Are you wanting to leverage YouTube for more FREE traffic, leads, and sales?

Why wouldn't you right? It's only the #1`video sharing site online and it's the #2 search engine as well.

YouTube lately almost seems like the red-headed stepchild in the corner of the room as everybody is focusing on short videos, BUT don't neglect it, because it's one of the most powerful platforms online.

So how do you leverage it to get massive exposure?

In this blog post, I am going to share with you 3 key things you need to know if you want to use YouTube for the long haul.

#1: Create Quality Content

In my personal opinion, the biggest reason a large majority of people get flagged (especially marketers) is because of crap content. Plain and simple.

There is tons of junky, spammy content that really proves to serve one point only and that's to get people to opt into your page or click your link.

Now, don't get me wrong, that is the goal, and actually, YouTube gives you the tools to do it, but when you create videos that are super thin on the content, it seems like you can't get through it fast enough to get the call to action, its kind of spammy.

You should create content with the intention of creating a good user experience on YouTube. Your videos should leave the viewer with a good feeling like if they choose not to click your link and visit your site they got value.

I understand that all that is subjective, but in the end, if you really focus hard on creating quality content with short small calls to action, you will be good.

#2: Create Highly Focused Content

This is one that is overlooked quite often. When I say focused content, I mean you create content focused on solving one key problem.

Now, you could break that down into two or three key points but it should always be focused on what people want and are searching for online.

The best way to do this is to use a tool like Keywords Everywhere that can give you the search volume for particular keywords terms

Think about this, when people go to Google to search for something they are looking for answers. Find out what they are searching for and give them the answer in your videos.

The big mistake is to try to answer too much in one video. Solve one issue for them in the video and then it's natural to help them get more information by clicking your link to dive deeper.

But again as I said above, keep it focused on the content more than anything else. This is about creating a good user experience. Do this and you will find it less likely to have channel problems in the future.

Also, a common question I get is how long should my videos be?

Well, it's really all about watch time. So I wouldn't focus so much on how long the video should be, but on how engaging is the content and are you creating a good user experience?

A lot of people today are focused on short video platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook Reels, and you should be, BUT there is still plenty of traffic and people watching longer videos.

#3: Never Sell In Your YouTube Videos

What? Don't sell? That's right. DON'T SELL! 🙂

People don't come to YouTube to watch ads. They come to be entertained and get solid information. So make sure you keep that in mind when creating videos.

Think about it, do you like to see ads all day long? Of course, you don't want that, it would drive you nuts correct?

Selling right then and there looks spammy and you haven't even had the chance to build a relationship yet. Make sense.

It's almost like going to a party, walking right up to someone, and pitching them. You would annoy the heck out of them wouldn't you agree? So don't do it.

What about when you are looking for solid content, it's frustrating when you don't get it right?

It's the same for your viewers also. Always keep in mind the experience people will have when they see your videos.

Create a solid video, and then lead into your call to action, but don't make that the entire focus of your video. Have it as an “Oh by the way” type of feel and you will do much better.

If you want some help when you create your YouTube videos be sure to download my YouTube cheat sheet below.

Additional Resources

✅ TubeBuddy – Learn More Here

I LOVE this tool for finding great keywords and tags for my YouTube videos and so much more. If you really want to have the edge when doing YouTube I highly recommend using this browser extension.

✅ EasyVSL – Learn More Here

Want to create awesome video sales letters? This tool can be used to create some amazing videos that sell your products and services. Not only does it create great videos but it will save you a boatload of time too.

✅ Automatic Script - Learn More Here

Automatic Script is professional copywriting software that automates the process of creating your sales messages. The beauty of Automatic Script is that it automates the creation of effective sales copy that ordinarily, could cost you thousands of dollars, tons of time, and lots of trial-and-error. Great Tool.

You rock,

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    5 replies to "Three Keys To Creating Killer YouTube Videos"

    • Merle Gibbins

      Excellent advice Mark and something people should take notice of as we know what it is like to have your channel shut down !!

    • Rod Davison

      Nice blog post Mark the one thing that a lot of people with bad experience on YouTube forgot to do was create value based content. The tips you go over here are very simple so anyone can follow which will gain results. Can't wait to see what you got cooking on your next YouTube training product.

    • Eddie T. Hood

      Appreciate your notes on you tube for leads, Mark; thanks!

    • Tamra L. Trowbridge

      Awesome training. I've been following your posts and videos and it all is making sense. Utilizing these tips is a way to add value my audiance as well. Looking forward to learning more!!!

    • William Robinson

      I would like to see some examples of some quality videos for YouTube that I use as guidence for the videos I’m attempting to create. Are these examples on your YouTube channel?

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