Unless you have been under a rock you know that one of the biggest sites online is YouTube.

Billions of unique hits per month. Millions upon millions of views per day.

Its a mammoth of a site to promote your business if you do it correctly.

YouTube is also the #2 search engine and has the potential to drive a lot of traffic to your websites which equals more leads and more potential sales.

There are three major reasons that I believe people fail when using YouTube for lead generation.

This is from observing literally thousands of my students over the years who are working to implement these strategies but still are falling short of their goals.


Lack of Purpose

Many people that use YouTube go with a machine gun approach.

What that basically means is, they are creating massive amounts of videos with no real end purpose in mind.

They say “I want to get leads” but they seem to think that more videos is equal to more leads. Not True.

Well that may be true in a sense, but never sacrifice quantity for quality.

Taking the time to do a video and set it up properly is the foundation for getting long term results with YouTube marketing.

Creating your video and optimizing it properly the first time will create better results over the long term.

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Missing Essential Elements In The Video

There are 3 essential aspects to a converting video. They are…

  1. Intro with a question
  2. Create kick butt content
  3. Call to action

Each one of these play a role in the success of a lead generating video.

The most important is the call to action. After watching a video people need to know where to go next.

If you don't provide that path for them, you will not get the lead.

This simple action can cause you to get 10 times more leads than if you were leave it with no call to action.

Implement this simple process and you will find it much more effective for your lead generation on YouTube.

Lack of Consistent Action

I honestly feel like I sound like a broken record when talking about consistency but the truth is, this is the Achilles heel of many would be great marketers.

It goes with out saying that anything in life needs have consistent action.

If you need to loose weight you don't just eat good for one day. No you change your lifestyle to reflect a new way of eating right?

Its the same thing in your business. If you want consistent results it must be proceeded with consistent actions.

If you will do the work that I talk about in my course Video Traffic Formula for a solid 90 days, you will get results.

But the question is, are you willing to do it?

Only time will tell.

You rock,

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Mark Harbert

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    5 replies to "Three Reasons Many Still Struggle Getting Leads On YouTube"

    • Ron Gelok

      Mark Harbert this is solid bro, love your content! Thanks

    • Maryellen Duchesne

      Mark you are one of the Best trainers, I am brand new to all of this and I have taken some of your courses. I love the way to teach, even this 55 year old can understand because you make it so simple to understand. Thank you for your leadershlp.

    • Mark Harbert

      You got it Maryellen. Its fun to work with people like you that get it and take action.

    • Mark Harbert

      Thanks Homey. You rock man.

    • Dan Spiegel

      You're the best, Mark. I completely agree with this and I am always cognizant of the three parts of a good video. An audience of one is better than none, but if done and optimized well all of someone's videos can have a massive audience over time.

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