Have you ever thought that? or have you ever heard someone say that? The interesting part is, as  humans that is the way we typically think. We are always looking to see, what's in it for us.

The interesting part is that the ability receive is actually cut off unless you are giving. This concept is pretty foreign to most, but if you get it down, you can write your own paycheck in this industry.

Just recently on the MLSP morning wake up call I shared about this concept, and why its so powerful for you to understand. Take a few minutes and enjoy this powerful audio training on giving.

This can change your business if you get it and internalize it.

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    1 Response to "What’s In It For Me?"

    • Ken Callender

      If everyone would just lend a helping hand instead of what in it for me life will be little more comfortable.There are people suffering, they just need to know how to fish and not to take a fish.

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