If you want to have a successful home business online, then you MUST stand out from the crowd.

You MUST give people a reason to trust you, and hold YOU center in their mind as the go-to person in the marketplace.

The way you do that online (or off) is with CONTENT!

Content is king! You've heard it plenty of times, and as cliché as it may seem, it's the truth! Without displaying your credibility, and earning know, like, and trust with valuable content, you won't get very far in the online marketing game.

You've Got Choices When It Comes to Content!

Having choices is a beautiful thing. Besides, how boring would the internet be without choices in content?

More importantly, the different platforms for content let you expand your reach in your marketplace so that people can find you in different ways.

That being said, if you're just starting out, you don't need to use or implement all of these right away.

In fact, you may find you never have to use some of them. But you MUST use at least one, and probably two if you want to build a list. Other than that, once you master a couple, the virtual sky is the limit.

4 Types of Content to Create a Brand That People Know, Like, and Trust!

#1: Video Marketing

Of course, I'd say that first right? But it's absolutely true.

I've built a multiple six-figure business with video marketing, so I'd be doing YOU a huge disservice if I didn't tout it as one of the best and most proven types of content you should start using ASAP!

The reason is simple. Video marketing is the ultimate shortcut to building know, like, and trust.

Think about it. When someone sees you on video so many things are happening at once. It's the closest thing to face-to-face marketing there is online.

    • They're looking into your eyes…
    • They're hearing your voice…
    • Your personality is shining through…
    • They begin to feel like they know you…
    • Your valuable content gets them closer to their goals…
    • And they begin to trust you!

You Can Use Video Across Various Platforms!

Of course when we think of video marketing, we think of YouTube first. This is good because it's actually the 2nd biggest search engine on the internet.

But you can use video on social media, and on your own websites. As a matter of fact, short-form video is what is really making a strong showing right now with places like TikTok, Instagram REELs, and YouTube shorts.

This versatility just helps to bond and spread your message even further!

Video is your friend, and the faster you get over your fear of video, and start adding valuable content to the world with it, the faster you'll be on your way to creating a full-time six-figure online business from home! (That is what you want isn't it? 😉 )

#2: Blogging (Funnel Hub)

One of the most important things about creating your own Funnel Hub is that it's ALL YOURS!

You own it. It's your little piece of internet real estate that you can do whatever you want with Literally! (As long as it's legal of course.) It's a home base where you can continuously drive prospects for more value, build a lead list, and sell your products or opportunity.

This is vital because nobody can take that away from you. It's your content. You own it. And it doesn't get shut down until you say it does.

Your Funnel Hub Is a Great Branding Tool!

Your funnel hub (a blog) should immediately tell your prospects who you are, and what you can do for them. Right up top, right from the get-go. Within seconds your visitor should know how you'll help them get closer to their goals.

That being said, your blog is there to serve your audience.

And although you're building a brand around YOU, your funnel hub (and ALL of your content for that matter) is NEVER ABOUT YOU. It's about your prospect's dreams and goals. It's how you can serve them, and help them reach their goals. If you remember that you'll always be fine!

3 Quick Steps to Start a Funnel Hub Today (the Quick and Easy Summary!)

Step 1: Buy a domain name.

For branding purposes, you'll want your domain name to be based around YOUR NAME (hence MarkHarbert.com) if possible. You can use variations of course like YourNameCoaching.com, AskYourName.com, etc. But don't forget… we're building a brand here, and that brand is YOU!

There are various places to set up your domain, but the easiest, and most trusted name online to buy your domain name is through GoDaddy.com

Step 2: Use WordPress as Your Platform.

WordPress is simply the most powerful platform, and in most cases, with most themes, it's very user-friendly!

Google tends to love WordPress, and with various plug-ins, you can increase the power and reach of your blog very simply!

Step 3: Add Valuable Content Consistently!

Building a successful funnel hub (blog) takes consistency!

The truth that most people won't tell you… is that your blog isn't going to be an overnight success. It takes time. And your only choice to make it successful is to continuously add value.

This builds TRUST with your prospects, and it allows you to get found by the big daddy Google search engine. This will allow people to find YOU, at the time when they need you most! And that's a beautiful thing when the ball gets rolling!

#3: Email Marketing

Your email list is gold! Your list consists of your most targeted and interested prospects who are giving you permission to contact them. Which actually means they've volunteered to become a LEAD for your business.

Many people don't think of email marketing as a form of content, but it most certainly is. When email marketing is done right, it becomes a platform to add value to your prospects' lives!

