If you're looking for a content marketing plan, because you've heard that content is king – and it is – then you've landed in the right place today.

Without Content there essentially is no internet. Not a very interesting one anyway.

The online world disappears without it. Imagine the internet with no articles, video, audio, FB LIVES, reports, etc. Pretty boring and useless right?

Where was content before the internet? Books, newspapers, radio, television… and now it's all in one handy dandy little place ONLINE!

And if that's the case, YOU need to be creating YOUR own content to carve out your place on this magical world that we all love to get lost in.

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Why a Content Marketing Plan Is VITAL for Your Business!

Simply put, your content is your magnet. Your attractor factor that draws YOUR prospects to you, and it's what keeps them coming back for more (if done right!) .

It's where you give the people who want what you have… exactly what they want. And it's not as hard as you might think.

Heck, 13 year old kids are doing it on YouTube everyday. You're not gonna let some snot-nosed 13 year old beat you are you? (If you're 13 and reading this…Just kidding. And good for you! 😉 )

Bottom line, you MUST be producing content on a consistent basis. How often? Thats for you to decide but it has to be on a regular basis.

Your content should build trust in YOUR brand. The brand of YOU! It should add credibility to your expertise in your area. It should take people from where they are, to a step closer to where they want to go.

When your content does all that, you're on your way to winning the online marketing game!

What Kind of Content Should You Create?

Luckily we have many avenues we can go down for creating content. So we have some choices…

Content Marketing With Text

  • Articles
  • PDF reports
  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts
  • Video descritions
  • Books! etc.

It's all done with text.

What if you're not a great writer?

Don't worry about it. You don't have to be a professional, you just have to be good enough.

And honestly, a lot of the stuffy ole' rules that got you in trouble with your English teacher – really don't apply much in the marketing world. (In fact, I'm hoping my high school English teacher never reads this blog 😉 )

But if you're still worried about whether you're good enough or not, I'll help you out very quickly.

3 Quick & Dirty Tips If You Stink at Writing…

  • Write like you talk (makes reading your content easier!)
  • Keep sentences and paragraphs short (lots of white space!)
  • Study storytelling so that people want to keep reading what you write!
  • BONUS: Take a good copywriting course and you'll tackle all three problems above.

That should set you straight for a while. The better you get at writing, the more money you will make. Period.

Even if writing isn't your thing, you'll need it for headlines, descriptions, emails, social media posts, sales pages, etc.! So make it a lifetime study, and you'll thank me for it.

Content Marketing With Video

This is of course my favorite! Why? Besides the fact I'm the video guy… it's the fastest way to build rapport with somebody, without actually having to be there in front of them.

It's the closest thing to face-to-face that you'll get without actually meeting them.

Video does the 3 things that are essential to get someone to eventually join your biz, buy your products, or use your service. I talk about it a lot here on this blog.

Know, Like, and Trust!

Just think about how many companies hire celebrities to market their stuff – and pay a hefty price to do so. It's because these are the people that you've seen on television or in the movies. You've invested in them and even their characters. You feel like you know them. You like them.

And for some reason or another, even though you've never met them…because of that know and like…YOU trust them!

PROOF? Check out the video below!…

With video you can do exactly that. You can become a sort of mini-celebrity, and it can happen in one single video. Or several, but either way, it works very quickly.

I often say that one 5-minute video can do what it would take 500 articles to do. My copywriter doesn't like that very much, but I firmly believe that (and have proven that) to be true. Now let's just hope my copywriter doesn't read this.

People LOVE Online Video

Video is easily consumable. Nearly 80% of all internet traffic is video traffic. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world, only behind Google. And even on Facebook, HALF a BILLION people are watching video EVERY DAY!!

So creating videos to build your brand, and leverage yourself as the go-to-person in your niche, puts you at a huge advantage over the people who are not using video.

After generating 85K leads online I'm pretty confident that this is true.

Content Through Audio

People are busy, and therefore audio works great for them.

Podcasts are on the rise online for that very reason. It's an easy way to consume content, without having to be in front of a computer, or have a phone in your face to read or watch a video.

Creating content that people can consume in this way, just adds to YOUR value. By letting your prospects hear your voice, and see your value while they're driving around in the car, working out, or doing things they're not supposed to be doing at work 😉 you're creating that know, like, and trust!

In fact your voice could become comforting and entertaining for them during their hectic life!

You MUST Know Your Audience!

What do you say in your content?

That's usually the biggest sticking point people have when starting out. This is where knowing your audience comes into play.

