Leadership comes in all forms and fashions. However, if you want to attract super high-quality prospects for your home business, then focus on developing these seven qualities.

I can promise you, if you become what these 7 qualities embody, you will never run out of prospects or new recruits with whatever you are promoting.

1: Confidence

A leader must display certain confidence at all times, not a fake facade, but confidence in the direction they are heading.

People are looking for someone that has confidence in the vision they are pursuing because they can actually envision themselves being there too.

Confidence is not arrogance either just to be clear.

True confidence can be blended with assertiveness, generosity, and kindness.

These qualities work well in gaining respect from your prospects and potential business partners.

2: Empowerment

Want to grow your business in a big way? If so, then focus hard on empowering people.

Help people to find their strengths and skills and this will build mutual trust with every potential business partner or prospect.

People love to talk about themselves and feel important. A real leader will always pull the best out of people.

Very rarely do people succeed all on their own. They are almost always surrounded by people that lift them up and help them to do their best.

3: Transparency

Do you want to build SUPER TRUST with not only team members, but prospects also?

Then transparency is key.

We live in a super transparent world today and quite frankly we can thank social media for that.

People want real.

They don't want fake, they don't want hype, they want real and are even willing to be very forgiving of someone that makes mistakes but is very open and transparent about it.

A leader that exudes transparency will almost always attract a large crowd and super loyal audience.

4: Passion

Loving what you do is a major key to being truly successful at something.

Having a passion means that no matter how successful your business becomes, you persist and push to do it even better, bigger and greater.

Passion for what you do can and will make all the difference on how far you will go and the impact you have on others.

5: Integrity

As a leader, you must choose to do what's right over the need to simply be right.

It's crucial to understand that integrity is the steel rods in the concrete of your business.

When integrity is broken, so is trust with business partners and even your prospects or customers.

My definition of “Integrity” is very simple…

Integrity is doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.

I am convinced that each one of us has built in our personalities an internal barometer that goes off when we know we are doing something we shouldn't.

We can choose to ignore it, or we can listen to it and not take a chance.

Perhaps there is no greater trait to have than integrity.

I will tell you this, I would rather make less money than sell out my integrity. If you are willing to do the right thing even when nobody else is looking, you are on the right track.

6: Authenticity

Authenticity is what makes a leader stand out in the crowd like a sore thumb.

As a leader, you will build skills along the way that you learn from other leaders in your niche but make sure that you never lose your authentic voice.

People are drawn to authenticity and realness which makes authenticity one of the biggest assets a leader can have.

7: Patience

As a leader, it's necessary to understand that success is a journey. No matter what you are doing, there is always a process that one must go through.

When you have a bold vision, expect hundreds of negative attempts to convince you why it is not possible.

This will come from every direction. Friends, family, and even yourself will fight you and cause you to doubt.

If you understand and know there is a process that makes it work, you are well on your way.

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Becoming a leader that people want to follow is an important part of the process when it comes to meeting your goals.

Leaders forge the way even when others don't see the vision at first. These 7 leadership qualities are only 7 of the many traits you want to develop, but this is a good place to start.

Make the decision that you will do what it takes to be a leader.

People are waiting to follow you when you finally step into your leadership role.

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You rock,

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    5 replies to "7 Leadership Qualities That Are Super Attractive To Your Prospects"

    • Jaye Carden

      Makes so much sense Mark. Some of these traits I had heard before, but wasn’t sure what they meant exactly. Thanks for telling us these, as I can see how they would work.

    • Nick

      Great list Mark, being a leader is difficult since it’s not about being liked but rather helping people perform at their best and doing what is best for the group, even if you might step on some toes.

      I would probably add one more quality to this list, it might be more of a behavior than a pure trait though.
      Leading by example.
      People don’t do what you tell them, they do as you do. Therefore, being a leader is also about displaying traits that you’d want to see in your team.


    • Meghalatha

      Bingo. Too good Mark. Thanks for this blog.

    • Michele

      I will be using these “7” in my next article on LI!
      Thanks Mr. Mark!
      Hope all is well!

    • Frances jackson

      Mark I love this blog. I would love to use part of this blog in my fb story. I would like to use #5 Integrity. I will tell my audience where I got it from.. Thank you .

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