I have a question for you…. What Do You Believe?

Back in 2000, when I really got started in the home business industry.

I was involved in a network marketing company, and I remember I went to a briefing one night, at a hotel, with the company I was with at the time.

Every night after the briefing a whole group of people, a team, would get together and they'd go up to Denny's restaurant.

I remember just sitting there one night, listening to my upline, he stood up there and he made the declaration to the group there. He said…

“What what you think about, and what you believe, affects the outcome of what you receive”

I just remember thinking “Wow, I've never thought of that before.”

Maybe I'd thought about it but you can hear people say things over and over, and it doesn't really click until somebody says it in a very specific way.

So for me, it was kind of the start down the road of really learning about myself. I started asking myself…

“What do I believe about what I can accomplish?”

Its very simple really, belief produces confidence. People are attracted to people with confidence.

You know, when people are going out there and they're looking to join an opportunity, or they're looking to join a program, they're looking to join people who can take them down a road that will help them get to where they want to go.

Now, how do you differentiate yourself? Because the truth of the matter is, people can join with anybody they choose. They can join anybody they want.

I had a lady reach out to me. And she said, “Mark, I'm looking to join this, why should I join you?” I was like, “Well, why should you join me?”

What I'm trying to get at here is that, there's a certain posture that goes along with people wanting to join you.

I learned this several years ago, from a guy named Mike Dillard, and he said…

“Leaders don't get overly emotional whether someone joins them or not.”

I remember that that statement revolutionized the way I thought.

So if you have a belief of what you're doing, and you have a confidence about what you're doing, there's a certain aura you give off.

There's an aroma of just attraction that people have toward you.

Because they know you're confident in the direction that you're going, and they don't know, they just want to go with you.

So there's a major, major difference between having a confidence and not having a confidence as to what determines why people will join you.

Let me give you an example. There are people out there that have been exposed to certain opportunities. So, I remember it being put like this:

How do two people, that have the exact same opportunity, the same product, the same system, the same everything, but one goes on to succeed, and the other does not, the other fails.

What is the difference between the two?

It's the variable of what's between the ears of the one who succeeds, and the variable of the one who didn't succeed.

You see, it's because one had a confidence, or they have an ability. Some people say “Oh, he just got lucky.” I would say “No, that person didn't just get lucky, they've got something that I need to get.

If I'm not being successful like they are, with the same system, same opportunity, same things in front of me, then I need to find out what it is that they're doing.”

A lot of times it doesn't just come down to strategy.

It all comes down to how you think. The attitude, your belief, your posture. How you handle yourself. That belief affects the execution of the things that you do, or the things that you know.

You see for me, many years, I was stuck in that learning mode. I was stuck in a learning mode of…

“I've gotta have one more training, gotta have one more webinar, gotta keep learning, gotta keep learning.”

It's not that learning is bad, you should always be learning. No doubt about it, you should be investing in yourself, you should be buying courses, personal development, books, tapes, training, strategy training, all that stuff is necessary.

But if you do nothing with it, if you take no action on that information, it's really useless.

All knowledge does is just give you a big ego, okay?

“Well I know this, and I know that, and I know that, and I know that.”

Awesome, how much have you actually accomplished?

How much have you actually done?

A lot of times the reason people haven't gone out and done something is because they lack a certain belief.

Sometimes it could be their fear of failure. It can be a fear of success, believe it or not.

People are afraid what'll happen if they become successful. But when it gets right down to it what's going to determine whether you succeed or fail, it's all about belief.

What do believe?

Do you believe that you deserve to have success?

I mean, do you believe that? Or do you believe that you're not worthy of it?

Many people get more excited about other people's success than their own success.

But my question to you is, do you think you deserve it, too?

Let me know in the comments below and feel free to share this if you get value.

You rock,

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    • Joyce Holthaus

      Great blog post Mark! 24 yrs ago when I started in network marketing I was sitting in a training and saw this’s quote “Whether you think you can or can’t, in either case you’re right.” ~Henry Ford
      I began to really examine what I thought about myself…I realized I’d always been an “I can’t ” person…the personal growth from being in this industry has changed my life!!

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