Your audience will be dictated by your niche, your products and your opportunity.

For instance, if you're a network marketer… who's YOUR best audience?

From my experience as an online marketer, it's best to grab your audience in the latest stages of their searching, when they're closest to purchasing.

When they KNOW they need a solution to a problem, rather than when they don't even know they have a problem. Catching them here dramatically shortens the curve for you!

My audience happens to be network marketers. However I don't ever try to sell them on my network marketing opportunity.

What I do know is that network marketers often come into the industry not knowing a lot about marketing. Many of them try, and then fail, try and fail, over and over again. Some quit before they get to me, but others know that there's a solution to building their network marketing company online.

That's where I come in and show them the solution!

What's MY solution? Attraction Marketing through video marketing. Using upfront value to build know, like, and trust. Just like I'm showing YOU now.

By the time someone FINDS ME, I don't have to sell them on network marketing. They're sold. They're already determined to figure out how to build their business online and create financial freedom from home.

I simply give them the solution to that problem.

3 Vital Things to Consider When Getting to Know Your Audience…

  • Who do YOU want to work with? You have a choice here. You saw that I choose not to work with people that I have to convince about owning a home business.
  • What keeps them up at night? What are their biggest wants and needs? What problems are they facing that YOU can provide a solution to? Do they need to lose weight? How much? Why? Is it a wedding coming up? Did they just get told they have diabetes?
  • Where online do they hang out? This is important, because you'll want to know where to add your content. And when you combine it with the above two points, you'll know exactly how to get their attention!

Places Your Audience Might Be Hanging Out…

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

The above are just some of the biggies.

The truth is that your prospects may be hanging out in each of them. Don't make the mistake of trying to grab them from everywhere. Tackle one platform at a time. Become an expert at finding your target market on that platform.

And only then should you move onto another.

How to Get People to See Your Content (Traffic)

This is where people run into a lot of trouble. They create content, and then nobody shows up.

You need to get traffic to your content and it's not as hard as you might think. Especially these days with social media where people just LOVE to hang out!

It's not as hard as it used to be to start getting immediate traffic to your content.

If you know your audience, and you know where they hangout, then it's simply putting your content in front of them.

Imagine you have a product teaching people how to cook Paleo recipes, and you know that there's a ton of people on Facebook who talk about Paleo (Hint: There are!) You could essentially almost build an entire business right on Facebook.

Here's what that might look like to make it simple…

  • Create a Paleo Recipes Facebook Page
  • Go find FB groups for Paleo people
  • Add valuable content inside that group that Paleo people will dig
  • As people start consuming your content and responding, they'll check out your profile, and maybe LIKE your page.
  • You can then keep adding valuable content on that page that builds trust.
  • Create a Facebook ad that goes out to the people who have liked your page only (This is your audience) That leads them to your Paleo Recipe Book sales page

BONUS! You can build a LEADS list right on Facebook these days! You can contact them with special offers as soon as they ‘join' your Facebook list.

Taking People from One Platform to Another…

The above was a simple way to get started. However there are times when you'll have to get people from one platform to another.

I recently wrote an article where I explained this exactly.

= => Click Here and then go to Pillar # 6 to See It!

Your Blog As One of Your Main Content Hubs!

You'll want to consider making your blog/website as a hub in your content marketing plan. It's where you carve out your little piece of real estate online. If you opened a business in your town, you'd want a place for people to pop in a check out your goods right?

Well that's your blog.

It's the place where you can send people from any other marketing platforms that you'll use. It's where you'll capture their information and turn them into leads.

Your blog is where your prospects know they can go to get new value from you on a consistent basis. Where you'll share the valuable content that gets them closer to their goals.

Getting People to Take That Next Step!

The goal of any content marketing strategy is to get leads, sells, and sign-ups for your business.

It starts with leads, so that you can send them more value as well as offers for your products, your biz opportunity, or services. Because of the trust and credibility that you've built with all that valuable content, they'll be more likely to take action.

You should always being building an email list.

A mailing list is very important, because YOU own that list. Nobody can take that away from you, which makes YOUR leads, your leads for life!

You Now Know How to Put Together YOUR Personal Content Marketing Plan!

Your content marketing plan will be personal to YOU and your business. We've gone over all the factors that will help you decide.

The most important piece of the puzzle is you! You must put a plan together, and follow that plan to build your audience, engage that audience, and then of course sell to that audience!

So stop reading and get to it! 😉

You rock,

Mark Harbert

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