Are you sabotaging yourself? Are you repelling people from you simply because you are afraid to take peoples money because they just might fail and you would feel guilty?

Well this is a real problem for people, and in order to overcome it, you must understand that whether a person succeeds or fails is up to them and them alone. In this video blog post, I share what it is that you should understand as you do your business, and how you can learn to be ok with taking peoples money and be ok with it.


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How does a guy that is almost $500K in debt turn it around and build a thriving online business from home in a foreign country? This is how!


    2 replies to "How To Take Peoples Money And Be Ok With Doing It"

    • Kevin

      Great info on Personal Development. I Love it. One thing I always try to keep hold on,

      that is Thoughts are things, and things are gravity and gravity attracts. Always ask, “What are my

      thoughts attracting in my life?”

      Thanks Mark for the video. just happened to run across your site and really enjoyed it.

      Thank you kindly


      • Mark Harbert

        You got it Kevin, thanks for stopping by man. 🙂

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