Have you ever noticed that it’s tough to get people to join your opportunity the first time they “meet” you?

If that’s been your experience, you’re certainly not alone. It’s the norm. Only most people keep on trying to market their MLM business that way.

However, there is a way to make sure that you make profits right away from new prospects before they join your business.

It’s called the ‘Funded Proposal’ and it seems to be a concept that has a mystique about it.

I’m going to absolutely shatter that mystique in this article and video, and show you exactly how YOU can start getting paid upfront… get even more leads, sign-ups, and sales by doing so!

What Is a Funded Proposal?

Let’s first look at what 97% of MLM distributors do to try and build their business. Maybe you’re making this mistake as well.

Most new distributors immediately start trying to sell people their opportunity, or their MLM products right away. Very in your face, and pushy.

They pepper “prospects” in person, or on the internet (often social media) with sales messages… trying to tout things about their MLM company and products without ever first qualifying the prospect.  

You’ve heard and seen it all…

    • Ground floor opportunity…
    • Debt-free company…
    • Founded in…
    • Best comp plan the industry has ever seen…
    • Products are made from berries, that grow only on the tip-top branches of tall trees, that grow on the sides of mountains that only certain people have access to.

Does any of that sound familiar?

When you market this way, you’ve probably noticed a few things…

    1. You don’t have a lot of luck getting people to join your primary business opportunity…
    2. You lose a ton of time and money (and time is money) on advertising and prospecting…
    3. You quickly run out of ad spend and can’t keep up!
    4. Your friends and family snicker at you behind your back!

The above is why 97% of the industry drastically fails when trying to build an MLM business… either online or off!

Where Did the Funded Proposal Start?  

Most people will tell you that the funded proposal started with Mike Dillard and his revolutionary Magnetic Sponsoring course.

This is both right and wrong.

Mike Dillard certainly did revolutionize the industry with this idea, but like most good ideas it wasn’t created by him. It was borrowed from traditional direct marketing and geniusly brought over to the MLM industry.

If you can remember the days of direct marketing, you may recall getting sales letters in the mailbox. Or seeing sales letters inside magazines. Or inside comic books as a child.

Do you remember what these sales letters told you to do once you got to the end, and were interested in what they were “selling”?  

In the very early days, they would ask you to send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to get more information or for a short report. (Ringing a bell?)

What was the purpose of this?

It was simply to fund the delivery of the report or the next sales letter that they would send you… which was meant to sell you the product they wanted to sell you all along.

Later they got wise to the fact that they could actually earn a profit from selling their reports, and cover all their marketing expenses. This meant that they weren’t just getting reimbursed for their costs, but often they were actually earning some profit.

So they’d price these “special reports” cheap enough where it didn’t really hurt your wallet. However, it was enough to let them scale their businesses with the profits.

It was enough so that the people who didn’t take action on the next sales letter selling you the product still gave the sender enough to buy more advertising to send to MORE potential prospects (and maybe even stuff some in their bank account!)

This gave them the ability to advertise endlessly for FREE!

The added bonus was the simple fact that it’s much easier to get a sale (or in our case sponsor a new distributor) from someone who is already a customer… versus trying to squeeze a sale from someone who doesn’t know you, and you don’t have any credibility with.

It was a pretty genius idea to say the least, and it worked like gangbusters (and frankly still does both online and off!)

When Struggling to Build His MLM Business the Traditional Way, Mike Dillard Simply Borrowed This Concept and Applied it to Recruiting People Online!

While everyone else was pushing their opportunity to friends and family, cold calling prospects, or handing out business cards to people who had shown zero interest in starting an MLM business, he would simply help out those people who were already sold on the MLM idea, but simply were having trouble building their businesses.

Instead of focusing on how to sell them his opportunity, he’d sell them inexpensive reports (like Magnetic Sponsoring itself)  things that would help them in their businesses.

By doing so, he now had a red-hot market with a problem, to which he was giving them solutions.

He was able to weed out those that weren’t serious enough about building a home business to invest in themselves.

And he ended up with CUSTOMERS who began to know, like, and trust him because he provided exceptional value, going above and beyond and over-delivering on the small investment they were making.

By that time, enough of these people began to join his primary MLM business so they could work with him (because of KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST that he’d built), that he ended up with profitable front-end biz and money-generating downline!

What about those that don’t join?

They’re not a lost cause. There are other offers that they may be ready to take you upon in the future with your own products and affiliate offers.

And the best part is that online, with email marketing, or these days Facebook Messaging even… it’s ALL automated.

Here’s What a Funded Proposal Does for YOU in a Nutshell…

    • Creates Upfront Profits from credibility and trust-building info product…
    • Your advertising is paid for…
    • This allows you to get endless leads for FREE forever…
    • You build a business that grows non-stop on both your opportunity as well as back-end offers from those that don’t ever join your opportunity!

