room enough to contain 😉

    • Andre Catnott

      This is a great ;message Mark.

      Very Inspiring to me.

      Thanks for sharing. GOD bless!

    • Angel González

      Wow Mark, this was one of the most impacting and beautiful videos that I ever watched. Thanks for having this need to let the world know what do you think and your own experiences in life. I started following you few months ago thanks to MLSP and also bought Ray's "3 Min. Expert" from you. I know Ray personally from other 4 Live Seminars and decided to but from you (???); now I can see one additional reason for it (of coerce that your amazing Bonuses where a point too, lol). Thanks again Mark and I'll see YOU in Tampa (at Ray's Seminar) my friend to extent my hand to you…. you will recognize me just because my Long Hair, lol… I never met you in person yet and looking for it my friend….

    • Thank you so much!! So encouraging.

    • Tracey Rose

      Great post Mark … I love your sincerity and the reason I've always followed your teachings and just hung around for so long is because of your amazing energy … keep being you 🙂

    • Pam Lambert

      Great post, Mark. Frequently the most personal things are the hardest to share. This post was very touching and was so obviously from your heart! Leading by example as you do, this will inspire each of us to become a better person! Thank you!

    • Brian Esbaugh


    • Mark… I'm so blessed to work with you … Thank you for sharing…. you are changing lives….

    • Phil Ballard

      WOW" ~ "MARK" ~ I've watched and sort of followed you for some time now. I've found you to be An Awesome, Honest, Down To Earth, REAL PERSON, Sharing from your Heart with others the way To Success In this Industry .. However, "TODAY with this AWESOME OPEN VIDEO BREAKTHROUGH .. "You Knocked The Ball Into Outer Space" .. "YOU Shared Today What Few People Are BOLD ENOUGH TO SHARE and I Applaud You" .. See, "MARK", I Too Had An Experience Very Much Like What You Are Talking About After Having It All With Huge Successes and Then Experienced It All Going Away .. But Like Yourself BELIEVING and LOVING THE LORD JESUS CHRIST As I ALWAYS HAVE and maybe now even more because We Were Also Given All We Needed with Happiness and Health To Go Along With It .. "MARK" "I ADMIRE YOU For Sharing at Such A Risk .. The World's Changing .. Everything Now Has To Be Politically Correct .. Well, There Are Only TWO WAYS To Look At Life .. "ONE CAN CHOOSE TO TRULY BELIEVE" ~ OR NOT TOO" ~ Then HOPE They're RIGHT in Their Decision After Death!! .. HA! .. "I CHOOSE TO NOT TO TAKE THAT CHANCE" ,, "I BELIEVE IN MY LORD and SAVIOR "JESUS CHRIST" .. "I AM ON MY WAY BACK UP" .. and I'm Helping as many people to Success along the way as I can … "MARK" ~ "I ADMIRE YOU" …

    • WOW what a blessing and an example. The light of God will always shine brighter than any darkness and this is such an amazing testimony of what God has done for you in your life, there's no denying that !!!

    • April Roe Findley

      Mark Harbert – Matt told me today, "You need to check out Mark's blog post today." I listened to your video driving home tonight, called my husband to tell HIM "thank you!!" for telling me to check it out, and now I want to thank you personally for this testimony. The Lord reminded me of something very important through you tonight and that is that He will bless the ACTION taken in FAITH. Thanks again for sharing your heart today and I join you in giving Jesus the credit for all the good things in our lives!! ~AF

    • Valerie Thornton

      Very encouraging.

    • Vickie Lambert

      Thank you Mark for having the courage to make your heart known, I have actually been wrestling with when and how to share my faith in the marketplace. I believe that God has promised His children a life of abundance and that developing our God-given talents to create success is one way to attract others to us and share His Word and promises. Continue to use your talents to honor, glorify and magnify Him. You are doing a fabulous job of that; I've felt your Servant Heart from day one. Many of our brothers and sisters in Christ need to hear your testimony and accept your guidance in creating abundance that can then be given back to Him to help in His Kingdom work. God Bless You and Your Family Mark and I look forward to meeting you at LTD soon.

    • Laura Ramos

      Congrat's for writing this blog post and video! Happy to see this and sharing your faith with us. Had no idea you were a believer and awesome to see this. There was a reason why I felt the connection to learn how to blog. Thanks for all the value you provide and sharing your heart. God 1st.

    • Tyrone Randolph

      Great to know your secret mark.this was very inspiring.

    • Len Mooney

      thank you Mark, great post and I respect you for it. I am on my own journey and not quite where you are, but I am learning. Thank you.

    • Ernie Minor

      Great that you have proclaimed your faith Mark, You have truly inspired and motovated me 🙂

      Thank You

    • Tiffany Moore

      Awesome Mark! Thank you for sharing this.

    • Kevin Waterman

      Man of God Walking the Walk So inspiring and so proud to be learning from you. God & Country

    • Monica Delgado

      Wow God Bless you Mark, my heart leapt when I saw your testimonial. Whew!

    • Connie Bohager

      I am so very blessed that you shared this with the world. Multiple blessings are in store for you and your family and God is using you in mighty ways. He showed me years ago what my future would be, and it is just now beginning to happen. I would never have dreamed He would use the internet and marketing to bless the world but look at what He is doing in this time! We serve an awesome God. Thank you Mark, you have truly blessed many people with your faithfulness.

    • Inez Holmes

      Such a blessing Mark, to learn that we honor and love the same Heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.. thank you for sharing your story. I always put Him first in everythi.g and the business i am tryi.g so hard for years to run online e. Maybe this is mot what he wants me to do cause i still cannot even make a simple dollar. Please keep me in prayer. Blessimgs.

    • Roxann Joyce Roeder

      Awesome post Mark 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story and very blessed to feel the same way. I am Thankful for God every day. God Bless you 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Ameilia, you are awesome. Thanks so much for the awesome words. I so appreciate it.

    • Just like the perfect inspiration of my life.
      May God multiply your blessings a hundred folds

    • Jeff Aboularage

      To GOD be the glory, is all I can say about the whole situation..

    • Kim Willis

      Great post, and whoever said that nice guys finish last didn't know what he was talking about.

    • Chris Downs

      Thank you for sharing your Relationship with Our Creator and our Savior! It is easy to see why you are living abundantly!!!

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