DON’T Make This Lethal Mistake When Building YOUR Email List

So here's where most people screw up right off the bat when it comes to building and nurturing an email lead list!

And if you do what I'm about to tell you NOT to do…you'll lose money.

Worse, you'll lose your prospects and customers faith in YOU! You'll lose their trust, and that my friend is something that you rarely ever get back.

Ask Yourself Every Single Day What YOU Can Do for Your List!

You see most people go into list building thinking about getting rich. They're already sizing and shopping for that wheelbarrow they're going to be taking the money to the bank with.

Of course, it's good to have financial goals with your business. It's good to have a plan of where you want to go.

But when you look at your list as $$ signs, you forget the most important thing:

Each Lead On Your List Is a Living Breathing Human Being (With a Problem That They're Asking YOU To Help Them Solve!)

You might want to read that line again and ingrain it into your mind.

Of course, it's not your fault. Because just look at how we describe our prospects when we speak about them. LISTS!!

We ask questions like “How big is your list?” instead of “How many prospects do you have on your list?”  So the language we use is partly to blame. We begin to think of the names on our list as just another number, not another person.

But let's think about this in real terms for a second.

What Does a List of “Just” 500 Actually Look Like?

You often hear of marketers bragging about how much they can make from a “small” list of just 500 people.

When you look at that list in Aweber, it's just a straight line of numbers and names. Kind of hard to get too emotional about it I'll admit.

But what if we took those same 500 people and put them all into one room?

If you have a Performing Arts Center in your area, and you've seen a performance there, then you know what 500 people look like!

Take a look at this picture below…

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

The man in that picture is talking to about 500 people.

And when you send an email to your list, so are YOU!! Again, real, living, breathing people… with beating hearts. PEOPLE!!

What Does Your List of PEOPLE Want?

If you build a list, the people on that list want help. They want YOU to help them solve a problem!

And only when you show them that you're capable of that, will those people give you their hard-earned money. You must first build trust and credibility with them.

You do that by giving them information that they can use. You reward them for trusting you with their personal email. You give them value. Showing them that YOU are valuable.

I created a video giving you a few more tips to think about on this topic.

So now I ask you, what can YOU do for your email list?

Don't worry, I'll show you. Stay tuned to this blog for that info. 😉

You rock,

Mark Harbert

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  • Dave Hashley

    Reply Reply 04/14/2017

    Awesome Mark! Going to restructure my emails right now! Agree with you 100%. I get hundreds of emails weekly that I just delete because I know there’s nothing but pitches!

  • Bill Pickert

    Reply Reply 04/14/2017

    Nice perspective Mark, well said…totally agree it is so easy to do. So many newbie marketers that are so anxiously wanting to make money burn their list out start over mailing offers to their list.

    We all should be using the 80/20 principle when mailing to our list. Giving them helpful and insightful information with product offers that you would stand behind as useful and beneficial will groom you subscribers respect and they will buy from you as long as you keep earning it!

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