Before you go and get your undies in a bundle, understand this is not an anti-network marketing or anti-home business blog post. In fact, its just the opposite.

This is a post talking about why many people out in the world heavily dislike network marketing and the home business profession and that may include your family members, friends, or colleges.

Just to be clear, I am all about all types of home businesses.

This includes network marketing, MLM, direct sales, affiliate marketing, or whatever business model you choose in the home business space.

However, its no secret there are scores of people that despise the industry or even hate on it, and it's true because they don't have good examples to compare it too.

Whether we want to admit it or not, this industry is not for everyone.

The problem begins when overzealous home business owners nag people to the point of utter annoyance when prospecting.

Not only does this leave a bad taste in people's mouths, but it also creates a horrible association in people's minds that makes a legitimate industry look scummy, scammy, and untrustworthy.

I am going to share with you one of the main reasons why your family or friends might be completely annoyed with your home-based business.

First Illusion – “Everybody Needs My Product…”


Well, for the most part… let me explain.

In reality, your product might be awesome, your product might just rock the house, your product may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, and even though you may think “Everybody needs my product”…

the truth is… “NOT everybody WANTS your product“.

There is a major difference, and a lot of home business owners can't make that distinction properly.

Most home business owners that are zealous for their product are so convinced that “Everybody needs my product…” that their whole world revolves around it.

To them, there is no problem that their product can't solve.

Here are some silly but very true examples.

You have a wart? “My {insert product name here} can fix that”

You have cancer? “My {insert product name here} can cure that”

You're getting a divorce? “My {insert product name here} is proven to lessen symptoms of depression”

You have a rash on your butt? “My {insert product name here} can lower the enzymes in your blood causing rashes”

I know I know, these are silly examples, but I am sure to get the point here.

You see while your product is something everybody can get value from, its imperative to understand that value is subjective.

In other words, you may think it's of value to everybody, but the other person may NOT see the value in it as you do.

On Wikipedia check out the subjective theory of value and you will see that value is only seen by the person that deems it will get them to the desired end means.

I have had this happen on several occasions over the past 20+ years as a home business owner.

I had one person who saw massive value in the service I was providing and told me how awesome it was.

However, the very next day I had someone tell me that they saw no value in the very same service.

Why is that?

It was because people see value in different things. Not everybody sees the same value that you do nor will they ever.

This is a key to not pissing off your family members, friends, and colleges.

Your zeal for your company or product is not an excuse to pester the crap out of people.

The solution to this is you can put out feelers and see if people latch on to them.

If it's obvious to you they are not responding, don't pursue it.

If someone says “They are not interested at this time” let it be… QUIT pestering!!! NEXT!

Second Illusion – “Everybody Is A Prospect…”

Wrong again.

Everybody is NOT a prospect.

I have heard leaders say this from the stage, and it couldn't be more off base.

This idea is spurred off of the first illusion listed above.

Too many well-meaning distributors think that because “Everybody needs my product..” that “Everybody is a prospect for my business” too.

If you went into any fortune 500 company and told them everybody is their prospect they would tell you that you were nuts.

There are people that are predisposed to purchase whatever product or service you are offering, but you need to know how and where to find them.

This is the process of determining your target market. I am not going to go into that in this post as it would take up way to much space here.

Having this idea in their minds will cause many well-meaning home business owners to go and bug the crap out of their family and friends even though they don't see the value in what they offer as a business.

When I started to really grasp that these two things were hindering me from building my business, and I began to stop approaching people with this mindset, that is when my business started to shift and takeoff.

Since then I have gone on to build a business I love and all my friends and family actually want to be around me again. Imagine that.

Do these tips resonate with you?

If so leave me a comment below as I would love to know. Also, if you get value, spread it around and share it with your fellow networkers.

You rock,

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    • Diane Hochman

      Awesome Post!

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      Breath of fresh air. Every network marketer should read this. Great post!

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      Well put … and explained in a nutshell!! Lots of value for training others. Thanks Mark!!

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      Every home business owner and network marketer should study this post! Tons of value, as always, Mark!

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      Awesome post

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      Awesome post Mark!! I was really torn between focusing on my primary biz opp and branding myself until I discovered MLSP. Your post really hits home with me and I plan on sharing this with many others!

    • Sade Tyson

      Omg it 7 am and I am so glad that I woke up to this awesome information!! Knew the first but not the 2nd thank you so much Mark!!!

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      All true. All accurate.

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      Some of my friends and family will appreciate this 😉 I sure do and will search out my target market more now! Thanks!

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    • Good post, very true Mark.

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      Im intregueged, and I completely hear what you are saying. Currently at a stand still bc of this very topic. Seeing the forest through the trees.

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