The leading cause of list building is traffic.

Without visitors to your capture pages or websites, there's no chance in heck of building a list. So that's the starting point. And that's why you're going to want to pay very close attention to this post.

But before we start talking about traffic strategies, we've got to talk about something extremely important.

All Traffic Is Not Equal!

While the traffic game is essentially a numbers game, it's vital that you realize that what you need is TARGETED TRAFFIC!

You need people visiting your site who want what you have, and therefore see your lead magnet(s) as highly relevant to THEIR needs.

Otherwise, a) Your optin rates are going to be very low, and b) those who do subscribe to your list… won't be very responsive.

Targeted traffic is the cure for that!

Now that that's out of the way…

5 Traffic Strategies to Quickly Get Targeted Visitors to Your Website (and New Subscribers On Your List!!)

Strategy #1: YouTube

This is an excellent way to get highly targeted traffic & leads. And it just so happens that I built my business from zero to 5-figures in 90 days using exactly this strategy. 😉 This is an excellent way to get traffic when you're on a budget.

A huge benefit of YouTube and video marketing is that you kill a few birds with one stone. Videos allow you to build almost instant rapport with your prospects.

You know…the ole' know, like, and trust thing that's so vital to get visitors who are ready to sign-up almost before they even get to your page!

If you want an additional training on YouTube, Check out this training I did not too long ago with MLSP. Click Here

Strategy #2 Facebook

There are a couple of nice benefits to Facebook traffic. You can get traffic from Facebook for FREE! So if you've just started your business, and you're cash-strapped, you can still get traffic to your capture pages.

One good thing about starting out with free traffic is that it allows you to test your offers without going broke.

There are about 1.8 Billion people on Facebook. That's a hefty little pool to pull leads from if you do things right. There's also some amazing targeting strategies to find the people who want exactly what you have.

For more training on getting leads on Facebook check out this blog post I did not too long ago..

10 Quick and Easy Ways To Generate Leads on Facebook

Strategy #3 Google & SEO

Just Google it! How many times have you said that? How many times have you done it? Everyone does, and that's why Google and SEO are so darned powerful. It's a source of automated free traffic that comes in day and night.

And these are the people actively typing and searching exact phrases and questions that YOU can help them with. This is highly-targeted traffic!

My buddy Rob Fore is a genius when it comes to SEO on Google. He did a training not too long ago that I can share with you on how to use this strategy for more leads.

Click Here to access the Google / SEO training.

Strategy #4 Paid Marketing

While free traffic sounds nice, it's not exactly free. You're using up one of your most important assets. YOUR TIME!! And let's face it, one of the reasons you probably started your business is to get MORE time, not less.

So the sooner you can scale up your business with Paid strategies, the faster you'll watch your business skyrocket to levels you might not even think are possible right now. And give you your time back!

There are various strategies for paid marketing, including the three that we just spoke about. YouTube, FB and Google all have paid elements that you can tap into. But it doesn't stop there. There are plenty of other areas where you can put in a dollar and get $2+ back all day long!

Strategy #5: Solo Ads

While this little known and under-utilized paid strategy require a little bit of a learning curve…the return can be immense.

This is one of the fastest ways to get a surge of targeted traffic to your list! Once marketers tap into this traffic source, they seldom go back!

So there you go, 5 solid strategies to make sure that you've always got fresh visitors to your websites, and therefore fresh red-hot leads onto your list!

Check out the video below as I give you some additional tips that can help you.

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You rock,

Mark Harbert

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