If you've been hearing a ton about Facebook Messenger marketing lately, you're not alone. It's become quite the hot topic.

But is the hype just hype, or is this a real-deal marketing strategy?

The truth is… it depends on you. If you're someone who gets excited about a strategy that lets you  quickly and easily engage with your highly targeted market, then YES, FB Messenger is the real deal.

There's a lot of reasons for this, and we're going to cover those in this post. So keep reading!

4 Powerful Reasons to Start Using Facebook Messenger Marketing Today!

Reason #1: Reach

Facebook Messenger has grown to be a primary way for people to communicate these days.

While it hasn't exactly replaced email, it's growing exponentially and getting on par with email. But more importantly, people tend to check their FB Messages much faster and much more certainly than they do email.

You may recognize this even in your own life. If you're like most people then you likely check your email throughout the day in spurts. You'll go into your inbox and go through to see who's sent you an email in the past hour or even few hours for some people.

However with Facebook Messenger,  most people always have it on (as a phone app no less), and check messages as they come through. Much like texts in fact.

That's powerful when you can grab someone's attention right in the palm of their hands, where their head is buried most!

Some Astounding Stats for Facebook Messenger…

There are over 2 BILLION active monthly Facebook users. Over half of those are daily mobile users… at approximately 1.5 Billion .

Out of those… 1.3 Billion are FB Messenger users. That's a massive OCEAN of potential prospects for your products, your services, and your biz opportunity.

Here's a stat that will mean something to you as a Facebook Messenger Marketer in just a minute. Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510,000 comments are posted.

And over 2 Billion Facebook messages are sent between users and businesses each and every month (and growing year over year!)

So the bottom line –  we're not still waiting for this to catch on. It's caught on like wildfire already right under our nose, and now we get to use an awesome strategy to tap right into it. BOOM!!

Reason #2: Create a Personal Connection With Your Prospects

So let's talk about how Messenger is used.

Messenger is used as a primary communication tool for many people. And as a very close second to texting for many.

When you use messenger, it's a lot different than email. Email used to be personal until marketers screwed it up completely.

Messenger is very personal!

Who are people used to receiving messages from on Facebook? Their friends!

Now you're thinking “Well won't I screw that up if I'm a business?” And the answer is no… not if you do it right. Because when you use this strategy, you don't send messages cold. Plus you you'll be sending your messages as a person, not a business.

You'll attract your prospects to you with VALUE! By doing so, you'll create scenarios where they reach out to you first. You're simply just replying to them.

In other words, you're not interrupting them. You're a welcome guest inside their message inbox.

Furthermore, when you communicate with your prospects through FB Messenger, you'll be building a deep personal connection and the almighty (and essential) KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST!!

Reason #3: Automation

Here's where things start getting really good.

You're probably used to auto-responders for email marketing. Which essentially let's you send preloaded and automated messages (hence the name ;).

Well now using a nifty app called ManyChat alongside Facebook Messenger you can do the exact same thing.

Just load 'em up and send 'em out.

Now you'll be engaging with your Messenger Subscribers on a consistent basis, so they get to know you, and through the value you'll be providing those messages they'll begin to like you! (And eventually they'll make a purchase from you!)

Get One-Click Subscribers!

You're probably wondering how you'll get subscribers to your Facebook Messenger “list” right?

It's actually quite simple.

Where people need to fill out an optin form with email, with Facebook Messenger and ManyChat you can simply get subscribers in one click.

You can do this with an FB Messenger Optin Bar on your blog, a pop-in Optin box, or even a dedicated landing page. Once click, and they're subscribed and will get your first message right away.

And once they click a link, or reply to you, they're in. They're YOUR FB Messenger subscriber.

In fact, you can even automate responses so that it looks as though they're having a conversation in real-time…even if you're not even there sending the messages.

This can almost eliminate the need for a separate marketing funnel all together if you want it to. How cool is that? The automation tools powerful and can totally amp up your entire biz…all from Facebook alone!!

Reason #4: Awesome Conversions

Have you seen a decline in your email conversions? You're not alone.

Emails are getting tougher and tougher to convert for a multitude of reasons.

Yet with Facebook Messenger Marketing, people are seeing double, quadruple, and even 10X open and click through rates.

For instance check out the difference in my conversions on FB Messenger VS. Email.

When I email my list I typically can get 11% to 13% open rates and 5% click-thru rates. Not too bad, but check this out.

With FB Messenger I'm getting an average of 90% open rates, and 35% click-thru's!

I'll be honest, that's better than I've ever been able to get through email in the last 8 years of marketing online.

Those are powerful business-changing conversions that should have you foaming at the mouth right about now! (If not, what the heck is wrong with you? You may want to go see a doctor today! 😉

Facebook Messenger is the New Revolution of Marketing!

There's no doubt that Facebook Messenger is changing the game. And the best part is that 99% of your competition…even your upline…has no clue about not just HOW to use it, but that this strategy even exists!

But they will soon! So it's up to YOU to jump on this strategy now and pull wait out ahead of everyone else.

Are you seeing the power of this revolutionary strategy yet?

If so you may want to find out how to put all the pieces together to make this strategy work for YOU ASAP!! = => Click Here to See Exactly How I Do It!

You rock,

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