Ok, I am prepared for this post to be a little controversial. But I hear this all the time, and its….

“For me, its all about the relationships”

Well, relationships are great, but if those relationships don't equate to money in your bank account, why are you in business?

You can build relationships in your church, in your parents association, or in your community. But in business, it does have to go beyond that to equate to profits in your business.

There must be a balance, and in this video I share about this and how you can find that balance, and I want you to chime in on this discussion, because this is important.

If you get value from this, share it around with your friends. Enjoy!


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    23 replies to "Why It’s NOT Just About Relationships In This Business"

    • Debbie Deardorf

      Wow Mark – this is spot on! We can waste TONS of time playing at creating our business OR we can get down to doing only those activities that produce income. I know which one I am doing!

      • Mark Harbert

        Thats awesome Debbie, glad you liked it. 🙂

    • Don Lachance

      Thanks Mark, very powerful post. I agree there really needs to be balance and an understanding that there has to be a transactional end to every relationship that is set up. The transaction isn’t always measured in hard dollars, but can be in the form of service, or training, or knowledge. I agree wholeheartedly that if we don’t strive to find that balance it’s very much like simply being a friend to our child and never really bothering to Parent them? It’s timely for me to be reading this because you of all people know how important relationships are to me, and although you can bank on true friendships they won’t put food on your table and you can’t deposit them into an account if you don’t make the transition and experience the transaction. Again the key here is balance. I do also believe that if you set out to develop the relationship and have the ability to provide value then the transaction will follow, but if you focus on the transaction it’s highly unlikely that you will ever develop a true relationship.

      Love ya man.

      • Mark Harbert

        Don, agree totally my friend. Thats what this is about bud. There has to be a balance. To many focus on one over the other. You can have both and do it successfully.

        You rock bud,

    • Barbie

      MARK You freaking hit the nail on the head! I used to focus on ‘relationship’ building and it kept me broke! Yes there is Value in Creating Relationships but at the end of the day, we are in a FOR PROFIT Business! LOVE THIS VIDEO!!

      • Mark Harbert

        Hell yeah girlie, you rock Barbie. 🙂


    • Mary Traud Austin

      Its about time Somebody said this. My hat is off to you Mark.

    • Ondrae Brooks

      Preach on Mark! That was a gold nugget!

    • Cindi L Hunter

      Awesome! Well said!

    • Terry Gremaux

      so true mark…. we are all here for a reason and that's not to sign happy songs…. this is a business…. thanks bud…

    • Marsha Hale Brown

      Mark, there is true insight in your comments. I know I have the personality that just doesn't care enough about money — I want to help others, but without taking their money! – NOT the purpose for having a business in the first place, right? So that's why I've decided to get myself in front of a mentor – rub shoulders with someone who 'is a real fireball and is different from me in the ways I need to grow –someone who likes to make money and whose activities are actually profitable, not just charitable. So I've not only bought her courses, but also enrolled in Michelle Pescosolido's on-line coaching group and plan to let her smart business head and money-making sense rub off on me! I'm grit-my teeth determined, and besides, how many people can you help if you don't have any moola! One must be realistic. Thanks for the encouragement to do so for our own sakes and the sake of all of those — including our nation's economy–who will benefit from entrepreneurial successes!

    • Elmer Sabisch

      Are you off base? NO NO NO! I think you hit the nail on the head. Am I making money yet? No, I'm doing what you and Ray Higdon have said to do. I'm blogging daily and since I watched you on the Ray Higdon site I've open my Google Adwords account and am using that as I figure this all out. Now I'm making sure I can figure out how to use my Web Cam and then go open the You Tube channel and get to doing video. I've been blogging for 4 months and have all the confidence in the world that I'm on the right track. I said all that to ask you, if you see this and cared to respond. I'll be happy to listen. Thank you for your input.

    • Christel

      Hi Mark,
      I wholeheartedly agree with you.. i am into relationship building. Probably more than 3/4 of those never have paid me or purchased from me and may never!!! I used to think that that’s what counts..well as you said it does in various ways and we can add value to their lives. Unfortunately, I still don’t see the income from that…That’s whyIi started as recent as this spring to change my outlook and focus in my businesses.because I need to profit to go on:)
      Your video is a confirmation.
      Blessings, Christel

      • Mark Harbert

        Christel, I love that. So awesome to hear that you got something out of it. Glad to hear. Thanks for stopping by.

        Mark 🙂

    • Robert Dorsey

      You are always true to your purpose, especially with your messages on mindset in this business. Having the right attitude in business is no different than in life. We have a purpose, on earth. I believe that is to find what works and help as many people find what works for them.

      • Mark Harbert

        You rock Robert, thanks for stopping by buddy. 🙂


    • Mark Harbert

      Awesome bud, glad you liked it. 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Sweet Ondrae, glad to see you taking action buddy. 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Marsha, great comments. Glad to see you aligning with mentors, thats the way to do it my friend for sure. Looking forward to your breakthrough, keep me posted. 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Keep moving Elmer, you are taking action, that is the first step to getting where you want to do. You are on the right track when you are taking action Elmer, just get the training, the courses, maybe even some one on one coaching, and you are golden.

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks Mary, glad you liked it. 🙂

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks Cindi.

    • Erlinda Nunn

      Thanks for your comment on what I told Imogene. I agree, building relationship is foremost.

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