Doesn’t that sound better than how you’ve been building your business?

I can tell you that it IS better. And in fact, it’s the way that all top earners in the MLM industry today grow online empires, building downlines worldwide!

And when you train YOUR new distributors to use funded proposals to profit FAST, it motivates the heck out of them, and they stick with YOU longer. After all, most of them have been struggling and earning zero for years and years.  

Plus, they have the ability to grow their own businesses under you! BOOM!

5 ½ Simple Steps to Start Using the Funded Proposal Strategy for YOUR MLM Business!

Step #1 Find Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is essential.

For this strategy, your best target market is struggling network marketers. There are plenty of them, they’re all over Facebook… and they’re easy to find. They’re the ones pushing their opportunity and products down people’s throats. 😛

Attract them with High-Value Content!

Attraction marketing is the key here.

You can use FREE advertising, or better yet PAID advertising (which will be free soon once you start creating up-front sells. 😉

Once you’ve got their attention with your content, then you pull them into your funnel.

Step #2: The Capture Page (Get the LEAD)

The way you get people into your funnel is through a capture page. This is where you’ll promise them a FREE report, video, webinar, etc. so that you can get their email address. (Your lead magnetic)

Your capture page is one simple page with very few distractions.

It can be as simple as an attention-getting, benefit-driven headline that tells them what they’ll be given.

Here’s an example:

Simple 5-Page Report Shows You How to Get Endless Leads for FREE and Earn Upfront Profits Before Anyone Ever Joins Your MLM Business!

(Even if you’ve never generated a lead in your life!)

Sign Up Below!…

The “capture” part of this page is the opt-in boxes where they’ll give you their name and email address!

You’ll then use an auto-responder to send them their free gift, and emails to promote your funded proposal.

This same thing can be applied if you are using ManyChat to build up your Facebook Messenger list. The principles are the same.

Step #3: Your Follow-Up Funnel to Provide Value and Promotes Your Funded Proposal!

Using your email auto-responder, you’ll first deliver your lead magnet in email #1:

You’ll then automate subsequent emails that talk about your funded proposal. It should be congruent with, and a continuation of the lead magnet that you gave away.

A good start is a 5 to 7-day series that slowly drips the benefits of your funded proposal.

You’ll want to let them know that if they got value from the lead magnet you gave them, imagine what they’ll be able to do once they have the next step.

Remember, the next step is exactly that. A STEP! It shouldn’t break the bank, but it should be enough to pay for your advertising costs at the very least! $7 to $9 is good for smaller reports (that you pack with value)  or if it’s jam-packed and larger, then even $17 to $37!

The purpose is to get a customer list that you can now start building an even stronger relationship with, and eventually promote your MLM business.

Step #4: Segment Buyers from Leads and Continue Giving Value

Segmenting buyers from leads is essential. This new email series will build on the know, like, and trust that you’ve already established.

You can step up the value and give them even more info that will help them start making steps toward their goals with their business!

They’ll begin to see you as the expert, and chances are you’ll never have to even ask them to join your business! Because they’ll ask (possibly beg) YOU to let them join you.

Much different than trying to push and convince people about your business opportunity isn’t it?  

Step #5: Grow Your Downline

All the above 4 steps lead to one awesome result. Your downline begins to grow exponentially!

And as you’ve set the example, and are able to train new distributors on how to use the funded proposal method, your downline will grow deep!

You’ll find yourself on the leaderboards… and don’t be surprised if you find yourself on stage at your next company event, with a big ole’ oversized check in hand!

Step # 5 ½: Create Back-End Sales!

The beauty of this system is that you’re building a list of customers.

As we’ve talked about, customers are much more likely to buy from you again than non-customers.

Chances are you’ll have affiliate offers and products of your own to promote. And who knows, your MLM company may shut down (it happens) or you may see another business opportunity that you’d like to promote and grow in a total different section of the industry.

That group of buyers will come in very handy!

How to Quickly & Easily Start Using the Funded Proposal In Your Biz Using Done for You Products and Capture Pages!

If as you read the above you were wondering how you’re going to set all this up for yourself, then you’ll be happy to know that there’s a very simple way to do it where much of the hard stuff is done for you!

Leaving you only to worry about taking action and building your brand!

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You rock,

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      Like the funded proposal system, it would be a great way to find sign ups for our postcard mail order project and make wampum for those that don’t sign up. So where do we go from here to get started, get signed up with MLSP or do you have other funded proposal systems we can choose from? We will be signing up with our postcard mail order project in Jan/23 so that should give us a couple of mths to build a list using the funded proposal method. Talk soon.

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        Joe, YES, I recommend MLSP for sure. Its the system I have recommended since 2009. Here is the link to get started. https://markharbert.com/getmlsp

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