The main objective for marketing your business on Facebook is to get people engaging with your content. 

Because without that engagement you have no way to attract, connect, and build that know like and trust. 

These are the things that get you new leads, sales, and sign-ups. 

Therefore… it’s vital that each day you hop on FB to market your business…you’re doing the things most likely to get you the most engagement possible! 

This is why you’re going to want to continue reading — because I’m about to show you how to make it happen!

Use These 7 Simple Tips to Increase Your Facebook Engagement! 

Tip #1 – Be Interesting and Entertaining

Let’s face it. Nobody wants to engage with someone that’s boring or doesn’t make it worth their while to spend time on their posts. 

Never forget that people don’t go on Facebook (or any social media platform for that matter) to join a list, buy a product, or get involved in an opportunity. 

They go on to unwind. For entertainment. Of course, some people go on social media simply to argue with other people, but even so, that’s still THEIR form of entertainment. 

So that’s the first thing you must provide. You must be interesting and you must entertain them in some way for them to want to engage with you.

BONUS to Tip #1: The key to being interesting and entertaining of course is to know your audience inside out. THEIR interests, struggles, pain points, needs, wants, desires, fears, dreams, goals…EVERYTHING!! 

Because it really doesn’t matter if you’re “interesting” to the wrong audience right?

Tip #2 – Capture Attention Fast (and Keep It) 

Just like any marketing, your first goal MUST be to capture attention. Without getting attention, your posts will not be seen. Nothing else will matter once they scroll down past your post! 

Because…well…nobody scrolls UP do they?  

Here are a few ways to do this…

  • Use attention-capturing headlines for your posts.
  • Use eye-catching images, because nothing captures attention during the scroll better than a picture. Pictures of YOU living your best life with a smile work amazing well. In fact, many people will engage just to comment about your picture!
  • Use small paragraphs with plenty of white space.  Because when you’re scrolling through Facebook, and you see a big block of text it looks like a lot of work to read. Yet the same exact content doesn’t look as intimidating when it’s chopped up.
  • Use emojis. To add to the white space, make your posts look interesting with emojis. 

Tip #3 – Create List Posts 

Lists grab (and keep) attention like crazy. This is why you’ll want to make sure you’re using them as well. 

This blog post is a perfect example: “7 Simple Facebook Post Ideas For Increasing Engagement” 

People love lists because they let the reader know exactly what they’re gonna get right away. Plus they’re easy to scan. Kind of like the white space effect above. 

Not to mention people love to try and guess what will be next on the list. Try it and you’ll see your list posts get amazing engagement! 

Just be sure to make your lists congruent with what your target audience wants, needs, and desires. 

Tip #4 — Post FB LIVES and Videos

Of course, videos are gonna be on my list, because well that’s my thing. But there’s a reason for using Facebook LIVES and videos in your posts.

First of all, videos get great engagement.  Especially short videos these days. People like a conversation, so they’ll comment on certain points you make. Or you can even ask questions in your LIVEs and ask for engagement. 

And perhaps most importantly videos are the fastest way to build influence, credibility, know, like, and trust. 

When people see you and hear your voice, they begin to feel like they know you. If you’re saying something relevant to them…that will help them out…they’ll begin to like you. 

And when you keep making that happen over and over with your audience, when it comes time to recommend something to purchase… they’ll have more trust in you and will be more likely to buy (or join you!)  

Tip #5 — Use Stories

Stories are one of the best ways to grab attention, keep attention, and get people to engage. 

Especially if the story you’re telling (yours or someone else’s story) taps into the fears, wants, desires, goals, etc of your audience. 

Personal struggles, success stories, testimonials work amazingly well! 

Our brains are wired for stories from way back to the times of our ancestors still living in caves. Don’t believe me? 

Check out this headline from a 2019 article…

When you tell a story your reader places themselves as the hero of the story. It engages emotionally and helps you connect fast! 

And when you do that people will engage on your posts like crazy! Many times deeply, telling you their own stories. WHICH you can use as market research to get to know your audience better. 😉 

Tip #6 —  Ask Questions 

You might have noticed something about humans in life. They LOVE to give their opinions. 

Often when you didn’t even ask them for it and especially on Facebook. Lol 

When you ask a question as your post… it gives your audience the perfect excuse to assert their opinion in the mix. 

And where will they do it? Right in your comment section. 

Note: By the way the more comments and engagement you get on your posts, the more love you’ll get from Facebook. They’ll show your posts more often in people’s feed, because they see you as worthy of providing them with good content! 

It’s a win/win! 

Tip #7 — Be Responsive to Comments and Even Likes

Here’s the part where most people miss out on a huge opportunity for engagement. 

They drop the ball when it comes to being responsive to your comments and even your likes. 

This is a great opportunity to personally connect with those who have directly shown interest in you and your posts. 

You can respond right in the comment section, or you can direct message those that comment or even like your posts. Just thank them for liking it…and even ask them why they liked it. What resonated with them. 

This will show them that you are genuinely interested in them — and will build a ton of like and trust! 

Right Now Is Your Best Time to Start Posting and Getting More Engagement on All Your Posts! 

Hopefully, you’re posting daily already. Now is the time to take your posts to the next level. 

If you’re not posting daily yet, now you have 7 tips that will help you come out of the gate running!

If by chance you still need some more ideas check out this blog post I did called “8 Sneaky Ways To Find Endless Social Media Content Ideas

One of the things that can help you right away is learning how to post more engaging content that you can also automate. Be sure to grab my Social Media Automation Guide below…

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Did you get value from this post? Let me know in the comments below if you have any additional tips you would like to share.

You rock,

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    • Sandie Nielson

      Hi Mark love this post!! I got some great tips and ideas that I am going to try doing..
      You have always provided down-to-earth training.. Have always appreciated you.
      Sandie Nielson

      • Mark Harbert

        AWesome, so glad you enjoyed it Sandie

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