I have been blogging in my business since 2008, and I have learned a few things during that time. You can use a blog to build your business online in three main ways.

Lead Generation

Using a blog for lead generation is almost a necessity nowadays.

In reality, places like Facebook and other internet sites have found that users love to consume quality content online.

This makes sense because that is what we all do when searching online for answers to our questions, entertainment, and buying products and services.

There are some things you should do in order to make sure your blog is optimized for lead generation purposes.

For instance, a big mistake people make is having too much crap (banners, widgets, etc.) on the sidebars of their blogs. This can be a huge distraction.

Too many options for people confuse them, and in the end, they do nothing. When you put your blog together, you want to focus on clean and simple.

The goal is when people visit your blog; they have two options, consume content, or opt-in. That's it!

Any more than that, and you risk losing your prospects.

For instance, when you invite someone over to your house, you tend to clean the house, right?


Simple, you want to give a good impression. This is why you want to keep your blog super simple and clear of a lot of distractions.


This is, for sure, one of my favorites. There is no better way for people to get to know, like, and trust you like video, but a personal blog ranks right up there with the power of video.

Based on what I shared on my ‘About Mark Harbert' page, I can't tell you how many people have contacted me.

It's a powerful way to give people a glimpse into your life and business.

Imagine connecting with your visitor and allowing them to scan your site and get to know you and your skills.

That's the power of a blog. It's the ultimate branding tool for your business as it creates influencer status for your prospects.

Even if your blog doesn't look that great, you can still have an impact.

I know people right now that when they first started online, they had a horrible-looking blog that generated almost a million dollars in one year before they even made it look good!

Seriously it's true, and if you leave me a comment below, I might even tell you who it is.. 😉

Central Business Hub Online

Most businesses have a home base or headquarters for their operations, right? Well, a blog is the same for you when doing your business online.

You need a place to house your content and showcase your value to the world.

Do you sell products? Affiliate offers? A business opportunity? Your blog is the perfect place to showcase that.

When you create regular content that provides great value (which is not hard to do, especially with ChatGPT nowadays), people will look around your blog and stumble on the offers and information you have posted.

This is very powerful.

You draw people in with the value and allow them to decide when the time is right for them when to pull the trigger on your offers.

It works incredibly well, and your prospects and visitors don't feel pressured. The other thing is, nowadays, people will Google your name to find out who you are. Wouldn't you like your site to be the first thing they find?

Look at these stats. 917 searches online for my name over the last couple of months.

What do you think they were searching for? I don't know, but I am glad my site is the first one that shows up. 🙂

So as you can see, having a blog is something you should have if you're going to market online for the long haul.

Creating long-term content is the name of the game for longevity and sticking power.

When you understand that a blog serves your business for lead generation and branding and it's your central hub for business, you will be well on your way to long-term online success.

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Resources For Blogging For Business

✅ Bluehost Hosting - Learn More Here

When setting up your blog you have to have a host to put your site on. Bluehost is one that many of my students have had great success with and it has a great reputation for customer service. It's also very low cost. My other two options are LiquidWeb and SiteGround

✅ OptimizePress Funnel Builder – Learn More Here

By far the best WordPress theme and funnel builder on the market. It's meant for marketers because it's created by marketers. It gets my highest recommendation and I use it on all my personal sites.

✅ HBA Funnel Builder – Learn More Here

All in one funnel builder for capture pages, product creation, and selling products. If you are just starting out and looking for the right tools I recommend this tool. The owners are AMAZING people and good friends.

Did you get value from this blog post? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to post your blog in the comments.

You rock,

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    • Patrick Ducat

      Great post, Mark! To me these are the three reasons why everyone NEEDS a blog. Thank you for your value.

    • Julie Cooper

      Every home business owner who wants to do business online needs a blog and you gave 3 great reasons why.

      Great article!

    • Roxy Barnes Mackey

      Good tips. I have my blog in place WordPress Siteground optimized press. I just need to learn how to blog regularly. This is a great start

      • Mark Harbert

        Awesome. You are on your way.

    • Rick Rockwell

      Thank You Mark for this article on the 3 ways Blogging for Business Can Increase Your Profits
      It has made me see and understand how important it is to become a successful business person online!
      Thanks Again, Mark Harbert

    • Diane Sanders

      Hi Mark! Great post! When will you be doing a course on how to create a Funnel Hub?

    • Sherie Hollis

      This was helpful…tools are needed getting started. Thanks for sharing…my blog iis a Meataphysical life coaching site

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