After working in the online marketing space for over 10 years full time, I have seen things come and go like clockwork.

The big problem is… there is so much crap online how do you know whats a good opportunity and whats not?

If you're going to put the work in to build something don't you want it to be here 5, 10, or even 20 years from now?

Well thats why I recently sat down with multiple 7-figure per year earner in network marketing John Melton

We discussed how to find the right opportunity and we even hit on some things to watch out for.

You will love this interview.

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    2 replies to "How To Find The Right Business Opportunity With John Melton"

    • Rudi Cromwell

      Great interview guys a topic I think needs to be talked about more. Too many people leap without doing their due diligence and get burned or are so skeptic it keeps them stuck in a rut when there are solutions. NWM can be great extra income or full time income but it does take work and commitment. As long as people are aware of that and not looking to get rich quick it could be a blessing for more people. Thank you for sharing.

      • Scotty John Russell

        YES… the right business opportunity takes time and careful consideration. It’s essential to thoroughly research and evaluate each option before making a decision.

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