Most have forgotten the most important part of the network process, and that is Relational Marketing!

Network marketing has been around for many many years, and has been extremely successful without the use of the internet. Most people at one time or another have had bad experiences with friends and family giving them a hard time about the MLM business model. I am included in that.

But it does not mean we should throw out what has caused most network marketing companies to see success over the past 50+ years.

If you have been around on the internet for some time you may have heard the terms “Build on auto-pilot” or maybe this one “Never call a single lead ever again” when going to a capture page or some sort of internet marketing site. These are nothing but tricks to get you to opt in or purchase a product.

You see each one of us has weaknesses whether we like it or not, and the majority of people hate to hear a no. I mean I do too, but strictly by being in business, hearing NO's is just part of the game.

Relational MarketingI must be honest I have been pulled by these types of ads before and have fallen prey to the mindset that they produce. Network Marketing is built on your ability to connect with people on a relational basis hence the term relational marketing.

Relational marketing is something that is essential to the networking process, and will build longevity and sustainability in your business.

We are lured into these cheesy and damaging marketing tactics because deep down we know connecting with people takes work, and it also takes an investment of your time. Heck we also know that at some point we might even receive some rejection.

What's really happening with this type of ad copy is they are pushing on the button of something that deep down we don't really want to do.

Because we know it takes work and we might be rejected, we tend to lean toward anything that will keep us from doing something we fear, or something that causes pain. In the end we end up doing way more work then we really need to just to avoid something we perceive as bad.

You must ask yourself this:

Are you building your network marketing business on the internet because your hoping you will never have to call and talk to anybody ever again?

Are you building your business on the internet because you want to be able to sign people up without ever having to build some type of relationship?

If you are thinking this way, my exhortation to you is to stop it right now! Stop that way of thinking and begin to make the shift to what will be ultimately make all the difference in the world for your business.

Relational marketing is at the core of network marketing. The top distributors in any company will tell you that they built strong down lines based on conversations and connecting with people.

I have been in this industry for many years, and I have studied some of the most successful people and the biggest common thread with all of them is, they relate to people well. They connect with large groups of people that share their vision.

I have the awesome privilege to work with some of the top people in my primary company day in and day out, and they are incredible at connecting with people. I mean they are masters at it. I have learned so much just being connected with them.

So the question is, how to do I begin to implement relational marketing into my business. The answer is simple, REACH OUT! Ask someone if you can talk over Skype with them. You can still use the internet to build your business, but just don't ignore what makes great network marketing organizations. I also have some great resources on building quality relationships listed for newsletter subscribers in my private vault.Teamwork can be Powerful with Relationships

But Skype is an incredible and FREE tool you can use to build your business all over the world for 100% FREE.

Get this, I live in Concepción Chile, and just this morning I was talking with someone in Sweden. Yesterday I was talking with someone in Mexico, several people in Canada, and several people in The United States, and all of this from home office in South America.

I am talking real face to face conversations that build solid relationships for my business. Today it's easier than ever to build relationships all over the world with technology.

However the most important part for you to remember is, lets just not forget the critical part of the equation which is relational marketing.

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    • Rex Harris

      I agree whole heartedly with this post. Building a relationship is the key to success in business. Anyone reading this post should pay close attention. Mark knows what he’s talking about.

      • Mark Harbert


        Thanks for stopping by buddy. Without question, if your looking to build your business on the internet, not forgetting these key principles that have been proven. You Rock man!

        Mark Harbert

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