So just today I was on the internet as I usually am, and I stumbled across an article about the troubles that Dr. Oz has had with people using his image and name in their marketing giving off the impression that he endorses their products or services.

The majority of these companies that do it, do it in secrecy and dup good people into buying products. You can see about it here.

Not only should your marketing be ethical, you should also be concerned about your reputation, because on the internet, there is very little you can hide.

How many internet marketers are doing the same thing in our niche? Sitting behind their computers doing nothing but trying to get the next sale and care very little about the relationship or even their reputation?

At one point, I found myself even looking for the next sale as an internet marketer many years ago, but I will tell you, I find tremendous benefit to the relationships I am building, and have built online through the years, but that all came from being transparent.

This video will hit some very basic ideas on why you must be transparent when bringing your message online.



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