Chances are you’ve been focusing a lot of time on dealing with your fear of failure and ignoring your fear of success.

You’re certainly not alone. It’s a huge mistake that tons of people make. But can absolutely (and silently) destroy your chances of success.

Fear of failure is definitely a thing, don’t get me wrong. But the truth is that it’s not quite as dangerous. Mostly because it’s out. People know that it exists, and they can even feel it coming on when it comes.

“I’ll look stupid”, “It’s not going to turn out right”, “I’ve never done this before”, “People are watching”. Ever say any of those things or something like it to yourself?

Of course, you have. We all have.

In some sense, you’ve probably learned to deal with it a bit. Enough to at least recognize it. Maybe you’ve even gotten to the point where you can push through it and do the thing anyway.

But fear of success is much worse.

As you’ll see in a second, it flies under the radar, and even hijacks your brain so that you lie to yourself and even play tricks on yourself.

Is Fear of Success Real?

It sounds weird, right?

Why the heck would I be afraid of success? This is why most people never deal with it. Because it doesn’t seem like something that anyone would even worry about.

Today we’re going to peel back that onion and get into the layers of fear of success. Let’s talk about WHY it happens… and how you can begin to overcome it!

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3 Reasons You May Subconsciously Fear Success!

Reason #1: Success Means CHANGE!

We all have things that we want to change. Often it’s our circumstances. Wanting change is one thing…dealing with change is another. It’s something we’ll subconsciously avoid, even if it’s something we really want.

That comfort zone is just so…well…comfortable. So much so that for many there’s almost an invisible force keeping us stuck in it.

Now most mistake this as being in the fear of failure category. But failure usually comes with an escape plan. When you’re afraid of failure, you usually have one foot still holding the door open to jump back into that comfort zone if you need it.

“If this doesn’t work, I’ll go back to my job” or “I’ll try this opportunity for a bit, and if it doesn’t work I can always find another one.”

These escape plans are where fear of success becomes very different.

Fear of success makes you go into the unknown. It’s a scarier darker place, once you let that door go with your foot and it slams behind you. And as humans, we don’t like the unknown. It’s scary, and we don’t know what to expect. So we avoid the heck out of it.

This is why almost every hero in the “hero’s journey” must be thrust into stepping into the unknown to find their greatness and become the hero. Because most people who could be heroes won’t budge when it’s up to them to leap into it.

So what can you do?

Start embracing the unknown little by little. Try things that you know you’ll probably stink at. Try things that are scary. And then go a little further and try something even scarier. The more you embrace the unknown, the more you’ll build a tolerance for it.

Not to mention the more you’ll succeed! That where all the good stuff is after all…on the other side of that fear in the unknown.

Reason #2: With Success Comes More Responsibility

It’s likely when you think of yourself as successful, you think about the added role you’ll have to play.

You’ll most certainly have more responsibility. It takes a lot to keep a business running successfully. In the back of your mind, you’ve probably thought about that.

Not to mention more people will be looking up to you. If you have a successful home business, you’ll be looked upon as the expert. More and more people will be looking to YOU for the answers.

While some people dream of that thought, for others it’s scary as heck. “What if I don’t have the answers?”  “What if I run out of ideas?” “What if everybody sees that I don’t know everything?”

Having people depend on you, and look up to you is a big responsibility, but it’s essential to success!  

So what do you do?

It helps to defeat this when your goal and vision aren’t just about YOU! When you look at your business as a matter of serving as many people and enriching as many lives as you possibly can, then your mindset changes.

You no longer worry about having more impact on people, you start to pursue it. The more the merrier becomes the motto.

Start today thinking of all the lives you can change with your products, your opportunity, and your knowledge. Make it a game. “How many lives can I impact today, this week, this month, this year!”

When you start thinking like this, then your fear of success becomes an obsession with OTHER PEOPLE’S SUCCESS!!  

Reason #3: Self Sabotage Flies Under the Radar!

Self Sabotage is a tricky little thing. It happens subconsciously. You don’t recognize it happening in yourself (even if you’re REALLY good at noticing it in others!)

For instance, maybe you’ve been patting yourself on the back for how hard you TRY!

That seems like a pretty good idea on the face of it. However, most people try, then fall back into their comfort zone. “Well I tried!” is all they have to show for their hard work.

How about if instead, you stop patting yourself on the back for trying, and instead start rewarding yourself for your results (even the tiniest of them!)

You may TRY to put up a capture page to get leads. BUT, if trying isn’t good enough, then you’ve got to work until you get a lead.

Your first capture page might stink to high heaven and you get no leads. Not good enough. It’s time to tweak that sucker until it works. Drive more traffic to it until it gets a result.

Then, once you get a result (a lead) can you do a little celebration. Reward yourself quickly, and then get back to work. If you want to celebrate more, you’ve got to get more results.

That may mean you’ve got to tweak some more until instead of 1 lead out of 100, you’re pulling in 2 or more! Celebrate and then go back in for more!

Sometimes it takes being tougher on yourself and keeping yourself in check when it comes to self-sabotage.

BONUS: Work On Your Mindset and Self-Talk Daily!

We talk to ourselves horribly sometimes. It becomes a habit and we don’t even notice it’s happening. If someone else talked to you the way you talk to yourself, you’d probably smack em!

Why would you let that happen?

Start intentionally turning your negative self-talk into positive self-talk, and watch how your success and your life changes.

Start Working on Your Fear of Success Every Single Day!

You’ve now got the keys to combat this often hidden fear.

Once you obliterate it, then what’s left?

You’ll have much more time to work on all the other stuff once you combat this one… if you don’t knock all that out too with what you’ve just learned above!

If you got value from this blog post and video feel free to share with your teammates and friends.

You rock,

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    5 replies to "Fear of Success: Three Ways You Could Be Subconsciously Hindering Your Results"

    • Ralph Dickau

      Thanks Mark for the very excellent blog post you wrote in that we can definitely have considerable self talk that we can banter around in our heads and this blog post agin assist use in keeping proper perspective regarding these thoughts! Thanks again!

    • Jaye Carden

      Hey Mark, loved the video. I am dealing with an issue (since you asked) where I am getting so many leads that I am unable to call all of them. With my schedule between business, work, and life itself, the large abundance of leads could be turned into more profits if I could actually call each of them. Of course I can only call once, and leave a message or speak live, but follow-ups can be tough to get to as well.
      From time to time I do get signups into my network marketing business without even calling the person, so I don’t want to let such a large amount of leads stop coming in. But at the same time, I could be losing business if I were able to reach them all.
      What would Mark do if he found himself in this position? Not worry with the loss of business perhaps, or outsource some things?

      • Mark Harbert

        Yeah if you are building a list of leads, you should be emailing them on a regular basis. Also, if you can’t call them all you could outsource that calling and then have them sort the serious ones for you. That way you are only talking to the ones who have a real interest. make sense?

    • Tony Coleman

      Mark I really needed this blog post today. I thank GOD for you. I have held myself back in business for the very reasons mentioned in the post. What am I going to say to people, can I keep this up? Just keep it safe. Nothing has come from these feelings. It’s time to let them go. Thanks again

      • Mark Harbert

        Thank you for this awesome comment, Tony. I appreciate the kind words

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