Generating leads online is a super powerful way to build your business and your brand.

There are some simple things you want to make sure you have in place to set yourself up for success.

I created this training video for you to understand the process.

Check out the MLSP test drive. Click Here.

    4 replies to "Three Basic Parts To Setting Up Your Online Lead Funnel"

    • Carlton Lewis

      On point as usual Mark! I have a Welcome video in my Hybrid funnel for my MLSP campaign but not one for my blog or when people sign up via WebinarsOnAir. This just makes so much sense to implement. Thanks again Sir!

    • Andre Catnott

      You make it look so easy Mark Harbert which it is. We just make things difficult.

      I will be implementing this a lot into my business and start branding myself more thru these MLSP funnels.

      Thanks Mark!

    • Scott Lindstrom

      Simplicity at its best! Good to review the Welcome video is key because it gets the lead ready to see the offer and the KLT (know, like & trust ) factor is there thanks for value!

    • Rhosael Ciandre

      That was great Mark Harbert! I am loving the welcome page… i have just started implementing that in my funnels thanks so much for the simple breakdown of the process, It makes it easy to understand therfore easy to share as to how it works.

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