If I had to narrow it down to three things that I believe leaders all have in common, it's revealed in this blog post.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Success leaves clues”?

Well, my goal in this post is to give you a few of the commonalities that I see in massively successful leaders.

The road to success is pretty simple in my opinion. Just find those who have been successful and emulate what they did or are doing.

Not that hard huh?

Most, if not all leaders live by what I believe to be three simple philosophies of conducting business.

Trait #1: Leaders Never Quit

This is the bedrock of any successful leader in business, and that is the unwavering, uncompromising, and total dedication to reaching their goal.

No person that has ever been successful in the home business industry or any other for that matter will ever tell you that it's ok to quit.

Reaching for a goal can be hard, it can be difficult because of the growth you must go through as a person, but quitting should never be an option in your mind.

I once heard a quote from Mike Humes one of many very successful industry leaders, and he coined and trademarked the phrase…

“It is impossible to stop a man or woman who will not quit”

This is one of the most important traits you can develop for yourself if you want to be successful.

Take this statement and make this a part of your way of life, so that if you have a goal, you will not stop until you reach it.

Plant the seed in your brain that quitting is simply not an option and you will be well on your way to the success you crave.

Trait #2: Leaders Commit To Personal Development

I can guarantee you will have a hard time finding one leader in this industry who isn't committed to personal development.

All people are born with particular talents and traits that make them who they are, and some of them will lend well to business.

But without question, if you want to make it big in business, you must commit to becoming a master at your craft.

Continuously developing your skill sets is one of the most important aspects of becoming, and sustaining real value in the eyes of those that do business with you.

Develop the habit of becoming a life long learner that enjoys the journey of getting better each and every day.

There is no shame in admitting you lack in an area of development. There is no shame in recognizing that you need to grow in a specific area of your life.

Get around those that can help you, especially leaders that have accomplished what you want to achieve and learn from their knowledge, it can and will make all the difference.

Trait #3: Leaders Build People

Most, if not all leaders that you see who are wildly successful in this industry will tell you that they could not have gotten to the heights of success without solid people skills.

I say it all the time, but I truly believe that the #1 asset you can have if you want to build a successful business, is your people skills.

This is by far one of the most important aspects of building a strong business. The ability to work with and build people will not only be fulfilling in your life; it will reap great rewards in your business.

Learn how to work with people, find out how to connect with them, and learn what makes people tick.

Your ability to work with people will be a defining factor to your success.

If you don't like working with people, I suggest you learn to like it or move to another industry because this is a people business.

When you learn and focus on these three traits to becoming a leader, your success won't be long.

You rock,

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    • Piyush

      Great post Mark. Success leaves clues and you are a true leader.

    • David Simmons

      Great content Mark!Thanks for the good tips bro 🙂

    • Joseph Skoda

      These are very important traits that everyone should look for….

    • Weilin Chang

      Great information. Keep great posts coming!

    • Nathan Gonzalez

      Great post Mark, I’m also a firm believer of “success leaves clues”..Keep it Up!

    • Ryan Biddulph

      Agreed on all levels Mark.

      #1 is key. Never quit, and you find all you need to know to become successful. It’s that simple, if you simply refuse to never give up.

      Thanks for sharing!


    • Tilly Davies

      Agree 100% Mark and at the end of the day it all boils down to keeping motivated in this industry.

    • Michael Keyes

      Good stuff. I think the first one is the toughest for most. If they don’t quit they have no choice but to fall into the next two.

    • Barbie

      This is Great Mark. The best thing is that I was sweating to see if I qualified under all 3 Attributes, and thankfully I did 🙂 It really all boils down to who you are, and your people skills… Great Article as always Mark!

    • Hi Mark,

      Not too many people realize what their strengths and weaknesses are. Being able to identify them will really be helpful in reaching their dreams. The three traits you mentioned should be a good start. 🙂

      • Mark Harbert

        Thanks for stopping by Calli!


    • Dallas

      Network Marketing leaders LISTEN…..and they get the other person and where they are at.

    • Network Marketing Leaders – Three Traits That Separate Them From The Pack.

    • Jason Lee

      Goes back to the age old quote: "build people, people build businesses"

    • Kathleen Deggelman

      Great post, Mark!

    • Joan Harrington

      Hi Mark 🙂 Loved this post on magnetic leadership! Thank you for sharing these awesome traits of true leadership 🙂

    • Leighton Dena Bullard

      Spot on !!! Terriffic Post, going out to our Team. THANK YOU !!

    • Anne Leighton

      Thanks, Mark!!!!

    • Great post!!

    • Julia Neiman

      Excellent post Mark. I love this – "Reaching for a goal can be hard, it can be difficult because of the growth you must go through as a person, but quitting should never be an option in your mind."

    • Cliff Jones

      Great article Mark, because a leader is always learning and teaching personal development and self-improvement…bc that is what it takes to build people…have them believe in themselves. Again awesome article…

    • Raul G Lara

      Some people don't see the opportunity in what I do. It's a Win-Win for everybody!

    • Lera Mouser-Daffan

      I agree with you whole heartedly. I have to keep focused because it is so easy to get off track these days. You have to just keep these at the forefront and remember " I know I can, I know I can".

    • You are exactly right.

    • Mike Michelozzi

      All true – good message. In our [my wife and I] twenty+ years of network marketing it all proves true.

    • Tom Coleman

      Keep moving forward. You can have a down moment but not a down day. Leaders never quit, they just re-evaluate the situation and try a different approach and success is assured.

    • Alvarez Y San

      #Truth Wonderful article!

    • Margarita Henry

      Absolute a wonderful article.

    • Patti Living

      Mentral Strength, Keep Learning & Growing and Help Others Get What They Want…..So ON POINT Mark. Thanks!

    • Susan Ray

      Loved the way you put that!

    • Susan Ray

      You always bring me back to the basics! Thank you Mark!

    • Jill Shea

      GREAT read, thanks!

    • Sheryl Ambler Scott

      Great post!!

    • Christina Dunham

      I agree with you 100%!!

    • Carol Dockum

      Love your magnetic leaders post!

    • Good stuff. gReat review!

    • Ron Deering

      Three awesome points Mark…. you rock…thanks for always giving such value to this profession…

    • Sherry N Mathis

      Awesome article that will help me grow in my business and within. Thank you

    • Esad A. Rizai

      Good Advice

    • Shelby Jean Hart

      Never quit!

    • Geoffrey Harris

      The only one of these 3 qualities I have is the second, the focus on personal development. I do quit and am not good with people.

    • Geoffrey Harris

      The only one of these 3 qualities I have is the second, the focus on personal development. I do quit and am not good with people.

    • Wayne Duplantis

      Well put thank you for that!!

    • Philio odongo

      This a very encouraging and motivating post.Thanks a lot..

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