I was blown away recently when I received an email from a highly respected internet marketer and business consultant regarding targeted content that literally made me think twice about what I publish on my blog.

What was so interesting about this email was it made you think:

What kind of content am I putting out? Does it cater to my target market, or does it cater to the industry itself? I promise you, there is a big difference my friend!

Two types of targeted content

Within our industry of network marketing, you can write content that caters to your reputation within the industry among your peers, or content that provides solutions to you potential customers problems.

I understand there is a lot that goes into deciding what people are searching for like keywords, blogging strategies, article writing, and yada, yada, yada…..lolTargeted Content

There is so much information on the internet regarding MLM and network marketing that it will make your head spin, but how much of it is actually pertaining to what that new person needs to be successful?

Like how to overcome their fear of the phone? Have you actually accomplished that yourself?

or maybe…

What about the person that needs to get more prospects locally to build their MLM business? Can you provide them the answer?

What about writing targeted content that gives them tips and strategies to approach their warm market? Yes, this still works! 🙂

Here is the thing, I am a techie guy, and my tendency is to lean toward the techie side of things.

I like to write about your blog ping list, your WordPress plugins, and all those things that techie people into blogging like when doing things online.

It does great things to prop up my ego and build credibility amongst my peers, but do your peers make you money? It's possible! But who really makes you money?

The ones that make you money are the ones that you can provide a solution too, and they will look to you for the answer.

Writing targeted content for your blog is going to be a real key for you as you build your blog with content over days, weeks, months and years.

If you are into attraction marketing then make your blog a place that has targeted content that caters to the real problems network marketers face.

Some of these problems may be prospecting strategies, lead generation, phone skills, team building, personal development and so much more.

Make it a place that showcases legitimate problems and then in turn provide legitimate answers and solutions for those problems.

You can do this by simply writing about the successes that you have had yourself in overcoming a common problem faced by networkers.

We are in business to make long-lasting relationships, but we are obviously here to make money also, and the ones that have the struggles in their business will begin to seek you out for the answers.

Next time you go to write a blog post, think about how this actually helps who your target market is, and is this targeted content that will actually provide a solution to the one reading it and I think you will be surprised at what happens over time!

Does this make sense to you? Tell me about it with a comment. Do you like what I am saying here? Tweet it! Do you thing this can help some bloggers out there? Share it!

It's your turn, tell me what you think?

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    14 replies to "Are You Writing Targeted Content For Your Blog With No Results? This Could Be Why!"

    • Excellent points Mark! We agree that you should mostly be concerned with offering valuable content that provides solutions and help others to overcome obstacles within this industry. Something to think about….Right on point as usual! Thanks so much!

    • Quaneshia Holden

      I love this post Mark, targeted content is what really makes the difference for people that are actually looking for something specific online. I can’t tell you how many blogs I have been to and it was all repetitive or filler content. Thanks for posting this.

    • Justin | Mazzastick

      Hey Mark,
      I often get e-mailed through my contact form on my blog about questions or advice on how to do something.

      I often write posts that answer these questions for people. Also I check out other blogs and forums to see where people need some more help with their lives.

    • Zaneta

      Hey Mark, awesome points about targeted content. It is true many marketers don’t think about who they actually want to attract with their content and if it will be of help to anybody. Targeted content creation is crucial for visitors to come back. Thanks for sharing 🙂 Zaneta

    • Alecia

      Yes, you have to know and understand who you are talking to. Thanks for the insights. I’m always working to improve this as well.

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Hi Mark,

      This makes total sense, and is one of the reasons why I read my blog from the perspective of a newbie.

      I used to try to impress my peer group, thinking I had to innovate each time I posted, come up with something super clever, so they’d come back. Then I realized that I have plenty of beginning level people in my audience, and they wouldn’t care about clever strategies. They wanted something simple, that works.

      The truth is, even veterans are looking for simple stuff that works with generating leads or getting over phone-phobia, for many people need to have these tips drilled into them throughout their career.

      Excellent post Mark. Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Mark,

      You can’t go wrong if you produce tailor-made and targeted content for your audience.

      Thanks for sharing.

      All the best,

    • James Hernandez

      Excellent point Mark and as always well written.

      I appreciate how you break down the steps someone needs to be successful in your posts. So easy to follow.


      – JH

    • Rex Harris

      Hi Mark, your blog is more impressive with every post. You create some amazing content. Cheers!

    • Tristan Richards

      great points Mark, I try to keep my content mainly solution based and getting into too much of the techie stuff.. Thanks for the share

    • Tristan Richards

      that should be not getting too much into the techie stuff

    • Douglas Alp

      Hey Mark Great post . Such an important point about writing targeted content

    • Richard Duke

      Yes Mark, By targeting your articles and blogs towards what people are searching for, makes it more likely that someone will actually read what you went to the effort to write and publish. Why spend time writing and then publishing something that no one is searching for and therefore not going to read !!

    • Sef Gutierrez

      Someone who clearly knows their subject, its great to not be led around the information world on a goose chase, informative and very reliable. Internet power is well and truly with you Mark. Thanks for these posts and more power

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