So today I turn the BIG 50!! Time sure flies…

I have realized how blessed I am to reach this age because many don't have that chance. While I still feel young and that I am just beginning this life journey. I have learned some lessons in my 50 years that I will carry for the rest of my life.

Here are just a few of the life lessons I have learned in my 50 years of life on this planet…

50th Birthday Lesson #1:

Nothing has filled the voids in my heart like Jesus Christ.

In my 50 years, I have tried to fill the voids in many different ways. Sex, alcohol, even some drug use. None of it worked.

When I realized how much I was loved, not because I was or am perfect, but because Jesus cared enough about me to make the ultimate sacrifice for me.

Watching my mom die when I was only 17 left a gaping hole in my heart and many questions. I didn't realize it then, but I was angry at God.

Until one day, I realized he was with me during that entire ordeal and holding my hand through one of the most challenging times of my life.

While I miss both my parents immensely, I have great joy knowing I will see them again someday. My parents inspire me today through their love and legacy. They loved God and passed that on to me. I am so thankful.

50th Birthday Lesson #2:

Life has rewarded me with the courage to pursue my God-given talents and take full responsibility for my life. Taking responsibility for my successes and my failures. Not passing the blame when things don't go the way I expected.

Whenever I have decided to look in the mirror and see what I can do to improve, I have always been rewarded. Recognizing I am not perfect and not pretending to be is very freeing.

Not examining myself with condemnation and beating myself up, but remembering my human frailties and knowing that Jesus filled that gap for me where I missed the mark with his grace and mercy.

I can wake up each day with a fresh new perspective. That is a treasure.

50th Birthday Lesson #3:

Appreciate the small things. Sitting on a bench overlooking the water. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, watching my daughter grow into a beautiful and compassionate woman.

Seeing my wife laugh from her gut at something funny I said. That is where the absolute joy of life resides. While fancy trinkets of success can be a great blessing, they will never replace the small things in life.

I have tried very hard to live in the moment. Thinking, worrying, or constantly planning for the future is so easy to do. I have done all of that.

But I have learned that living in the present is where I find fulfillment. When I give my worries to God, my heart is free. He knows all my fears anyway, and he doesn't want me to carry them.

While some days this is still a struggle, in the end I always come back to him without regrets.

50th Birthday Lesson #4:

Love people well. In the age of social media, it's very easy to forget about people's humanity. In a place where people argue constantly about politics, religion, and everything else under the sun…

I have always tried to remember that people, regardless of their beliefs, seek the same thing as me. They are looking for love, appreciation, acceptance, and compassion. They want a friend that hears them. I know deep down I want that, too.

Showing these things to people doesn't require them to believe, just like me. Loving people isn't about how good they are or wether they deserve it not. I just try to love them even when it's hard.

God loved me even when I didn't deserve it. So I always ask myself, can I love this person even though I think they don't deserve it? The answer is always YES, I can.

So, while the temptation is there to always go after that person I disagree with, and believe me, I fight it all the time. I try to remember, they are human too. They are not perfect just like me. They need mercy and grace, just like Jesus gave to me.

And finally…

50th Birthday Lesson #5:

This one is for the Men ONLY!

Never tell your wife to “Relax” or “Calm Down“….lol.

Trust me… It won't go well; ask me how I know?

No need to explain further. End of lesson. HAHAHA

There are many life lessons I could tell; these are just a few…

But on this 50th birthday of mine, I am grateful to live another year.

Grateful for you.

I look forward to many more years to come of serving people the best I can with the talents God has given me.

I love you and I am just getting started…

You rock,

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    4 replies to "The Top Five Lessons I Have Learned In My 50 Years of Life"

    • Barbie Figueroa

      Ha! Happy 50th birthday mark! Love everything you said and can totally relate! Jesus above all, he IS the missing puzzle piece so many are searching for!

      God each of us a special suitcase full of our gifts and talents and to serve others is how we make money… we have to just trust in HIS plan ‘A’!

      Money is great but spending time with the people we love is priceless!

      May God continue to bless you and your family and your business and May he bless you with many more healthy, happy and prosperous years ahead.

      Be Bold and Be Blessed!

    • Sandy Rodewald

      Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mark! 💜🙏🤗🎈🎉🎁🍨🎂🍨🎁🎉🎈🤗🙏💜

      Really love your Birthday Lessons! Every single one fits us all. We all are children of God! God is our savior and he will guide us to do the right things at the right time!

      Bless you and your family! God Protects us all!

    • Humberto Cignarella

      Happy 50th Birthday Mark! 🎂
      Thank you so much for sharing those wise lessons.
      Many blessings to you and your family!

    • Frances Jackson

      Happy Birthday Mark and may you have many more.

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