You are here doing your research on the company Zurvita, and chances are you are an existing distributor looking for answers on how to build your business.

If you are not an existing distributor you are probably here to get information on the company to see if its right for you. Either way, this article will serve to help you understand the ins and outs of Zurvita.

Zurvita – The Company

ZurvitaLike many other network marketing companies in existence today, Zurvita offers a cutting edge marketing opportunity to those who want to be successful in life. Through the power of word of mouth and the strength of  Internet technology, marketing this opportunity can be exciting and rewarding at the same time.

With the aim of having a better way of life, Zurvita has created an effective business model with strategies for immediate and continuous growth.

The company is founded by Mark Jarvis who has 26 years of expertise in the line of direct sales and marketing. As a leader, Mark Jarvis has always aimed to help other people accomplish the same level of success which he has been able to experience.

After his success, his goal was to build a company for other people to gain financial independence just like him. The mission of the company is to provide everyone, people coming from all walks of life, an opportunity to have immediate income through sale of products.

Moreover, marketing a product that targets the wellness of the community makes the company Zurvita a truly one of a kind company. The goal is to help contribute to the betterment of society in both aspects of financial wellness and health.

Zurvita – The Products

Zurvita promotes the product Zeal Wellness, a nutritional blend that will give anyone an adequate boost of energy and nutrition without having to spend extra money on vitamin pills and the hassle of maintaining strict diet.

Zeal Wellness products contains vitamins that are not included in the regular daily diet of the everyday person. Among the many healthy ingredients of the Zeal blend are rice bran, goji berry extract and aloe vera.

The ingredients benefit the human body by providing sufficient nutrition that helps in enriching, restoring, and protecting one’s body down to the cellular level. The Zeal blend is easily digested, absorbed and utilized by the body and it tastes great as well.

The other benefits of the Zeal blend include the following, it helps to boost mental clarity and awareness. The benefits of youthful and vibrant energy. Excellent for stress relief and provides excellent balanced nutrition.

All in all the product is a fantastic line of well-balanced and needed products for the everyday bus lifestyles of people.

Zurvita – The Compensation Plan

Being a consultant to Zurvita opens doors to a great money-making opportunity. Retailing Zeal Wellness is the beginning of a fun and profitable ride. There are three easy and exciting ways in which a person can earn money through the company:

  1. Immediate Income through direct selling
  2. Global Bonus Pools
  3. Monthly residual Income.

Several bonus packages are also offered by Zurvita to its consultants, giving everyone a share of the company’s entire profits. Driving a Mercedes-Benz is also one of the company’s bonus packages. The secret on how consultants earn high digit incomes is through the company’s referral program wherein a consultant can earn much more by building a team.

Zurvita – The Opportunity And Marketing It Successfully

From reading this article you can see that Zurvita is a solid company with a great leadership team backing them that has lots of experience in the direct sales industry. Experience is always the foundation for a strong and well put together company.Zurvita Review

With that being said even though a good company has good products, the key thing that will help any consultant succeed in this company is learning how to get the word out about its products.

The key point of struggle for most in the industry of network marketing and for those in Zurvita as well, is in the inability to generate consistent leads on a daily basis. Friends and family are a great place to start, but a horrible place to finish because you simply can't run the numbers enough to make a difference.

If you want to be successful in this industry like the top earners, you must build a list of qualified red-hot prospects that want and desire to see what you have to offer. You must be able to run through the numbers to really make a difference in your recruiting.

Leads are the beginning of the process, no leads = no business. You must develop the skill sets that will bring in leads daily if not hourly for your Zurvita business. Leads are what I like to call the lifeblood of your business.

Your sales and recruiting will be in direct proportion to the amount of leads you bring in regularly. Failure to develop this essential skill will result in struggle in your business.

So in the end, if you know its important, how do you go about beginning to generate them?

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    2 replies to "Zurvita – Is It Just Another Health And Wellness Deal?"

    • Gary Fletcher

      Zurvita may be good for your health But it is not fit for human consumption.It's hideous. I poured it down the sink because it tasted so bad. People have got to be lying through their teeth about it's taste. They only see the $ signs so they are willing to choke it down for bucks. I will never support a product that i don't believe in,and this is one.

    • Char

      Zurvita may be good for your health but… That should be all you care about really! I’ve now had 7 and it tastes better every time. It’s an acquired taste for sure! By the 3rd one I liked it but I say good for my health is good enough for me. But… that’s just me!!! They say the worse it tastes to you, the more unhealthy you are! 🙂

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