One of my dreams when I first got into my business was that I wanted to be with my family.

I used to work outside my house every day and on my way home would go to the shopping malls and bookstores for a few hours to get a few leads to build my business.

What was ironic was I started a home-based business to work from home but yet I was never home….lol.

So here are some benefits to staying at home with your family.

You Get To See All The “Firsts”

Over the last 5  years as a stay-at-home parent, I have had the awesome privilege to actually experience my daughter's first dance recital that was during the day.

That was when I truly realized how important it was as a child to see your parents in the crowd smiling and cheering them on.

What was cool is I didn't have to ask my boss for permission to go, I just went and enjoyed every minute of it.

There have been many others throughout the last few years, but that is the one that sticks out the most.

You Actually Get To Raise Your Kids

I know this will be a very hard pill to swallow for some, but if you are not raising your kids then the world will.

If you are not raising your kids then they will be influenced by someone else who may not share the same values as you.

It was gut-wrenching for me and my wife when we had to drop off our daughter when she was 1 year old at the babysitter. We hated it.

We would drop her off in the morning and then not see her until after 6 pm at night because we both had to work. Not to mention we were paying hundreds of dollars per week for them to watch her.

This drove me to keep pursuing my goal of being a stay-at-home parent, I wanted my wife and me to raise our daughter not someone else.

There is no feeling in the world like when your kid gets home from school and she comes right in to give you a hug and tell you about her day.

It's irreplaceable for you and for your kids. It means the world to them to see you and get some of your time each day.

Never underestimate the power of those little moments in your child's life.

Hear It From The Kid's Mouth

So not too long ago, I was talking to my daughter and she was talking about how she loved that mommy and daddy were home all the time.

So I decided to do a video with her so you can see just how amazing it is when you get to be with your family all the time even working from home.

My daughter has never known me to not be at home in regards to work as I have been full-time for about 5 years now and she is about to turn 10.

I hope this video gives you a vision for making the next year that you break free.

Enjoy the video.

You rock,

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    14 replies to "Two Major Benefits of Being A Stay At Home Parent"

    • Doug Stimson

      Great video Mark! Thanks for your insight too Nicole! Rock on peeps! 😉

    • Steven C. Krivda

      Absolutely love this

    • Angela Ruff

      Love this, Mark! Thanks for sharing–you are right on–and Nicole did an awesome job sharing her heart! 🙂 They grow up way too fast – speaking from experience. We get a shorter shot than we think we will when it begins. Keep up the great work & fighting for your family–it is more than worth it. Thank you for being a light!

    • Judy Fruendt

      Great video Mark and your beautiful daughter ❤️

    • Peter Nguyen

      I don't have kids yet but this was amazing Mark. I can't wait to have kids and be a stay at home parent. Work hard now so we can reap in the benefit when the time comes!

    • Brian Fanale

      dude… priceless. LOVE this bro!

    • Scott Lindstrom

      So Cute! Wow, nothing I want more then to spend time with my 6 kids…thanks for sharing the moment and have a great 2016, be blessed.

    • Kim Willis

      Thanks for sharing Mark. Great video. My kids are grown up now, but being there for them when they got home from school was always a joy and a priviledge. Working from home rocks!

    • Kim Willis

      Hi James

      Great to visit your blog again

      I watched your video and you are spot on

      Worrying about spending a hundred bucks is the wrong way to look at things. As you say people need to focus more on the money they can make.

      One of the reasons people have this attitude is because they confuse investment with cost. If they don't see education as an investment, but merely a cost, they will always be hard to convince because they have been conditioned to think that costs are a bad thing.

      But if we can convince them that education is the greatest investment they will ever make, they'll pay the hundred dollars. Heck, they may even pay 10 times more than that.

      You're already doing a pretty good job of selling the value of education, but I thought I would simply reinforce your message.

      You rock!


    • Len Mooney

      Great video and great child Mark. Actually I was a single parent for 14 years and I was at home in those years

    • Andre Catnott

      This is very priceless mark thanks for sharing!

    • Stephon Hinds

      Totally love this video. Nice video leader extraordinaire aka Mark Harbert. My daughter too is 10 years old. I am truly inspired to take it to the next level so I can take my daughter to school and pick her up too. Thanks for all you do Mark by adding value daily.

    • Chris Thompson

      Such a good post. It sheds a light on parents working at home. Keep up the good work!

    • Kenneth Manigault

      Awesome video Mark Truly touched me. Thank you continue to be Great!

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