So right now I am sitting in my hotel room in Austin, Texas preparing my presentation for when I speak on stage this weekend at Live The Dream 5.

This is MLSP's annual event, and I wanted to share some nuggets with you that I have learned over the years in this industry.

If I had to narrow down for me what has been the single biggest factor to my success, I would without question have to say LIVE events.

When you go to a live event, something happens that transforms you. Your belief level goes up, and it goes from your head to your heart. I created this video from my hotel room just for you. Enjoy it!


    3 replies to "Why You Need To Get To Live Events"

    • Bill Jones

      That room you're sitting in looks just like mine. (could have something to do with you being down the hall from me). See you at the conference.

    • Mark Harbert

      ha ha, awesome Bill, great to meet you buddy. 🙂

    • Andre Catnott

      Very true Mark

      I didn't have the money but I had to go

      I found a way to get there.

      You was GREAT on stage by the way I want that Ad Playbook. I got to find a way.

      Thanks Mark hopefully we can get have convo next year 🙂

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