Lead Capture Page – How to Create a Killer Lead Capture Page That Converts

Your capture page is ONE of the essential tools to building your email list. After all, if you don't give your subscribers a reason to join your list…why the heck would they?

Nobody joins your list just to be nice to you!

They join your list because they want something that you have to offer. More importantly, they want the solution you have for their struggles. The more intriguing your solution, the more subscribers you capture.

What is a Capture Page?

Your capture page is simply a page dedicated to getting people to subscribe to your list. This is different from your optin form on your blog or website.

A capture page eliminates distractions, and pinpoints ONE offer to get your prospects to do ONE thing:


So let's get right into it and I will show you an example of one of my own captures pages that pulls subscribers like crazy.

4 Critical Elements to Create a Lead Pulling Capture Page…

#1 – YOUR OFFER (Lead Magnet)…

The first thing that you have to get right when it comes to your capture page is the OFFER. The “lead magnet” to get prospects to subscribe!!

If your offer isn't relevant to your target market, isn't what your prospects want and need, and isn't appealing enough to get them to act… then your capture page is dead in the water. No matter how good your copy is, it won't work.

The right message to the right market is the key to success in every area of marketing.

Some things you'll need to know before creating your offer…

    • What's my target market's biggest struggle?
    • What's keeping them from achieving their goal?
    • What can YOU offer that can show them to change that FAST?

What will you give them?…

A report? A video? An audio? This is where you can get as creative as you want. But you must give them value, and you want to help them get a step closer to achieving their goals to build credibility.

I have found that a PDF is one of best types of offers. Why? Because it can be printed and people like tangible things they can hold in their hand.

Take a look at this offer example below. You will notice that I am giving away a free “Report” or “PDF”.

This offer is very targeted and addresses a specific need that my target market has and that is starting conversations on social media.

A 10-day video boot camp, as well as long drawn out pieces of training, are really something that no longer works as well like they used too. People's attention spans have gotten worse over the years.

You want to give something quick, effective, and of high value to the end user.

So as you can see my offer “14 Conversation Starters” is a very targeted and useful offer for my market.

Let's move on to the next important part of the capture page…


This is where you'll grab your prospect's attention by telling them exactly what you have to offer. If you're worried about your copywriting skills, just use the old tried and true “How To” headline…

“How to {Goal} and {Benefit they'll receive}Within/By [Time frame]”


“How to Get More Leads and Grow Your Business Within 2 Weeks”
“How to Lose 12 Pounds and Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans Before the First Day of Summer”

If you've got the right message, to the right person, it doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have to be a pro copywriter to get this right!

Take a look at my example headline from my conversation starters…

You may also notice that I have a “sub-headline” also, this lets them know that even if they are brand new these questions are effective.

If you use the simple formula above when you create your headline, you pretty can never go wrong.

Let's move on to another key part to an effective capture page…


This part is optional, but if you really want to soup up your capture page, if space permits, you'll want to give them the benefits of subscribing. You do that with simple bullets.

Take a look at the examples on my capture page…

Bullets aren't as hard as you might think. Again if you're just starting out, you can use this simple formula to create YOUR bullets:

“How to {Feature} + {benefit}!”


  • “How to create a capture page that pulls in leads like crazy so that you can start growing your business day after day!”
  • “How to know exactly what to eat every day so that you can lose weight without even thinking about it!

3 well-written bullets with the right message can skyrocket your conversion rates on your capture pages!

Now lets move on to the most important part of the of the capture page…

#4 – CALL TO ACTION (Tell Them What To Do!)…

This is the part that most people miss. You MUST tell your visitor/prospect what to do next, or you leave it to chance that they may do nothing.

In this case, if you want your visitor to subscribe you just tell them something like:

Enter Your Name and Email Address Below and Receive Your FREE GIFT!”

You can even do something like I have on my capture page in the example below…

“Download Now” is a very effective call to action because it not only implies an action but its something that all people love to do.

Let's face it, we all love to download things, especially when we have a high perceived value on what we are downloading.

So there you go!

Those are the critical elements to start pulling in insane amounts of subscribers from your capture page.

If any of the above are missing, your chances of having an effective lead capture page will be significantly lower.

If you want a simple way to create capture pages I recommend you get MLSP's Funnelizer as its a simple capture page builder that doesn't require any programming knowledge or know how.

You simply pick a template and start filling in the wording. It couldn't be any easier.

To take a trial of MLSP's page builder click here to get started.

So now get out there and create YOUR high converting capture page! 😉

You rock,

Mark Harbert


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  • Jaye Carden

    Reply Reply 05/08/2018

    It may seem like these points are obvious, but I have seen several pages and offers that don’t use this formula. For me, I haven’t opted in to many “offers”, but the ones I have do use this formula. I guess when you get an idea of what you are going to get, it makes it more interesting. Very unique topic Mark!

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