As you likely know, YouTube is STILL a mighty marketing platform for marketing your business.

IF you do things right that is.

While there's a ton of talk about videos on places like TikTok and Instagram REELS,  it would be insane to now ignore YouTube. Especially long form videos.

Especially when you consider that over 5 Billion videos are viewed on YouTube EVERY SINGLE DAY!!

In other words, It's massive! So obviously you should be creating videos on YouTube.

However, here's where things HAVE changed…

Quality Is Now Becoming Increasingly More Significant Than Quantity!

There are a number of reasons why you should start focusing on quality over sheer quantity.

First of all, you have to remember that YouTube is owned by Google.

And just like the Google Search Engines, where Google made a conscious decision to provide their customers with the best experience putting quality over quantity (hence when they started clamping down on and deleting duplicate content)…

They're doing the same thing with YouTube videos as well as shorts!

That's been in the works for quite some time actually but they get more and more stringent all the time.

This means that instead of creating a ton of short videos that give very little valuable content, you need to start creating longer videos that actually give your viewers a reason to watch.

Sidenote: Frequency of upload is still a factor, but not as significant. If you can frequently upload high-quality videos, then you're killin' it! But never trade quality for quantity. It's not worth it!

YouTube Wants to See That You're Educating, or Entertaining Your Viewers With Your Videos!

Essentially this simply means that they want you to keep bringing people back to the YouTube platform!

How Do They Know If Your Videos Are Adding Value? 

Nobody really knows the YouTube algorithms, but many people have experimented and tested to see what works best. Including me of course!

View Duration – How long do your viewers stay on your videos? What percentage do they watch? If you create a 30 second video, that doesn't give YouTube very much to go on.

But what if you create a 5-minute video and the majority of your viewers bale out within the first minute? Is it likely that there's much value there? Nope! Will they likely come back to watch more of your videos? Nope!

But if you're giving good info that people want, they'll stick around longer, and come back more often. Which means more earning potential for them to make money.

How your subscribers react when you publish a video – Do you have video subscriptions where you can't wait until the channel owner releases a new video, and jump right over as soon as they do?

What do you think YouTube thinks about your channel if people hop over to watch your new videos right away (or at least very quickly?) Think they'll give your videos and your channel more juice in the YouTube search engine? Absolutely!

In fact, they judge the number of your subscribers that they'll announce your video to by your “watch -time velocity!” – how much watch time is being accumulated on a video within your first 1 hour, and 48 hours.

And here's a little secret. YouTube doesn't promote videos, they promote video channels!

Which means if you're consistently getting a high view duration, which is based on 6 factors, then they'll be much kinder to YOUR channel, and rank your videos higher!

(We'll dig deeper into those 6 factors individually in future articles!)

The Most Important Reason You Should Focus On Quality Over Quantity!

All the techie stuff above matters because let's face it, if nobody finds and watches your videos, what good are they anyway?

But more importantly is YOUR PROSPECTS!

The Quality of Your Videos Is What Determines How Your Prospects See You! (And That's Priceless!)

Here's the best part…

If you create videos that offer massive value to your viewers, you'll likely automatically please YouTube.

Again, YouTube wants you to keep bringing people back to their platform. And keep them there as long as possible.

If your videos give them value, and make them trust you, then why wouldn't they keep watching? Why wouldn't they subscribe to your channel?

And why wouldn't they keep watching more of your videos?

Value, value, value! Thats the name of the game.

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You rock,

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    • Brian Garcia

      Awesome post, Mark! We are just now adding YouTube on as a marketing strategy! Look forward to learning more from your courses!

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