While it's often seen as only a promotional platform, if your emails don't also provide value, then people will simply stop opening and reading, and therefore cannot be effective as a promotional strategy either.

Email marketing goes hand-in-hand with the other content strategies like video marketing and/or blogging above. It's cyclical, meaning that you'll drive your traffic from videos to your capture pages to build your list, but then you can bring people back to your newest videos or blog posts through email.

This keeps your prospects in your web of influence. And this is a must because people have very short attention spans online.

The sad truth is that once someone leaves your video or your website, they likely won't return on their own.

It's not their fault. There's just too much other stuff grabbing their attention. Too many rabbit holes to go down. But if you can get them to give you permission to keep contacting them, you can stay on their radar, giving you enough time to build that trust with them!

The fastest way to get set up with building your email list is through Aweber. There are others, but this is the easiest and is very highly trusted.

The hardest part about building an email list is to create an effective and high-converting capture page (the place where you'll get your prospect's information.)

#4: Social Media

The term social media covers a lot of ground.

The trick is to go where MOST of your target market is hanging out to attract prospects to your brand. While there's Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and many others…the social media platform that I rely on most is Facebook!

That of course doesn't mean it's the best platform for you or your business. Or that you shouldn't expand out to those other platforms!

Here are just a few reasons Facebook is my favorite social media platform…

    • With over 2.96 BILLION active users and it's got the biggest pool of prospects available in one spot!
    • It's highly versatile (Text posts, video posts, Facebook LIVE, etc.)
    • Targeting your hottest prospects is super simple!
    • You can create a Business Page to grow an audience dedicated to YOU and your brand.
    • Getting started with paid advertising to scale your business is super simple (and inexpensive for testing!)
    • You can easily lead people to your other content!
    • Communicating directly with your top prospects is simple (and can be automated) with Facebook Messenger.
    • And MORE!

Getting started on Facebook is simple. In fact, you're likely already there. But you may not be building your brand, or at least using Facebook correctly to grow your business.

If you want fast results, and you want to reach people where they're at MOST, Facebook is your place to do it!

You Now Have 4 Avenues of Content to Build Your Brand!

Your business will not grow without providing content that builds your brand. It's as simple as that.

If you're reading this it's because you want to grow your home business. And it's up to You to get started. You now have 5 ways to start!

TODAY is your day to get started. Pick one and go with it. Pretty soon, you'll have a full-fledged content marketing strategy building your business FOR you, night and day, whether YOU show up or not!

If you have not grabbed my 101 Hot Topics PDF you can do so by clicking the button below. This can also be used for pretty much any type of content you are creating, not just live streams or video.

Additional Resources

✅ Ecamm Live Broadcasting Software - Learn More Here

If you want to enrich your LIVE videos experience, this tool is AMAZING. Perfect for high production-looking lives and super simple to use and allows you to broadcast to multiple locations at the same time.

✅ Aweber Autoresponder - Learn More Here

Building an email list is ESSENTIAL to the longevity of your online business. If you are not sure where to start in the online marketing game, this is for sure the first tool you should invest in for your business. Aweber is considered the industry standard.

✅ Bluehost Hosting - Learn More Here

When setting up your blog you have to have a host to put your site on. Bluehost is one that many of my students have had great success with and it has a great reputation for customer service. It's also very low cost. My other two options are LiquidWeb and SiteGround

✅ OptimizePress Funnel Builder – Learn More Here

By far the best WordPress theme and funnel builder on the market. It's meant for marketers because it's created by marketers. It gets my highest recommendation and I use it on all my personal sites.

Did you get value from this post? If so leave me a comment below and let me know I love your feedback.

You rock,

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    • Michael Kidzinski

      This blog post is awesome. I think that everyone who wants to know how to get people to know, like and trust can use this knowledge and take action the same day.

      There’s everything what needs to be known to take action 🙂

      There’s something that in my eyes can be added to this topic and I think that Gary Vaynerchuk said this:

      Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.

      In other words creating valuable content is crucial but getting people to consume this content as well.

    • Jeff Beeman

      Awesome info Mark! There is a lot that goes into these 4 content pieces but… they really are the building block or foundation for any business that needs an online presence. Thanks for keeping it real!

      • Mark Harbert

        Awesome Jeff, glad you got value. appreciate the feedback.

    • Linda Massenburg

      Thanks a lot you can never learn enough, all ideas are helpful.

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