Just yesterday I sent an email out to my email list asking them what was the biggest hurdle facing them right now.

I was bombarded by emails but one of them really stood out to me that I had to create a blog post all about it.

You see, there is a big lie that many people believe. As a matter of fact, it alarms me at how many actually believe this BIG FAT LIE and I decided to do something about it.

This will no doubt ruffle some feathers, but my heart here is not to demean or condemn, but to help. Speaking the truth is what sets people free from the internal junk going on in their minds, and that is my intention here.

I made a video talking about the topic of PERSONAL RESPONSABILITY.

Back in 2012, I did a training for a small group of members in My Lead System Pro that goes into more detail and I think you will benefit from it greatly. Enjoy.

You rock,

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    19 replies to "The Big Lie Some Business Owners Believe"

    • Pam Lambert

      You are awesome Mark! 🙂 Great message!!

    • Awesome message Mark! Thank you

    • Len Mooney

      100% agree Mark Any guarantee for success is a big fat misleading lie. Run, Run, Run like a snowball fleeing hell. We must each be 100% responsible for our own success. We are so lucky to have been born into a society where we have the opportunity to be respinsible and build our own life. Speak the truth bro.

    • Debbie Stone

      Great blog post Mark. Keep your fingers down.

    • Sara Reece Abraham

      Love this message, Mark! I've been doing a lot of mindset training in a very similar vein recently and this reiterates what I've been studying. It's so very true about the demand for guarantees– I've seen it daily in my retail work- particularly in management.

    • Right on Mark, and "if it's going to be it's up to me" is certainly true.

    • Mitchell Jones

      What a great message! I am responsible and taking full responsibility for my success!

    • Elaine Ross

      Totally agree we have to take responsibility for our own success or failure we can learn from other people but it is what we do that counts

    • Rick Sheninger

      I 150% agree Mark. I get absolutely frustrated with people who point fingers and always try to shift responsibility elsewhere. I have certainly made mistakes, lots of them, but I've owned up to and learned from them, so I don't repeat them. Great message!

    • Ralph Robinson

      Exactly Mark. Great video.

    • Kevin Paul Waterman

      Totally agree Always on point

    • Jeff Silber

      Perfect as always

    • Corey Kleinman

      Some good wisdom right here!

    • Chris Garcia

      What this industry really needs to hear, awesome Mark!

    • Troy Chiasson

      Absolutely agree Mark. Great advice that everyone can appreciate.

    • Andy Van Dyke

      Great video Mark. A great message – especially to people just starting off in our industry… But I would like to mention that sometimes people get false expectations – from their sponsor. I can't remember how often I've heard people say: "Join me and you're going to earn a lot of money"… or something similar… It's not a "guarantee" but certainly a promise. Maybe an idea to address this at a later date – No wait – I"ll take responsibility and do it – after all it was my idea LOL

    • Elaine Frances

      I agree! ~ We all have LAYERS & it's OUR responsibility to WORK through them.
      Then… Voilà ~ Succès

    • Ed ONeill

      Totally Agree Mark! It's always the face in the mirror even if you've been wronged it still comes back to you. Thanks

    • Michael Kidzinski

      I like to compare online business to a complete vehicle where:

      – offer is this vehicle
      – system is engine
      – fuel is traffic

      Now, the thing right now is that we can have the best vehicle possible but it means nothing if there is no driver inside.

      And the next thing is that this driver has to be prepared (I talk about skills and mindset).

      So I totally agree with you Mark that we are responsible for our results in life and in business and that there is no guarantees for success.

      Even if we talk about great driver who has great vehicle 🙂

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