Today I had the awesome privilege to sit down and have a one on one chat with my good friend April Marie Tucker. Not only is she an awesome marketer herself, she is just one cool gal, and really down to earth person.

I was honored when April contacted me recently to see if she could interview me and just talk about my story among other things. I had a blast talking with her, and I know you will get some serious gold nuggets from this talk we had.

Enjoy it!

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    10 replies to "22 Minutes Of Shop Talk With April Marie Tucker"


      great interview with Mark. Take away for me, get out of learning mode and start doing..

      • Mark Harbert

        YOu got it bud, knowledge without action is nothing. You might as well have never learned it. Rock on bud.


    • April Marie Tucker

      Loved talking shop with you today Mark.. This video will definitely rock people’s worlds! A must see! Thanks again Mark!

      • Mark Harbert

        Total blast April, you rock. I really enjoyed it. Can’t wait to hang at LTD4, gonna be fun for sure.


    • Tracey Rose

      Nice interview Mark … so many people including myself for a while have also been in that perpetual learning mode … it’s definitely time to do! 🙂

      • Mark Harbert

        I hear you Tracey. I was in that mode for a long time, and needed to break out of it. I finally did.


    • Laura Hison

      I always enjoy anything you do Mark! I like when you show folks your stats to show your journey. Most of us aren’t the 3%ers that “blew up” in a month… So it’s great to see that it’s OK to have your own process but it also shows the importance of perfecting a specific strategy to explode your biz. I love that parable! Thanks April and Mark.

      • Mark Harbert

        Laura, thanks so much for stopping by and leaving this comment. I am so stoked that you got a lot out of this interview, it was a blast doing it for sure.

        Mark 🙂

    • Kevin Hauff

      Mr. Harbert,

      You rock bro! Just watched this video and can’t tell you enough how much you are admired. And you are right…April Marie Tucker is one awesome cool gal. Thanks for sharing guys.

      • Mark Harbert

        You rock Kevin. Appreciate it bud. 🙂

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